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Some Action Replay codes for PAL Version

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Hello there,

I know that many Action Replay codes exist for the NTSC version of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance but that they don't work on the PAL version. This is why I tried to search for codes myself with the Dolphin search tool and I will propose them on this topic. Only with Dolphin Emulator.

99 uses of Weapon 1 for Ike  # You can use exchange items with others characters for have 99 uses for them too. Simply move item to Slot 1 of Ike, quit the menu and return then. 

002bbb94 00000063

99 uses of Item 1 for Ike # Same for info of Weapon 1

002bbbb4 00000063

Infinite Bonus EXP (Add 999 XP to your bonus existing XP) # IMPORTANT ! Activate this code ONLY when you are in your base. After increasing exp your characters, make a save game (NOT SAVE STATE), quit the game, uncheck this code in Properties of the game and reload the game with the new save game.

0033a727 000003E7

Change difficulty # Replace XX value by numbers below the code

0033a7ae 000000xx

00 - Normal
01 - Hard
02 - Maniac
03 - Easy

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