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Favorite aspects about each FE you've played

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So with all the debates on which era is the best or whether the 3ds era was any good, I decided to make a topic dedicated to listing off things you love about FE games you've played. Cause you know every FE has something good to offer to the both the fans and the franchise so why don't we shed some light on that shall we.

For me:

Awakening: It's the characters. I don't care what anyone says. I just love the characters of this game especially Severa(I love her too much I have a problem help!) and the future kids as a whole. Also I just love thinking of new ways to break the game with the reclass system. I know it's beyond broken but you know sometimes it's fun to completely roid out morgan with the best skills and watch him go to town on a map.

Fates: Conquest is just so much fun to playthrough time and again. The map design in this game just has so much depth to it that its nuts. They really did pull out all the stops for this one huh. Takumi as a villain is handled pretty well if you ask me. 

SoV: The presentation of this game from the voice acting to the art is just amazing. God damnit is that VA good. Also Mila's turn wheel needs to return in some capacity to three houses I swear.

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So with all the debates on which era is the best or whether the 3ds era was any good, I decided to make a topic dedicated to listing off things you love about FE games you've played. Cause you know every FE has something good to offer to the both the fans and the franchise so why don't we shed some light on that shall we.

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Thracia: I find the way magical weapons are implemented in this game (eg: Flame Swords and Levin Swords) much more interesting than the way Fateswakening handles them. I also liked the capture mechanic in this game. I haven't played far in the game, but I have read about the paralogue featuring the Detention Center which I find really, really cool.

SoV: Archer mechanics, lack of a weapons triangle, some map designs, music, weapon arts, the spell system, the uniqueness and uninterchangeability of most of the army units, the involvement of non-Lords in the story's dialogue, Berkut was a wonderfully written antagonist, it gave us the adorable Genny and Celica (whose devoutness I find very relatable personally). Characters were also a lot more down-to earth and realistic yet still able to  be humorous at times, unlike the two preceeding games. Dungeons were an awesome thing I'd like to see reexplored some day. I also loved being able to traverse towns. FE2 was better in some ways by having the player actually travel through them versus FE 15's visual novel style. Regardless, it helped the player see more of various regions helping them to feel more real and complete. It made for better worldbuilding as well. 

Fates: Music, My castle, Dragon Vein were interesting, reclassing system, player interaction, Avatar creation (though it could be improved on), the DLC, personal skills, all the memes it created, a few choice elements of the plot, it is the reason why Corrin's moveset exists in Smash. Capturing units was also interesting.

Awakening: Reclassing, Free-LC, Spotpass Characters, Avatar Creation, Traversible World Map, skill system, the way hidden items are handled (save for that one staff in Laurent's paralouge), Chrom has to be one of my favorite lord characters, it gave us Robin and Tiki as Fire Emblem representation in Smash. Awakening also introduced the idea of being able to get as much character interaction as you want in one playtthrough via taking the limit off supports. I feel IS should have a mix between the limitations on support bonuses for balancing while retaining the unlimited amount of conversations that can be viewed in a single playthrough

FE12: First playable avatar. Said playable avatar has afro as a hair option. Said player character can also have his/her appearance changed after interactions with certain characters if he or she chooses. This game also introduced casual mode, reducing the entrance barrier for many of the series. It also allows a person to just play though the game and enjoy the story and characters without stressing over the possibility of characters dying. If people want to make their game more difficult or play the game traditionally, they have the option to do so. I barely made progress in this game, so that's it.

Blazing: Class-specific traits (usually movement, but whatever), Trinity of Magic, the main villain, it gave us the Hector we know and love (he doesn't get as much screentime in Binding). It introduced the idea of a player character.

Path of Radiance: Base Conversations; Enemy AI; Shove, Rescue, and horse mechanics; separate inventories for items and weapons which also increased the amount of carriable items; experimentation with a non-royal lord character. The ability to break down doors made sense, and I loved it XD. I also loved bonus exp and its conditions and the weapons forge. It introduced beast units.

