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Nintendo Switch Dock Issues

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This has happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks and I wanted to see if anyone else here had encountered something similar.  Its and on again off again type of issue


It seems at times when I dock my NSwitch it shows its getting power yet the signal for whatever reason doesn't push to the TV and the screen on the Switch just goes black (as it should when it is docked)  however, where things get weird is that it gets locked up in a permanent sleep state where I have to hold the power button for 15 seconds then tap it again to power cycle and restart the console.  FYI I can only do this while its undocked.  Console works perfectly fine in handheld mode no issues what so ever so it would seem that its not bricked.  Below are the steps I've taken to troubleshoot.


  • Tried on a different TV altogether.  My main TV is a 4K HDR smart TV and you know it can get wonkey since they like to try and detect things automatically and switch to them.  I tried on a vanilla ordinary 1080p HDTV and same exact issues persist so its not the smart tv. 
  • Swapped the HDMI cable with a known good working one in addition to testing on the vanilla HDTV. Same issue.
  • Tested the Official Nintendo AC Adapter that came with the dock by plugging it directly into the NSwitch in handheld mode.  Charged switch and power delivery is fine even while playing.
  • Tried different HDMI ports on multiple TVs same issue. 
  • Unplugged power and HDMI cables from the dock. Unplugged TV power.  Power cycled the switch then replugged in the TV, dock power, dock HDMI in that order same issue
  • I dust out the dock port and the USB port lightly with a dry q tip and compressed air.  No dice.

Up till this point I'm thinking so dock must be faulty despite being very new possibly that will fix it...but this is where it gets weird...

I figured ok what the hell I'll put my Switch into the dock overnight and just let it sit keep in mind its been charged and has juice through the whole troubleshooting process.  Solid green light came on to show it was docked still no luck on the signal going to the TV so I go to bed.  I wake up see the green light off on the dock and test by turning on the console while its docked and the signal goes through to the TV like normal and works fine in spite of not being able to go through or turn on at all the night before while docked?


I should also mention I have also only ever used the official Nintendo dock.  I've only ever used battery packs in handheld mode.


What gives?  Any one else run into this its become more frequent lately.


I've turned off the auto power state setting along with the sleep timer for when the console is docked.  That seems to help make it a bit more consistent.

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The only issues I have with the Switch is how loose the dock is with the console itself. It wobbles too much when you try to take it out, when it should be snug in there, like a game cartridge.

The other one is the AC power outlet has a large box at the end. No AC cord should have a box on the end, where you plug it in an outlet. If you need a box, do what the X-Box 360 did, and put the box in the middle of the cord.


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