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Zan Partizanne

Let's Play FE10 in Normal Female Mode

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Since I will have my fifth year of membership in this forum on 19/03/01, I came up with the idea to do a little special by letting you vote a LP of a game / mode I have not done before. 

However since I am unable to do videos with my tablet I must take Screenshots with my phone. Hopefully it will work out. The voting will last till 28th February, so I can start on 1st March. 

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FE10 won, so I will LP it for the third time already, but always with a different theme. This time it will be an only females run. Difficulty is normal.

However since it is FE10 which has obvious balance problems it is not possible to realize this attempt 100%. Not only that a male has to set the final blow in this game unfortunately, but there are some chapters which require all the manpower.


Anyways the rules:

- only females may be used in combat equipped, males may do absolutely nothing (including dancing and disarmed shielding) 



- in 1-P Edward may be used as shilding

- in 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 one male Dawn Brigade member may be used in combat with a weapon equipped, furthermore Sothe may aka has to shield in 1-2

- in 1-4 and 1-5 one male DB member may shield

- in 1-9 BK may shield

- in 2-1 Brom is free to use

- in part 1 Rafiel is free to use

- Ike has to kill the boss in E-2 and E-5


Plaaned weapons:

Urvan: Jill


Double Bow: Astrid

Vague Katti:


Rexbolt: Ilyana

Rexfire: Calill

Rexcalibur: RIP


I will let you decide who will get the unfilled SS weapons.

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The prologue has a few chokepoints where Edward can tank.
There is a theoretical way that Micaiah can solo this map, but it requires certain level ups. She needs three points in HP or defense to take one shot by the boss.

It takes three turn till Micky can claim her first victory. This chapter is just turtling with Edward, not more.

Excellent first level up. That speed point means...

... that she can double. I cannot remember ever seeing this before. Well, I usually play on hard mode, so.

time for some Micky-solo

Another great level. Now she has the HP and defense to take a hit by the boss.

I did not pay attention at the moment that Micky could technically "tank" the boss.

more tankiness 

Good start for Micky. It will definitely help for soloing stuff later.



This chapter on the other hand is impossible to solo with Micaiah because of that timer unless the RNG goes crazy and Micaiah dodges everything. Even with Leonardo's draco shield she cannot take two hits yet.
So Nolan tanks while Micky gets most of the kills.

Micky is on a roll so far!

It is impossible not to give kills to Nolan. His level up is pretty much perfect for him.

a typical Micky-level-up

The boss has to be taken out with Nolan and Micaiah. The problem is that he is going to move once he was attacked. And he can crit everyone to death.

I took that risk, but nothing fatally happened thankfully.



Again Nolan may be used. A Micky solo does not work because the DB can be flanked by two sides. And Laura cannot take shit.

Nolan and Micky kill one of the bronze lance soldiers. Micky will tank the enemies from above and Nolan the ones who go down the stairs.

In hard mode she would be DEAD in 90% of cases.


Micky switches place with Nolan.

I almost forgot about that. Sothe has to be used unequipped because he cannot get out of the range of these guys in his furst turn.

BTW: I will not use him even for stealing.

I am superhappy with that Micky so far.

OOF... I cannot believe that happened. She ran out of her light. If it ever happened to me before, then in part 3, lol. She has to wait till Sothe gets Thani.

reinforcements - thankfully everyone could make it up in time

Micky can fight again.

... it's Christmas already!?

Less spectacular, but who cares after her former beasty levels.

Ultimate penalty for the enemy when Micky can oneshot.

Same goes for the boss, but that is less a surprise for being armored.

Niiiiiiiice Micky so far.
This will help for the real tough chapters coming on.


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Well, I did not forget about that. I just was bit busy and lazy.




So Illyana, Killyana or Skillyana or whatever her name might be joined the party. Thankfully since it is normal mode she can oneround stuff without speed transfer.

Plan is to kill the steel axe fighter and the knight with Micky in EP. She is actually fast enough to double that fighter.

In turn 2 Aran with two steel lance reinforcements appear. Micky will let the steel lance soldiers come to her. I hope she will dodge once at least.

Of course she does not...

This time I placed her one space enough only to get attacked by one soldier in melee range. But since she critted the first to death, she still could get attacked a second time after all. But thankfully she dodged this time.

Also Aran got oneshotted.

more double attacks

In turn 3 Sothe baits the boss.

In the next turn he steals his discipline scroll from him and Micaiah thanibombs him to death.


Micky can easily oneshot myrms and and archers. This archer is known as the 1-3 fail archer.

nice, nice

...She improves her hitrate at least.

Aimee and Kurthnaga are used as canonfodder to give my units some time to press towards the exit.

Things are becoming complicated.

Micky takes Leo's spot to kill the fighter and Leo takes Laura's spot to keep her alive. Leo has exactly one HP left after he got attacked. Nolan will block the path till the rest of this chapter.


This on the other hand...

I forgot to command him.

Now I can kill all the remaining enemies on my way.

Everyone except for Nolan and the NPCs and Aran (dead) could escape.

This is one of the most stressful chapters for this run because no (semi-)tanky female front unit is in the party, but thankfully it will change in the next chapter.




Now our first female "enemy phase unit" is here. She got a little help in form of a refinement.

Sothe and Meg block the down area and Nolan will block the up area once the wall is destroyed.

This chapter is played easily, just turtling long enough. Micky or Ily weak the enemies and Meg will finish them off.

It could be better, but at least she has 100% speed growth so far.

Micky can even double and kill tigers.

Same goes for her.

My plan was to give the bosskill to Meg, but since Sothe was deequipped Agony decided to go for him. So Ilyana had to get the kill.

Pain pretty much kills himself. Also no chance to give the bosskill to Meg because of the poor terrain.

Both are close to maximum level. Unfortunately Micky has not capped resistance yet.

Sothe opened all treasures and found the masterseal and a coin. Beastfoe was skipped, but since it is normal mode it is not essential. 


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