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My Ilyana Cosplay


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Just popping in to say...

Nice work. Very generic, but I don't know much about cosplay other than it's neat and I have respect for cosplayers. Halloween EVERY DAY xD

The first picture made me grin a bit. You should have totally done a pic near a ton of food xD

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8 minutes ago, Rezzy said:

Why are you plopped out on the floor?

 Because Ilyana is always hungry therefore she tends to pass out because of hunger.

So not only did leafyleifster likes to cosplay, they added roleplay with the costume.

That was obvious Rezzy, come on now.

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3 hours ago, Critical Sniper said:

Looks nice honestly. But where is the food, some part where you steal food from some one (obviously staged :P) would be cool too but lol just faceplanted on the floor is Illyana 101.

I would have done that if I had the money to buy some food. Convention stalls are expensive af and I'm a broke Ilyana lmao
That's why I resorted to getting pictures taken of Ilyana passed out from a lack of food :') 
I'll do food photos when I take her out for photoshoot tho :Ilyana:

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