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Silith judges your battle ballot. - 2019

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My ballot was








Basically, if IS won't give us bow Alm we'll make them do it. Camus is the best and I'd love to see Zeke or Sirius in FEH. I'm still waiting for a canonical Sheena (armors can't use axes in her game). I hate Elincia's art in FEH and want a new one. Soren's just great, Palla get shafted, and I'd be nice to have a not terrible Mist so that her name doesn't inspire only fear

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Might as well give this a shot:


1. Jeorge (FE1/3/11/12)
2. Berkut (FE Echoes)
3. L'arachel (FE8)
4. Duessel (FE8)
5. Ranulf (FE9/10)
6. Chrom (FE13)
7. Felicia (FE14)



8. Ghaststation (FETube)

Do your worst.

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@Cute Chao 1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8+0.7=7.0

Hey. I think I remember you. Last year I had an all-Kent ballot as my very first one. Let him be a ten in your heart.

And with that I'm preparing to go to bed. I'll judge more when I wake up!

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Ok here goes.

  1. Marth (FE1/11/13) 
  2. Edward (FE10)
  3. Ross (FE8)
  4. Illyana (FE9/10)
  5. Nino (FE7)
  6. Eliwood (FE7)
  7. Chrom (FE8)

Ewan (FE8) was going to be in Nino's spot, but when I saw how high on the list she was, I decided to give her a little support.

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Day 1. Rinkah
Day 2. Rinkah
Day 3. Rinkah
Day 4. Camilla
Day 5. Camilla
Day 6. Rinkah
Day 7. Rinkah

I swayed from the right path. If Rinkah does not appear this year I have no right for whining. 

Edited by Stroud

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Ugggggh I’m having issues get the picture to show, but it’s Heather, Vika, Ilyana, Lucia, Micaiah, Heather, Micaiah 

Do I get extra for including Vika ?

Edited by kirauza343

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Let's see if I can actually post photos and not fail >.<



I'm 100% sure no one I voted is gonna win, but I don't really care.

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  1. Bloom
  2. Garth
  3. Radney (listed in the poll as "Creidne")
  4. Femina (listed in the poll as "Hermina")
  5. Hicks
  6. Beck (New Mystery of the Emblem)
  7. Amid

...Yep, basically my strategy was to help upvote those among the bottom of the 2018 poll.  First, I took bottom two males, then bottom two females, then the next three from the bottom to make my ballot.  It's the same strategy I employed in 2018 based on the 2017 poll...

...Go ahead and ravage my strategy.  If I wind up with negative double-digits, so be it...

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@Zeo 1.1+1.3+1.3+1.3+1.1+1.1+0.8=8.0

Chrom is now apparently from FE:8 lol.

@Stroud 1.2+1.1+1+0.4+0.3+0.9+0.8=5.7

Rinkah is abb goddess. She's one of the best pair up partners early on with that +2 to str and def.

@Nowi's Husband 1+0.9+0.8+0.7+0.6+0.5+0.4=4.9

At the least it's dedication.

@Denomon3144 0.8+1+1.3+1.3+1.2+0.9+1.2=7.7

Everytime I see Bruno I think of Uptown Funk

@Espurrhoodie 1.4+1.3+1.2+1.1+1+0.9+0.8=7.7

Insert hot bride joke here.

@Leef 1.2+1.3+1.1+1.2+1.3+1.2+1.2=8.5

Vaike is low key one of the Awakening characters I kind of like. Also justice for Lucius. That Luce tome is made for him!

@kirauza343 1.3+1.4+1.3+1.3+1.1+1.2+1=8.6

You actually do. Vika bias is on the list of things giving + 0.1 points.

@SageOfAnys 1.3+1.2+1.3+1.3+1.1+1.1+1.2=8.5

Suddenly Lewyn wins. Brave Lewyn looks like Wamuu from Jojo.

@SSbardock84 1.3+1.2+1.1+1.1+1+0.9+1.1=7.6

Edward is great at blocking axes with his face. Easy shoe in to the game with his personal weapon. Even if that's not in the Japanese version.

