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Data Transfer Playthrough

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I have only done one data transfer playthrough of PoR, and that was a few months ago. The playthrough overall went well, but I want to try and perfect the playthrough overall. I've been doing some research, but wanted to clarify a few things and ask for an overall opinion of my potential group/help in solidifying a few members, and give some help with bands and stat boosters, as that was definitely something I could've done better last time.

The playthrough will be on Normal mode, as I have an early version of Radiant Dawn that doesn't allow Easy saves. After doing a lot of research, it looks like the traditional Random mode is the better mode to do this on, I did my last one on Fixed so I figured I would also point that out in case anyone had any strong opinions one way or the other.

Next, the group:

1) Ike-Shouldn't come as a surprise here. Soldier Band seems to be his best choice to assure his Def will cap and can give him 53 HP to cap with a Seraph Robe. Str/Skill/Spd should all handle themselves easily enough and we may even get lucky with some Res and potentially use our Talismans on Ike, as right now I can't think of better candidates.

2) Rhys/Mist-Not to be used in RD, but more because a Healer is rather necessary here. Normally, I would just go with Mist and not worry, but we are using someone Rhys supports with this playthough so I figured I would see what others thought would be better. In my last playthrough I focused too much on the Healer and didn't use my BEXP super well because of that, so I will probably cut back on that this time. Maybe even Master Seal?

3) Soren-More for the A support with Ike, but also isn't terrible in RD, despite not hitting 34 Spd. Thief or Archer Band I assume to get his Spd to cap, but a Speedwing may still be in order to assure it.

4) Mia-For when I don't wanna use Soren in RD, Mia can take his place and getting her transfers will just make her better in the long run. I've seen something about the Fighter Band for like 16 levels and an Energy Drop will get her Strength to cap and then the Thief/Archer Band for the rest for her Skill along with a Skill Book, but thought I would be ale to get any solid advice here for her.

5) Marcia/Tanith-This is a big one that I would appreciate some feedback on. I have a soft spot for Tanith and looking at their average RD stats, both end up pretty similar, so which one is actually better? I know we have Marcia for longer, and so she can benefit more and can have stronger stats before 3rd tier, but I am not sure if that is just overall better than Tanith's higher level and Earth affinity. Regardless of which one I use, any advice on Band/Stat Boosters would be helpful here as we run into a few people with trouble capping Strength and I would like to get as much of that handled as possible.

5) Nephenee-No real surprise I think to a lot of people either. I assume the Knight Band is mostly all she needs, but any advice on her will be helpful as maybe she can cap more than I was able to do with her last time.

6) Zihark-A weird choice, but with Transfers I think Zihark completely overshadows Edward's potential and he can still be used even if Mia is being used. It seems he will cap Str/Skill/Spd rather easily on his own, but my last playthough used the Fighter Band on him and cut Mia so I wanted to see about any changes this set-up would create.

7) Jill-The snowballing princess of the Tellius Series should also be not a big shock. Last playthough I failed to cap her Strength because of Fixed mode and me assuming that in 3 levels she could gain 2 Strength points and using an Energy Drop on someone else. I want to remedy that. Wyvern Band for a long time, I wanna say 30 levels, is what I've seen and the rest with the Thief/Archer Band for her other stats are what I've seen, but again I am wanting confirmation on any of that.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, I can probably fit one or two more people on this group, even if they aren't to be used in RD, mostly like Boyd and Oscar who take a lot of EXP in the beginning of the game and feels a bit wasteful not to mess with, but I figured I would see what others thought. So, thank you for your time in reading all of this and for any help you can give.


EDIT: Also, are doing the Prison level stealthy and doing Chapter 15 pacifist style worth it?

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36 minutes ago, Gamer76252 said:

is doing the Prison level stealthy and doing Chapter 15 pacifist style worth it?

Not even remotely. All you get besides some paltry BEXP is a few lines of altered dialogue. Definitely NOT worth the massive migraine you'll give yourself trying to get through those chapters the "RIGHT" way.

As for the rest of your post, your choices seem solid to me, although if it were me I'd try to squeeze some use out of Mist as well as Rhys. Having Two healers with above average stats in Part III of RD is always useful,  though that might be a little hard to pull off.

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I remember dondon posting his recommendations a few years ago... I think I agree with him on most counts. Quoted below:


titania benefits greatly from transfers; she no longer has to take the speedwings and those can go to someone else (like transfers boyd).

there's a lot of bad or superfluous advice floating around for transfers. some transfers are obviously more beneficial than others. the most beneficial transfers, in approximate order, are:

1. jill (everything)

2. nephenee (at least str and spd)

3. sothe (everything)

4. titania (spd)

5. tanith (at least str and spd)

6. oscar (everything)

7. boyd (at least str and spd)

8. ilyana (at least mag and spd)

if you want ridiculously unlikely but helpful transfers, consider:

1. zihark (HP, str, def)

2. tauroneo (str, spd)

and finally, topping off guys like geoffrey, marcia, and kieran will help you out in a handful of maps. ike, mia, gatrie, shinon etc. transfers are helpful but in no way needed; these guys are pretty decent to start out with.


I think you should stealth C10; there are turn-by-turn guides out there so it's not too hard to do. Getting BEXP instead of CEXP is nice because it's easier to rig level ups with. C15... is that the desert one? From memory that's not really worth it.


I made a Sheet with chances to cap (stat-boosters and growth bands taken into account). If you're interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pWfTJ6n-9IAF4iY-3jOzt3Qdt5Hh6Unw4ijnI8NuYt4/edit?usp=sharing


https://www.fireemblemwod.com/fe9/aprovechar-exp-de-la-base.htm is also a useful page for saving a bit of bonus experience. (the number in the second column is how much BEXP you should add at once; the number in the right-most column is the BEXP you'd save over that level)

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Thank you for the information. I saw that specific topic at some point, but it is still nice to bring up the info every now and then. The spreadsheets should help a bit too, thanks!

Yes, Chapter 15 is the desert chapter, honestly I only found out about the pacifist run a short time ago and that's really the reason I asked about it.

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