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Fire Emblem Lost Legacy [Romhack]

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Hello everyone! and sorry for my bad english xD. later I want to do a english patch.

Now I want to post a proyect in witch I am working alone (but not for that is sooo bad). The history is from 1000years after the sacred stones. The olds nations dont exist anymore and new countries have formed, Arcadia, Lydia and Precia.




Precia is knowed for his great military power, Arcadia by his connections to the sea, and Lydia by his great commerce.

History: Our protagonist invade a castle with his army because his earl is guilty of a exclave trade, after killing him, they go back to Arcadia castle to report what happened but in his way they found a band of Precia soldiers seeking the prince´s Diego. After their painful path, they realize that Precia captured Arcadia and his only way is go to Lydia for help.



In other side, his sister Melissa is fighting with his own army triying to stop Precia.




Other screenshots:





Credits for the animations and sprites:

Nuramon: Soldier Sprite

Orihana_Saki: Rein Sprite

Orihana_Saki: Sussan Sprite

Orihana_Saki: Serval Sprite

StefanDesic: Nephenee Sprite

Orihana_Saki: Hardin Sprite

LetsGoForlt: Gregor Sprite

Capibarain: Melissa Sprite

LordGlenn: StatusBackground



Demo Patch (Spanish) Ver. 3.5 (Chapter 1 to final)


Here the demo. If you find a problem plis tell me c:



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This isn't a question.  It looks like a concept, an will be moved accordingly.

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40 minutes ago, Critical Sniper said:

Hey esta en espanol que chido. Haras mapas originales o no?

Me que buena saber que te gusta :D . Los primeros 7 mapas son originales y otros 3 solo modificados. Pero la mayoría serán originales.


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Wow, you did it alone? Congratulation 🎉 for you brother, you done great job. 


I wonder, to do hackrom by yourself, how you learn it?

I want to make my own hack to be honest

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