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Poimagic's Giant PMU for Fates Revelations (and a Birthright one timer)

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This was an idea I had recently, were I try to do enough PMU's to have used every single Fates unit at least once. The first of these has been going on, but has been but on hold due to needing rescue staffs for Shiro when my only sources of them were Lottery or Skirmishes. But anyways, this will be about deciding on the units for the other PMU's (and a change for the first PMU). Obviously, there will be rules. And here they are:

  1. The unit cap for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 will vary depending on PMU, but 10 Gen 1 and 5 Gen 2 will be the most common caps
  2. A class is viable for a unit if: it is available on the unit by heart seal/master seal, marriage, or friendship (Gen 1) or it is available by inheritance of parents or marriage/friendship of another drafted Gen 2 unit (Gen 2)
  3. The only DLC classes allowed are one of Witch/Ballistician, Dread Fighter, and Grandmaster
  4. If a parent is drafted, their child is drafted, unless that child was already picked in a previous PMU or there are not enough spaces left.
  5. Any unit who has been drafted in a previous before cannot be drafted again.
  6. Since this will be a no grind run (besides supports), Skirmishes and any DLC that requires to me use my units are excluded
  7. A majority of the PMU's will be in Revelations Hard, besides the third and final PMU's.

And to see who can be chosen, here is a google sheet showing the spaces left for each PMU as well as the units left to be chosen:

Currently looking for 8 Gen 1 units and 2 Gen 2 units for the second PMU, as well as M!Kana's class.

Here is a link to the main LP:




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