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Lucina's Husband

Would it be possible for Flora to solo the last chapters of Conquest Hard?

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So it's actually impossible to traditionally solo with Flora in Conquest Hard because you don't recruit her until Chapter 19, but I wanted to see if I could play through semi-normally and save up as many stat boosters and items to make her a monster and duo the rest of the game with her and Corrin as her husband.

What would be the best way for me to go about doing this? 

I remember seeing the Conquest Hard Selena Solo run. She ended up as a Bow Knight with Strong Riposte, Sol, Good Fortune. Shurikenbreaker, and Pass (from her husband). 

Luckily, Flora gets the merc class as well. I was thinking of saving up a couple child paralogues (something I can still feasibly solo like Shigure, Sophie, Midori, or Ophelia) to put her through Hero then Bow Knight before bringing her back to Maid. 

I originally thought about giving Corrin a Ninja talent to get her Shurikenfaire and Replicate or a Samurai talent to get Vantage and Astra, but Pass is pretty much mandatory. 

Class path ideas include: 

Maid > Hero > Bow Knight > Adventurer > Maid for
Sol/Strong Riposte/Good Fortune/Pass/Some kind of Breaker. Also considered putting her through Great Lord to pick up Aether. 

An alternate route would be a magic build: Maid > Hero > Dark Knight > Bow Knight > Adventurer > Sorcerer/Witch.

Ideas? Thoughts? Ways to make this insane idea work?

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