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Emblemier Ben

The game looks to be really good.

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22 hours ago, GrassEater said:

you might be right, whoever drew them is very good at capturing the game's art style though


I was basically pointing out that these might be actual places in the game, and I love good-looking places in video games like any generic xenoblade fan.

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actual instead of actually. Just annoyed myself.

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To be honest, I'm so confused right now. I've loved every FE game so far, to different degrees but I've liked them all greatly from the beginning. Generally speaking, I'm not the complaining type when it comes to FE, so I don't understand what's happening right now.

I didn't like the cover art, I find it... very amateur-looking... and the sample song, I liked it by itself, but it sounded to me like a song from Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which is another game I liked a lot (I really aren't accostumed to disliking anything FE), but for this medieval fantasy setting it feels so weird to me, so off...

I'm also not thrilled about the school setting. What's this? This is my first time in the complaining side of FE's fandom, how do other people do it :>_<:? I'm miserable in here.

Drama aside :P: I'm still buying it, of course, I'm just not hyped. Strangely.

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I'm leaving FE negativity in 2016. I'm ready to open my heart to Three Houses and ready myself for any disappointment that will inevitably send me crashing down like it did post-Fates. 

Also it looks dope. I'm loving the villageresque system and I can't wait to hear more about the story.

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