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Von Ithipathachai

Von Plays Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (Hector Normal) (Randomized)

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Von Plays Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (Hector Normal) (Randomized)


Hello everyone!  So I'm going to try my hand at a randomized Let's Play of Blazing Blade.  This'll give me something else interesting to do while I think about Support chain ideas for Sanctaea Chronicles.

Here are my settings.  It won't be anything too crazy, I don't think.  I'm not going to randomize items.


It's too bad characters in originally gender-locked classes won't be able to use new sprites.  I guess we'll just have to pretend they're in drag.

So yeah...  I think that's all I have to say for this intro.  Anyway, let's give this thing a spin!

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Von Plays Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (Hector Normal) (Randomized)

Part 1: A Tale of Two Nomads

I was originally going to start on Lyn Mode, but the game kept resetting on Enemy Phase in the Prologue when I did that.  So unfortunately we're going to have to do Hector Normal instead.


We're going to be skipping tactician creation and story and getting right into the good stuff.



Well, we're off to an interesting start.


The Lord of this randomized run appears to be everyone's favorite mutton memelord, Dorcas!  You cannot make this crap up.

I'll put his stats in the spoiler below.


Playable Character

Name: Dorcas

Replaces: Hector

Class: Nomad

Affinity: Thunder

Base Stats (Growth Rates): HP: 17 (5%); Str: 5 (35%); Skl: 6 (55%); Spd: 7 (50%); Lck: 4 (25%); Def: 8 (110%); Res: 6 (25%); Mov: 7; Con: 10

Usable Weapons (Ranks): Bow (C)

Base Inventory: Ballista, Killer Bow

Only thing that could possibly make this any better is if he had a Poison Bow.  Alas, he does not.  He does, however, have a friggin' Ballista of all things.  And a Killer Bow.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have any more durable weapons, so we'll have to use him sparingly for now.

As a unit, he's going to be very awkward to use.  His HP will be virtually nonexistent, and his offensive growths aren't too hot, but every Level Up will give him a guaranteed point of Def.  Too bad he won't be able to put it to use at close range where enemies will want to attack him most.  He'll have to stay far away from magic users, too.

Now let's take a look at his partner in crime.



Playable Character

Name: Lyn

Replaces: Matthew

Class: Nomad

Affinity: Fire

Base Stats (Growth Rates): HP: 16 (40%); Str: 7 (75%); Skl: 7 (15%); Spd: 5 (50%); Lck: 0 (85%); Def: 4 (35%); Res: 0 (35%); Mov: 7; Con: 7

Usable Weapons (Ranks): Bow (C)

Base Inventory: Short Bow, Door Key, Chest Key

Lyn looks to be a serious glass cannon.  Her durability will be poor, but she has an excellent 75% Str growth rate.  Her terrible Skl growth rate will be troublesome, though.

She too is stuck with a low-durability weapon for this chapter, which really sucks.

We have no healing items and can only unlock one door.  We'll have to rely entirely on wall breaking to get through the rest of the chapter.  This ought to be swell.

Now let's take a look at the boss.  Ooh, boy.




Name: Wire

Class: Shaman

Affinity: Fire

Stats: HP: 16; Mag: 8; Skl: 8; Spd: 5; Lck: 8; Def: 5; Res: 8; Mov: 5; Con: 7

Usable Weapons (Ranks): Dark (D)

Inventory: Flux, Vulnerary

We have to kill him to clear the chapter.

We start by breaking down the left wall, and the enemies immediately rush us.


First we have Lyn take out the left Soldier, then we have Dorcas attack the Archer behind him.


Lyn strikes down the Soldier in a single blow from atop her blue horse, Babe.


Unfortunately, Dorcas needs another round before he can kill the Archer.  Thankfully we get his Vulnerary, so we have a little more flexibility now.

We unlock the door to the Chest and have Dorcas take out one of the Soldiers from behind the wall.  Curiously, none of them try to break down walls to reach us themselves.


Lyn grabs a Red Gem from the Chest while Dorcas takes out the last Soldier with a Critical Hit.


Dorcas's first Level Up.  This will probably be typical of him.

The other Archers go after Dorcas a well and he takes them both out.  His Killer Bow is already halfway used up.

With all enemies besides Wire and a Knight gone, we break down the second wall with the Short Bow over two turns.  Sadly, neither Dorcas nor Lyn is strong enough to kill the Knight quickly and with few weapon uses, so we're forced to ignore him and miss out on a second Vulnerary.

We put Dorcas in Wire's range and wait for him to attack first.


What a beautiful negative palette.  Dorcas is able to one-round him.


He gets a slightly better-quality Level Up out of it.  And so this part ends.

Look in the spoiler below if you want to see a summary of how everyone grew in this chapter.


Character growth in this chapter:

  • Dorcas: 2 Levels (+1 Str, +2 Skl, +1 Spd, +2 Def)
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