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Any help with a save file I could use?

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Hey all, so this is actually my first post here, I asked this on another site but I thought I might have some more luck here.

So I was doing my first playthrough of Binding Blade on normal, and after a certain turn of events I eneded up losing my save. I went looking around and I was able to find a Gameshark file on GameFAQs that was exactly what I needed, but it had a Shanna that was still level 3 but had capped speed, so obviously this probably wasn't the most honest save. 

So I just wanted to know if anyone maybe either had a Chapter 8 Normal save I could use or maybe some sort of tool or resource I can get at to make one or something. I honestly don't really mind about whatever state the game is in, I can work with whatever as long as no one is dead. Thanks in advance!

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Well, would you like one that got Wolt to level 3 and got some funny good levels? It's only all the way up to chapter 4 though. I guess it could save you time? It's here if you want it: 

https://mega.nz/#!rVBTjIiY!TJkFx3yhX90mYnGBUXp8t5SO6C212fpQilh9NJ0E28U (copy the part that is not underlined as the "Encryption key" to be able to download this)

I know wolt isn't good but it's still funny and I like how archers look, also will be a better help in Chapter 7.

I also train Roy up a bit because I really like it when he gets blessed ^.^ and also Lot got speed which is way more useful than it sounds. Finally check Merlinus' stuff. I know I kept the Iron Lance meant for Shanna there.

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