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Recommending Prismata

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I've been playing a free-to-play strategy game called Prismata lately, and—

—wait, where are you going? No, this isn't one of THOSE games. I know "free-to-play" has become the biggest misnomer in the universe, but Prismata is an exception. You can hop into the multiplayer and battle me, right now, with all units, for free! And if you want to win, your only option is to get good. (And now I will stop using bold font for emphasis.) You can't pay for power even if you want to. You can only buy single-player content and cosmetics, and some of those are also free.

That Prismata is a unique and interesting strategy game is the icing on the cake. So how do you play?


 I know the above screenshot looks complicated and scary (and it is), but Prismata is really simple at its core. Each turn follows a few steps:

1. Choose the order your blockers defend the opponent's attack.
2. Collect resources.
3. Build units.
4. Click units for attack, defense, and other effects.

And that's it! See how simple that was? Now, using resources efficiently and balancing your economy, offense, and defense—that's the tricky part. But because Prismata front-loads all its RNG (the right column of units, the "Random Set" is different each game), you don't need to worry about luck disrupting your clever plans—only your opponent.

So yes, I like Prismata quite a bit. With that said, there are a couple caveats. First, cosmetics are mostly earned through a luck-based minigame, which is quite odd given that Prismata itself is 100% skill-based. Second, this game has numbers in it, so if you suck at math, you might not like it. Anyways, I have a personal mission to destroy unethical CCGs, so I hope you give Prismata a fair shake.


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