FEH: Gosh where do I begin. I love (almost) everything about FEH. It's free, made for on-the-go, it brought many new people into the series, and it's the ultimate crossover in FE. This is also a game that doesn't exactly have an end. New content is always added, and unit building never ends

FEW: a completely different playstyle while retaining many of the elements of traditional FE. There's also so much content in the game that you can spend full days without reaching 100% completion. 

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FE1/11 - I like that it... birthed the series? There's probably a lot I could say, but it'd all boil down to fundamental gameplay that persists in the series to this day.

FE2/15 - I like that it flows and feels more like a JRPG than a turn-based strategy game. Normally this would piss me off, but I like thinking of it as its own deal, since it's kind of a one-off.

FE3/12 - This is the game that started cementing what a "Fire Emblem" game is supposed to be. Still rocky, but it started pulling mechanics together in a distinctly "Fire Emblem" way. I also think, Kris problems aside, FE12 is just a very solid entry in the series, and did a much better job at feeling modern than its predecessor.

FE4 - Scale, story, characters and the weapon triangle. Game is kind of a mess, but it's a fun mess that I enjoy.

FE5 - IMO, this is the game that finished cementing what a "Fire Emblem" game is. On top of merging the mechanics that would persist from 3 and 4(Except Dismounting), it introduced rescuing, introduced many of the map objective types, fog of war, constitution as a stat+weight based systems related to it, and probably a few more mechanics that I'm forgetting off the top of my head. I also enjoy the story, the gameplay's a lot of fun, and Leif's my favorite lord.

FE6 - Snazzy GBA animations.

FE7 - It just came together well as a game, helping, uh, "un-simplify" FE6 a bit, while also making it more accessible. HHM might be my favorite FE campaign to replay, and it has probably my second favorite FE cast outside of Tellius.

FE8 - ... It gave romhackers a bigger playground than FE7?

FE9 - The cast is probably my favorite FE cast, and I love that it brought back the "console-scale" feel that was lacking from the gameplay of the GBA titles. Auto-promoting at level 21 was a great idea. Whoever on the localization team thought of that deserves a medal. I probably would have liked it better if it wasn't so easy, but what're ya gonna do?

FE10 - It contains pretty much everything I liked about FE9 and improves on it... except the story. It fails to develop its own cast, but at least PoR's cast is still playable(Sorry, Largo). Also up there with FE5 and 7 in terms of how much I enjoy replaying it, which says a lot, because RD is the biggest game in the franchise by a significant margin.

FE13 - I like the tiny quality of life options like speeding up the gameplay and being able to skip enemy phase. It helps immensely after the initial playthroughs. Their eventual inclusion in SoV turned a game I, for the life of me, never, ever expected to say was any good, into a game I thoroughly enjoy, and in retrospect, can appreciate what it originally did. I also like the return to the original FE world from 1-5.

FE14 - I like that it turned FE13's gameplay mechanics into a strategy game.

Bonus round: Heroes - Gives IS/Nintendo a nearly endless supply of money that they can hopefully use to make real, big-budget entries in the series. Also hopefully keeps the skeevier aspects of the series contained to the phone.

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- The amount of freedom the player is given to play as they want, with it being possible to outright ignore certain mechanics, and the player isn't punished at all for doing so.

- The characters have more to them than what first meets the eye. Everyone is viable, yet getting RNG blessed/screwed is still a thing, so it encourages the player to experiment with the units they use.

- Casual mode is a solid way to introduce players to the mechanics of the game while not permanently punishing them for their mistakes (while still showing what can happen with bad strategies).

- Despite dual guard and attack being broken, I do like how the stat bonuses gained from pair-up actually meant something.

- I also like how pair-up solves a few problems knights have, and instead make them actually pretty viable.

-The game has several examples of how broken strategic, beneficial, and fun reclassing can be.

- I can take rabbit warriors seriously in a game than isn't Lugaru.

Shadows of Valentia:

Despite its many flaws, I still enjoy the story. Especially the times when it puts twists on tropes that became pretty common in the series.

- The unique gameplay means that it can be enjoyed both as a different take on typical Fire Emblem Mechanics and on its own merits.