@Galaco 1.2+1.1+1.3+1.4+1.3+1.1+1.2=8.6

Tis brings a tear to my eye. I thought I was going to be the only one giving votes to Forsyth. Now we have  aguaranteed 3 points for him.

@shiningpikablu252 1.4+1.4+1.4+1.4+1.4+1.4+1.4=9.8

I think Kaga is crying in joy. His creations are still loved.

@Emperor Hardin 1.4+1.4+1.3+1.4+1.4+1.3+1.3=9.6

Bring on the turban. (and his glorious 1 resistance point. (MAGE KILLER!))

@NegativeExponents- 1.2+1.3+1.3+1.1+1.3+1.3+1.3=8.8

I think I couldn't fit Brom in my ballot this year. He's a Brutal Rocking Ownage Machine.



Finally caught up. Pfew. Gonna give it another 5ish hours before making the final standings.

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Okay. There are no latecomers and I am cutting the deadline RIGHT HERE. The final scores are in and the rankings are made.

Know that this was JUST FOR FUN. There are no prices and NO SHAMING. These rankings were made on some very dubious and bad guidelines and in no way correlate with your quality of ballot.

With that out of the way I will now reveal the criteria of points and afterwards the rankings.

Ballot 2019

Entry =1.2

For each version already has alt in game -0.1
For each duplicate entry after first -0.1 (Stacking)
For each Fateswakening character. -0.1
The clone Trio in Fates (Rhajat, Asugi, Caeldori) -0.1
Camilla. -0.1
Character not in game yet! +0.1
Kaga games. +0.1
Amy/Brigand Boss/Wrys meme. +0.1
Vika bias. +0.1

#1 @Eltosian Kadath 9.8
#1 @shiningpikablu252 9.8
#3 @Thunderstar 9.6
#3 @Emperor Hardin 9.6
#5 @JimmyBeans 9.5
#6 @Falter 9.3
#7 @indicocean 9.2
#8 @Silith13 9.1
#8 @Javi Blizz 9.1
#8 @ShadowAlchemist 9.1
#11 @Gregster101 9.0
#11 @Michelaar 9.0
#13 @fOrEiGn sOUl 8.9
#13 @Vince777 8.9
#15 @Lord_Grima 8.8
#15 @NegativeExponents- 8.8
#17 @Arcpheonix 8.7
#18 @Sasori 8.6
#18 @Spectraman 8.6
#18 @Galaco 8.6
#18 @kirauza343 8.6
#22 @Lemmy 8.5
#22 @SageOfAnys 8.5
#22 @Leef 8.5
#25 @Baron the Shining Blade 8.4
#25 @colossus86 8.4
#27 @Tenzen12 8.2
#27 @Yukiko 8.2
#27 @Puzzle044 8.2
#27 @Falcom 8.2
#31 @Seafarer 8.1
#32 @Glennstavos 8.0
#32 @Zeo 8.0
#34 @TheWildestCat 7.8
#35 @Wanda 7.7
#35 @Espurrhoodie 7.7
#35 @Denomon3144 7.7
#38 @SSbardock84 7.6
#39 @Xenomata 7.5
#40 @ILikeKirbys 7.4
#41 @Supernova125 7.1
#42 @Glaceon Mage 7.0
#42 @Etheus 7.0
#42 @Othin 7.0
#42 @EricaofRenais 7.0
#42 @Cute Chao 7.0
#42 @RuleOfRose 7.0
#48 @Tolvir 6.8
#49 @Tree 6.4
#50 @Emeraldfox 6.3
#51 @Azure the Scale Tipper 6.2
#52 @Stroud 5.7
#53 @Diovani Bressan 5.3
#54 @Landmaster 4.9
#54 @GrandeRampel 4.9
#54 @Nowi's Husband 4.9
#57 @Darkhis 0.7

A few entries less then last year. Let's see what 2019 has in store with Three Houses upcoming. I hope to see you all next year where I will judge your ballots again!

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