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So I am currently doing a Lunatic Classic Run (no thanks to some meanies :XD:) and were wondering about the other pairings for shenanigans come post game.  Apotheosis gearing is essentialish and I need to know what to do with the available fathers I have left.


The set in stone,

Chrom x Maribelle

Avatar (+Mag/-Def because I am a masochistic) x Lucina


???!Owain (Possibly Libra!Owain or Ricken!Owain though the former is more likely)

Olivia x Bench (for now until she stops dying at the slightest wiff of the enemy)

Chrom!Brady (Or not existing for a while until I can reliably clear his paralogue) x ??? (Not Morgan because niece is not a good Idea and Grima would kill him :P)


Henry!Cynthia (?)

The freebies

Lissa, Sully, Olivia, Panne, Miriel, Nowi (May do Nowi x Gregor for hard support Nah?) and Cherche.

Free Fathers:

Ricken, Lon'qu, Gregor, Libra, Stahl, Frederick, Kellam and Vaike (If I've missed anyone feel free to point out who...)

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22 hours ago, ChickenWings said:



Where's Donnel?

Given that Donny's chapter is a pain...he may not be coming this time around...again :/

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On 09/01/2019 at 6:22 AM, HellMagic said:

I'm not the most smart FE fan but since you don't like Olivia's frailness maybe pair them with Kjelle/Kellam.

Hmm, I hate to point this out but Kellam is one of the worst fathers in the game.  Inigo would probably do better with Freddie than Kellam, though Yarne might need Fred to fix inheritance issues...what to do indeed...

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