- The down-to-earth characters and excellent voice-acting.

- Extended archer range made them useful while being balanced by questionable hit rates.

- Extended support range and the ease of unlocking them.

- You and your enemy are on pretty even terms throughout most of the game.

- Even if they could be annoying at times, Cantors are a less bullcrappy way of handling "reinforcements".

- Mila's Turnwheel should be in every Fire Emblem game from now on.

- Bonus EXP spend up the time it took for units to level up without being broken, and should return in future games.

-Potential for a sequel/expansion pack that could expand upon the games mechanics and plot.


Mystery of the Emblem (from the Little I've played, before my computer deleted my save files. Also, I only played Book 1):

-The game has one of the better handlings of permadeath in the series.

-Some characters are better than others, but no one is overpowered, so you have to think about whether you'll bring in your strongest units but risk them dying, or your weaker ones whose death is more likely, but they'll come out stronger if they survive.

-Again, you and your enemy are on pretty even terms.

- Dismounting means that Pegasus knights can safely fight in the range of archers at the cost of their signature mobility.

- Some maps are designed with knights and warping in mind.

- The way shapeshifters are handled in this game should have been a series-wide thing.

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In order of release date, and completely ignoring the topic title (I'm going to list out something that I like that makes it stand out from the other games):

FE4 - Weapons that both have a usage counter AND unbreakable?  YES!  Taking care of one's weapon is an important part of battle (source: Ares).

FE6 - What do you mean, "a level 7 unpromoted unit who's one off the Strength cap isn't balanced?"  Who cares about balance, stuff like this is way too funny to pass up!

FE7 - Lyn Mode, seriously.  It's a great tutorial for those who haven't picked up a FE game in their life.

FE8 - Though I'm only a fan of one Lyon, I'm extremely glad that the story is different depending on which twin is chosen at the end of Chapter 8.  It makes each of them their own character, instead of just having some generic route split.

FE9 - Fixed Mode was a wonderful idea and should've been permanent.  It makes figuring out things like benchmarks a lot easier.

FE10 - Three stats per level, if possible, was a much fairer way of handling BEXP.

FE11 - I miss forging PRF weapons.  I also liked how there were small conversations between various people that were flavor-only.  And the generic units (hey, free stuff).  And how reclassing was handled (itemless and at will).  And TURN SKIPPING, THE BEST!

FE12 - Merging the male reclass pool made things so much better.  The base arena was alright (I used it to train weapon ranks), as were the star shards.  But best of all. . .Lunatic removed the Warp staff and Silver Card, thus making resource management even more important.

FE13 - Nearly everything was infinite, including legendary weapons from past games.  I'm also really glad that the various Falchions were infinite use, and Marth could use them as well.

FE14 - The random nature of pair-up was gone, thus making dual guards more predictable (and thus better for someone insane like me).  Best implementation of Javelins and their ilk, too.

FE15 - Supports were limited, which made their quality better (well. . .most of them).  I also like the attempt at a fatigue system, even if it didn't have much of an impact on how I played.

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FE6 - Unpopular opinion, I think, but it has one of my favourite casts in FE. They have a lot more substance than it may seen, hidden away in those supports of theirs. Also, dark magic is actually decent in this game. Shocking, I know.

FE7 - I'm not as fond of this game as I am of the others, but I always loved Pent. He's too badass. Renault might be one of the most fascinating characters in the series to me, as well.

FE8 - Lyon's my favourite villain in FE (well... in Ephraim route, although he does have his moments in Eirika's), and I really enjoy the rest of the villain cast as well (Orson in particular, as little screentime as he has, I just love what there is of him and what he represents).

FE11 - As basic as it is, it's a ton of fun, especially with all the QoL features that were introduced (skipping enemy phases, skipping battles, highlighting the enemy's attack range...). Add to that Cirosan's patches to remove some of the dumber gimmicks and you've got a really solid FE on your hands, so long as you can look past the lack of supports and the ugliness (although, personally, I like the artstyle for the portraits. No excuses for the terrible animations, but I have a soft spot for those bleak, serious, pseudo-realistic portraits. Especially Marth's, I love how he appears to be permanently mad. NMotE!Marth's portait was a bit of a letdown after that).

