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Ripping models from Radiant Dawn

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I scoured through the game files for Radiant Dawn to look for Ilyana's model as I needed references for my Ilyana cosplay.
I managed to locate the files and extract the textures using NoeSiS, however, I soon found that the model itself was in a format that I could find no information on.
I do not know how to open it or convert it into obj. If anyone is able to help me out with this I would be extremely grateful.

Notably, the difference between Path of Radiance's models and Radiant Dawn's models is that they are of different file types.

Path of Radiance models are a .gs file, while Radiant Dawn models are in a .cmp file.
As far as I'm aware, NoeSiS is able to preview the .gs models, but unable to preview the .cmp models.

Does anyone have any information on this topic? :)

(I do understand that I can just look at the official concept art and all, but I like to see how it looks on a 3D model to see how I can achieve the most similar effect with my materials.)

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