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just list all the S supports you've gotten. Please list what game it's from. And yes you can include non avatar s-supports. (older game supports with paired endings are also allowed)

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Lets get the player supports out of the way.

Robin x Cynthia

Robin x Severa 

Robin x Nowi

F!Robin x Stahl

F!Robin x Inigo

Corrin x Scarlett

F!Corrin x Odin

F!Corrin x Laslow

(Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates)

Now everyone else

F!Morgan x Inigo

F!Morgan x Owain 

Gregor x Nowi

Donnel x Nowi

(Fire Emblem Awakening)

I have alot more but I'm too tired to type a whole Harry Potter books worth of S-Supports. I might add more later.

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