FE12 - Best gameplay in the series, and while the supports and the story tend to be a mixed bag, when it's good, it's really good. There's a reason Arran is one of my favourite characters in the series, and that's his one support in FE12 (Kris isn't even bad in that one! Can you believe it?). Also, the BSFE characters. I love the BSFE characters. All of 'em. See my rank?

Tear Ring Saga (I know it's not official FE, but I'll count it in anyway) - Huge story. Really big. I've been through the full game two times and I still feel like I haven't seen even half of it. Also, the amount of Kaga-ish shenanigans that can be found in that game is just hilarious.

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FE4: story, soundtrack, arena

FE5: story, capturing, various mission objectives, idea of fatigue, staff chains

FE6: magic is good

FE7: three routes, final map

FE8: character cast, soundtrack

FE9: story, character cast, final map

FE10: story, gameplay, soundtrack, cutscenes, difficulty, bonus experience system, final map

FE11: Roger's recruitment

FE12: gameplay, final map

FE13: Lucina

Conquest: gameplay

Birtright: character cast

Revelation: final boss

Echoes: soundtrack

Heroes: never get bored

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FE13-Unlimited supports gave me a reason to sink more time into the game...until I got the artbook with the entire support script at the end.

FE14-The soundtrack was nice to listen to, and some of the enemy designs were great IMO.

FE15-Once again, the soundtrack was spot on, the character designs are some of my favorite in the series, and the writing is fantastic. 

FE7-I liked how there may not have been a war, yet there was still a threat that wasn't an invading kingdom present throughout the course of the game. I'd like to see other FEs try this. Also, who could say no to those crit animations?

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FE 1-Birthing the series I guess lol

FE 2-The more RPG elements. It's a nice break from the normal FE gameplay (even if SoV makes its worthless now) and it's only a one off too

FE 3-Adding to Archanea and solidifying basic FE I guess

FE 4-The size. While I have many problems with this when put into practise, conceptually it was great and made it feel like an actual war

FE 5-Like Slumber, it helped solidify basic FE alongside FE 3 (also despite it's difficulty and me needing a  guide for it, I found it a rather fun experience for me)

FE 6-I actually really enjoy the games cast and story (helped by the fact it's a rehash for Archnea which I love so...). It just needs polish tbh

FE 7-Bringing the series west and also Lyn mode is a great tutorial

FE 8-It's a rather simple game that also helped me adjust to FE (especially without casual mode). I also enjoy how self contained it is

FE 9-One of the best casts in the series tbh and one of the best games in the series, I just wish it was more easily available

FE 10-Part 2

FE 11-Being a fun game to mess around with and bringing in many quality of life features that have made FE better. Also Marth

FE 12-Just being a solid game that helped expand on some of the cast of Archanea (Kris can still burn in hell tho)

FE 13-Making sure the series is still around really. Also introducing me to the series

FE 14-Polishing Awakening's gameplay. Conquest is still the best FE game gameplay wise IMO. Also Niles...

FE 15-It's presentation! Hopefully SoV is how IS remake games in the future

TMS-Being a solid RPG even if it fails as a SMTxFE crossover

Heroes-Bringing more attention to older characters (even if Fatesawakening is still highly milked) and also help IS generate a shit ton of money that will hopefully help with Three Houses and other future titles

Warriors-Being a fun hack and slash and also giving more characters more development, especially for the SD bunch

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FE1: Ballista units and cool continent. 

FE6: Size of the maps are bigger then most which i like.

FE7: Diverse Maps and the Black Fang

FE8: The map system.

FE9: Everything (Literally)

FE10: Everything (Literally)

FE13: Map system and child units. (Fates child system sucks and is pointless)

FE14: Dungeon crawling was different and i enjoyed it.

FE15: Not much i like about Fates but Ninjas are cool i guess. 

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The Binding Blade: Magic is pretty good in this game. 

