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Dr. G

Favorite Costume for each Character?

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So, I thought of neat idea for a thread. I am not sure if this has been asked yet, but feel free to list you favorite costume for any and all characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you have any other favorite costumes for character in other Smash Bros. games or any costumes that you wish a character had, feel free to list them as well. I will start: I like the cyan colored Inkling with the glasses. I wear glasses myself, and I think that Inkling dressed himself kind of dorky like I probably would. I also like Mario's Builder costume. It is nothing new, thanks to Super Mario Maker; but, it really stands out to me compared to his usual costumes.


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I like Ike's Lord outfit from Path of Radiance and favour using Bayonetta's white costume. I like that they went the extra mile with giving Meta Knight a Galacta Knight costume.

I wish that Fire Mario was still a costume and I wish that Dry Bowser was a costume.

Out of habit if I play Ryu I'll always wear the Orange Costume because of his connection to Gohan from Dragon Ball.

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^Ike's Lord outfit is not in Smash though?

Anyway, I use default RD Ike and Fire Luigi. I always loved the Fire Flower and I've always loved Luigi. :P

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23 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

^Ike's Lord outfit is not in Smash though?

Eh, I always harkened the Greil reference as a reference to his Lord outfit. It's close enough.

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Corrin: Oboro

Ike: Path of Radiance (until I beat that game, I feel I shouldn't use the RD version) and Sigurd. Occasionally, I'll use BK. Sometimes I'll use Brave Ike if I remember the costume exists.

Chrom: Owain

Robin: Green Male or Red Female

Pit: Dark Pit

Dark Pit: Pit

Link: Hero Tunic or Dark

Toon Link: The colors that have him colored a bit like really, really old designs of link

G&W: The really glitchy looking blue or green tint

Doctor Mario: Depending on my mood, the red or dark coat.

Captain Falcon: Gold

Ridley: Meta-Ridley

Shulk: Swimwear

Little Mac: Polygon Mac with the hoodie

Meta-Knight: Galacta Knight

Incineroar: Big the Cat

Pichu: Goggles

Lucas: Claus or Masked man shirts

Richter: White outfit

Olimar: Red outfit

Bowser: King Koopa Kolours

Snake: I usually like to go for the black or spotted outfits rather than the default

Inkling: I usually just switch to the default male Inkling


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For Isabelle, I give her the red formal attire - the red cardigan and skirt.

Lucina gets the Tharja palette for edge appeal.  Or I give her the Sumia or Cordelia palettes.

I have Robin go with either default female or pink.  I don't know why I prefer the pink palette, I just do.

Simon gets the classic-looking palette that gives him brown hair - the one that harkens back to his NES appearance.  Occasionally he also gets the purple with grey hair palette.

Daisy is either default, white, red, or black palettes.  Though she often makes her opponents wear black, if you know what I'm saying.

Snake's usually in the black outfit.

Ike the Trike wears either his PoR look or white and blue.

Luigi tends to wear Waluigi palette.


I think that's all of my "mains" covered.

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