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Best Class for Forrest: Dark Knight, Great Master or Basara

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So in my newest Revelations run I want to experiment with new stat builds for Forrest.

I used a Witch Sakura!Forrest and I am considering re-classing him as either a Dark Knight, Great Master or Basara, which class long term would be more beneficial to Forrest? Skills are not priority as I can buy them. 

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res

Dark Knight  (Levin Sword + Tomes)

65 42.5 67.5 35 42.5 45 42.5 42.5

Great Master (Using Bolt Naginata / healer)

60 37.5 62.5 35 52.5 55 37.5 47.5

Basara (S Rank w. Selkie; Bolt Naginata + Tomes )

70 32.5 67.5 40 47.5 55 32.5 47.5


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Needed to swap "building" for build and add the word stat

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