Blazing Sword: The soundtrack is pretty good, the cast is overall solid, both Eliwood and Hector get great characterization, and has the best gameplay out of the GBA games.

The Sacred Stones: Lyon is a very good villian, and some of the characters are pretty good.

Path of Radiance: Arguably the best story in the series, best cast of characters, gameplay was great, and Ike is the best lord.

Radiant Dawn: Took the gameplay of Path of Radiance and improved it tenfold, and while the story is rough around the edges it had moments I liked such as Part 2 and Ike and The Black Knight's final confrontation. Also has one of my favorite Fire Emblem soundtracks.

Shadow Dragon: Marth is a surprisingly good lord in terms of writing.

Awakening and Fates: They have great soundtracks.

Echoes Shadows of Valentia: I liked that it took a different approach to the series, and I actually rather liked it's dungeon crawling aspects.

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FE4: the large maps felt cool and the arena is fun

FE5: capturing enemies and stealing their stuff

FE6: the music and animations

FE7: replay value with the different stories and gaiden chapters

FE8: branching promotions for everyone

FE9: the story and characters and messing around in the base

FE10: I like how the story switched perspectives and you had to use many of the characters

FE11: the prologue they added was kind of cool where you had to make a sacrifice

FE12: the gameplay and the added prologue and Katarina subplot

FE13: the characters and pair-up are fun and so are the little references to past games

FE14 Conquest: interesting maps and my castle was fun

FE15: presentation and exploring the dungeons

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Fe4; The narrative is really good (most of the times) and the fact that the game is outdated/unbalanced but still playable/fun gives it a lot of charm imo. It also has many cool features that never returned.

Fe5; The gameplay is really fun (especially capturing) and it introduced the rescue command. The story is also nice.

Fe6; I like the simplicity and the fact that it's cheerful while still having serious parts and that they can coexist in the same game.

Fe7; It's really solid in most areas and it's one of the most replayable games in the series.

Fe8; It has a few good characters.

Fe9: Good story, one of my favourite casts in the series, introducing forging and I really like the artstyle.

Fe10: Ledges and the multiple army thing.

Fe11: Enabling you to forge any weapon you want, the various difficulties (although I haven't played all difficulties), reclassing and the ability to skip enemy phase & animation even when animation is of.

Fe12; Everything I liked about Fe11, Shards, Rescue staff returning and that it's the only game in which an avatar character is told of his flaws (if he has them).

Fe13; It introduced me to Fire Emblem, buyable rescue staves and the fact that the game is so broken that even someone like me can easily beat the game (which gives me a false feeling that I'm good at strategy).

Fe14; It has some good music and that boat map in conquest where you get boots at the end is kinda fun.

Fe15; Great presentation, likable characters and the dungeons.

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FE1: It started the series 

FE2: Had more RPG like mechanics that Echoes went more indepth with, making it a unique game in the franchise 

FE3: I actually really just like everything FE3 did in general besides how early game Book 2 works. I love low stat caps, weapon rank being a stat and several other things 

FE4: The scope and how the genetics played a part in both gameplay and story, having one of the best villians didn't hurt either

FE5: Leif's constant bad situations show how dire everything is, and well the ease of making pretty much any character a powerhouse with little effort. 

FE6: The maps are some of my favorite in the series, with scope and feeling like actual army on army conflicts, plenty of side options too despite being all seize maps. 

FE7: The character interactions, supports and relationships are pretty pitch perfect here. 

FE8: Being quick to play and very fun to play, FE8 does quite a bit right in how everything works for ease. 

FE9: The story and characters, also has one of my favorite OSTs

FE10: The gameplay is really good and the constant faction shifting is cool 

FE11: The updates to the UI that would continue on into the current era really need to be given more credit, also it's characterization of Marth. Ballistians are a hilarious class

FE12: Despite being my least favorite FE I can still praise it on them giving more details to certain aspects of the game (relating to the people from original Mystery that is), now if we could just get rid of Kris and all the extra fat. 

FE13: Even more UI updates making this FE the easiest it's ever been to pick up and put down, taking some iconic bits of the franchise in a love letter to the franchise. 

