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Poimagic's giant FE PMU LP

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This will be big. I'm sure you can tell that. This will be a giant PMU of Fates, where I try to use every unit in the game once in a PMU. I have the first one going on currently, and that is where we shall start. I will use this post to make quick summaries about each part of each run, as well as where you can vote for other members of later PMU's. So, let's see where this goes, shall we?

First Run 



This was my first run on Rev Hard (and is still ongoing). And here is how it is so far:

Beginning: Hell. Literal hell. Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 just involved a ton of turtling. Gunter was two shot by everything and everyone doubled him. Felicia was like a promoted unit in skills and weapons, but a unpromoted units in stats. And the Corrin was bow locked. The wind map was absolute pain, as everything was bad enough, but Fuga nearly pushed me over the edge. Seal atk, his personal skill, and all my units having shoddy hit rates did not help. The snow chapter was a nice breath of fresh air tho, as my strategy was the same, but I could handle things a bit better. The Ninja forrest chapter was agony, but it wasn't as bad as Fuga's chapter. I also got Kagero, which gave me a new unit to use, which does help.

Midgame: Things got alot better. I got many good units (Leo, Xander, Kiragi, Siegbert, Dwyer) and many units I already had got much better (Corrin, Kagero, Hana). Getting two healers definitely helped the most though. It was still tough, but I didn't need to rely on low hit chance to win.

Lategame: Like midgame, but a little easier. It still is tough, but not as tough, especially since alot of the kids are doing well.

Here is a link to the place to vote if need be:



Anyways, tomorrow, it's time to start the first episode, where we obtain Rhajat and get closer to finishing.

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Episode 1: The Faceless massacre of 2019



This will be the team for this map. I brought alot of units with Dragon Blood so I can shut off the the Faceless Dragon veins quickly. Which I could bring Ignatinus, but I'm forced to use Hayato. The skills passed on will be Lucky 7, and only that since Hayato has no skills to pass on

Turn 1

Poi decimates a Faceless with a crit dragon fang.

Due to the fact that I forgot Dwyer can't use a Kris Dagger yet, Kagero is forced to weaken it with the sidelong yumi.


Leo decimates another faceless, but suffers from the Dragon spirit's debuff

Soliel finishes off the Faceless Kagero weakened.


Siegbert and Hana work together to finish another faceless.

To finish the turn, Kana shuts down the DV closest to the starting party.

Next turn is rather uninteresting, since everyone one just moves closer to Xander, who:

Enters the range of all the faceless, to tank all of them.

During the enemy phase, Siegbert gets a level up


Standard flier level up. Xander also get's a crit during EP.



Kagero starts the next PP of strong 


The turn consists of alot of cleanup, mostly by crits.





Xander gains a kill off of this kill. The level up itself isn't too big (+1 hp,skl and lck), it's the skill he gains that matter the most. He gains Spd taker from this, which now allows him to double the faceless. It will also allow him to get more spd in regular chapters, which is super nice.


To end the turn, Poi shuts down another DV, to stop for faceless from coming up. Kana with her Hayato back pack moves farther along to recruit Rhajat. 

And so, this will be the end so far for episode 1. Tune in next time for a close call and alot of faceless deaths.


Expect weekends to be the main posting time for these episodes, since I have the most time then. 

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Episode 2: Creepy Daughters, monster edition


During the enemy phase, Xander is able to weaken the faceless even further, due to now being able to double them with spd taker. He even is able to kill one with a crit



When the Player phase picks back up, Kana kills one faceless, through shoddy rates and with a nice dragon fang

This turn consists of shutting off bogs, with both Xander and Soleil shutting some off



Hana stays in the range of some faceless to try and take on a few, after healing of course




Soliel also gains an amazing level up from this experience.




I wish you could've avoided, but swordbreaker exists. Oh well....


H-hana......getting kinda low there......



Spoiler alert:


She counter kills, and lives. 


Nice level up tho.


If Hana had killed the faceless to the left of her, she could've died. Potentially.

Anyway, time to recruit Rhajat!



If my daughter said this to me when she was summoning monsters, I'd be concerned.

In other news,



Dywer gets a kill and nice level up as well.


Rhajat goes Basara for Rend Heaven with the Offspring seal

This turn consists mostly of killing of faceless, but Nyx get's a level up from a guard stance of all things.


Forrest also shuts off another Swamp, just so no surprises occur


The Enemy phase has another batch of faceless weakening 



During the following Player Phase, the rest of the faceless are being easily mopped up. 


Rhajat goes to her final class of Dark Knight. I do hope her spd gets better.

And to end off this chapter:


Forrest get's his first ever kill, which while nice, is sad.


CHAPTER Complete. Hana gave me a scare, but other than that, it was rather easy.



Next episode, we go after Berserker Nina.

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