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Unfortunately, my Internet connection right now is too terrible for me to give the tech demo a spin, but I have given the concept art a look and filled out the survey.

Is Raphael's concept art just a little further along than Dalthus's?  Because the artstyle looks a bit inconsistent.

Also, Raphael does not look like a boy/man at all.  If you're intentionally making him a "trap" character, I must say you've had a resounding success.  If not, I might try to make him look just a wee bit more masculine.

Anyway, good luck to you from a fellow fangame developer!  I'll see if I can try out the tech demo later.

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Raphael is supposed to be an androgynous looking character, yes. As noted in his bio, he struggles with self-confidence issues for many reasons, one of which is him being small, frail, and not your typical masculine guy. 

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3 minutes ago, XIII Hearts said:

Is this a joke?  There's only the letter S in the main post?  Where's your project?

See...  There was something here...  But now it's gone.  It may or may not have had to do with me bringing up concerns of Nintendo C&D'ing it.

A very good tech demo and some music and concept art.


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