FE14: Very fun to play for the most part (Later CQ and Early Rev not so much), some of the best music. Shame bout that plot though. 

FE15: The very Tellius feel of characters and story relations and going all in on Gaiden's more RPG mechanics, makes it a unique beast that people will either love or despise. 

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Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light: I like that Bantu and the Falchion are both actually useful.

Garden: Nice theme, nice tone, things I can't quite say about it's remake.

Genealogy of the Holy War: Giant maps and especially maps you can piece together are my jam.

Thracia 776: Capture! Also best final map.

Binding Blade: Best hard mode even, with ambush spawns and inverted difficulty scale.

Blazing Blade: <s>Best final boss</s> Lyn mode is pretty cool once those damned tutorials can be skipped.

Sacred Stones: Trainees are pretty cool.

Path of Radiance: Best early game.

Radiant Dawn: Best late game. Skills are also great here.

Shadow Dragon: Best Tiki.

New Mystey of the Emblem:  

Awakening: Apotheosis

Fates: Pair up and dual attacks are implemented pretty well. Can't see any way to improve that.

Shadows of Valentina: Best gameplay. Yep. I really think so.

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Path of Radiance: Good villain in Ashnard.

Radiant Dawn: Everything except Micaiah.

Shadow Dragon: There are good things about Shadow Dragon? I never saw any when I was playing the game.

Awakening: Re-classing, Avatar, Free DLC.

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Path of Radiance: There's so many things I could list, since it's my personal favourite video game of all time. If I have to say just one, I would have to say the characters; especially Ike. 

Radiant Dawn: Ledges. Adds some much-needed verticality to FE combat and level design in a way that makes sense. 

Shadow Dragon: I actually really like how much of a throwback it is. I would've appreciated if the story had been expanded or improved, but I really like the "back to the basics" feel of the game in its atmosphere and gameplay. 

Awakening: Um... Uh... This is a tough one... I guess it would be the early game arc; it's revealed that Chrom's home kingdom actually has a dark history that gives Plegia cause to hate its guts, and Gangrel exploiting that desire for vengeance for his own purposes is interesting, while giving Emmeryn's extreme pacifism a really good amount of justification. It's the closest the game gets to a story with any amount of depth. 

Fates: Um... Uh... I guess... Generals and archers being a lot more useful? Also, I think it has easily the best-looking design for the Hero class of any FE game. 

Shadows of Valentia: The art style; it modernizes the aesthetics while still having a "throwback" feel to it that makes it unique. 

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FE4: The story is pretty great, certainly the best in the series, and though the massive maps can be tedious I would say they're more good than bad.

FE5: The early escape missions. The levels are very well designed and you actually feel a sense of anxiety. Every time you stop to rescue a villager or enter a house you get the urge to look over your shoulder. And the story is pretty nice as well, not as grand as FE4 but it holds it's own and tells a much more human tale.

FE7: This one is incredibly balanced in it's ups that I can't really decide on a favorite. So I guess the fact I can't pick a favorite is my favorite.

FE8: The atmosphere. Even if the game is easy it still feels like you're against absolutely impossible odds.

FE11: A classic story. Even if it didn't have supports, I felt it did a good job fleshing out the main cast. The "back to the basics" mentality is pretty good imo.

Shadows of Valentia: This game has a great story and some pretty great writing to go along with it, but what really sells it for me is the voice acting. SoV has the best voice acting out of any game I've ever played.

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FE1 - Awesome sprite work (seriously, the snipers look badass), and Marth actually being good.

FE2 - Continuation of awesome sprites (Gotta love Dread Fighters), nice music.

FE3 - Never really played, but it looks nice from what I've seen.

FE4 - Best sense of scale, and great story.

FE5 - Unique mechanics (even if they weren't implemented the best), and some of the best narrative shown through gameplay the series has.

FE6 - It has Lilina, and that's about it. Dieke's cool too.

FE7 - One of the best stories in the franchise, and a very likeable cast.

FE8 - It has Tana, and cool sprite animations. I put it here rather than FE7 due to there just being more of them.

FE9 - Best story, best cast, alright gameplay.

FE10 - Alright story, half the cast is great, second best gameplay.

FE11 - It, uh, made Caeda better.

FE12 - Never played, but at least it has color.

FE13 - It was fun to break

FE14 - Best gameplay, and fun to rip into its mess of a story

FE15 - Best presentation, second best cast, the best implementation of a gimmick in all of FE history.

Heroes - Best pointless OC used to connect the FE worlds

Warriors - Best FE Spin-off

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FE3: Two stories in one game? Awesome. Actual capable dancer that can fight? Yes please. Previous ally turned major antagonist, and done well at that? Amazing. Also liked star shards and how they gave stat boosts.

FE4: Being able to repair weapons as long as you have the money was a really good idea. Especially since its not limited to having to use a staff which itself has about 3 uses. Also the bigger maps give the effect of being in an actual war imo. 

FE6: I like the idea of giving stat boosts to certain characters in Hard Mode. Also cool GBA animations.

FE7: I find Lyn's mode boring, but for someone new to the series its a pretty good tutorial to teach the basics. Its also the first game in the series to come to the west, so there's that.

FE8: The route split is pretty nice for giving a different story depending on which one you take. This game also has one of my favourite casts, so there's that.


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Fe 4: One grand story that takes place over generations, and it’s big maps reflect the scale of the game, and how it made each map/Army had its own theme, which made it feel more distinct.

Fe5: One aspect I like about this is game, is how it made units feel more dynamic and different than just stats and growths. Some start with skills, some units have higher PPC than others, some even have leadership stars that stack(bring that back IS). It gave certain characters a niche, and its not totally game breaking. Also crusaders scrolls where fun to mess around with and making really any unit good, if your willing to put in the effort. Also great soundtrack

Fe 6: It gave us our boy Roy and it was the hardest(for me) the hardest GBA Fe, for right and wrong reasons

Fe 7: Introduced the whole world to Fe, and has great replay value. Also my favorite soundtrack for GBA Fe.

Fe 8: I liked how well written the characters are. I love the soundtrack and it had some good maps but the game’s lack of difficulty, and how clumsy it feels to play the final few maps is probably the biggest complaint I have of for the game.

Fe 10: I’ll say it here first Edward is my favorite guilty pleasure unit to use. It’s just so satisfying seeing him grow from zero to hero. 

Fe 11: I had a pretty time playing the game, and seeing the origins of Marth. Also 5 Points!

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FE4: I love the inheritance mechanic and with it the shipping wars, also unbreakable if limited weapons

FE5: All those tiny mechanics I would hate if they were a staple of the series make Thracia unique. Capturing, Exhaustion, Con and Mov per Level up you name it.

FE6: Binding Blade is great in providing a sense of greatness with the huge amount of units that you get and the disproportianally large maps.

FE7: Very much the core of the series with interesting and viable characters throughout.

FE8: Branching promotions are just another good reason the replay the game.

FE9: Great core gameplay with skills and laguz to mix it up

FE10: Just look at the size of this lad

FE11: Disgustingly Vanilla

FE12: An excellent mix of modern UI and Core Gameplay and just the right amount of difficulty

FE13: Has the best aftergame content of the series and pair up is a great feature

FE14: Fixed pair up, unlimeted weapons, Conquest has amazing and innovative gameplay

FE15: Voice Acting is great and the explorable dungeons are a great start.

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Binding Blade: So far, the worldbuilding is the best, and also reflects as such in the maps too.

Sacred Stones: Branching routes and multiple perspectives of the same story.

Shadow Dragon: I finally get to experience the story that started it all.

Awakening: Well, I guess it was the game that brought me back to FE after a hiatus...

Fates Conquest: Only for allowing me to create my WW2 Pacific Theatre version of the LP.

TSMFE: The game that introduced me to Atlus in general, and Persona in particular. Also, for most of the story, Itsuki actually steps aside, and lets other enjoy their spotlight, a rarity in FE Lords. Finally, it's refreshing to see a unique interpretation of FE with an showbiz twist - and this is coming from someone who usually hates J-Pop.

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