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How much time shenanigans do you want/expect in Three Houses?

Time travel  

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  1. 1. How much time traveling do you expect there'll be throughout the story of Three Houses?

    • A lot; it'll be a central focus of the game
    • Some; it'll be a part of the plot but overshadowed by other elements
    • A little; it keeps a low profile throughout the game
    • None; it's just a gameplay mechanic
    • Byleth/Sothis can't even turn back time
    • Other
  2. 2. How much time traveling do you want there to be throughout the story of Three Houses?

    • A lot; diverging timelines, future selves, you name it!
    • Some; make it a part of the story but don't let it swallow the story
    • A little; Byleth/Sothis' powers are limited and can't have too much of an impact
    • None; we just had Awakening
    • Other

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On 09/03/2019 at 3:49 PM, Glennstavos said:

Ha, I mean, we didn't JUST have awakening, that was six years ago for anybody here speaking English. 

Jesus Christ, I'm old :blink:.


I'm not sure I'd like for Byleth's ability to be that of foresight, because, for the purposes of the plot, I would find it quite boring that we can see into the future of our actions or anybody else's... but that's just me. I think it's hard for any story to make something interesting with such an ability. I also don't think it can be applied game-wise, or at least it shouldn't since this is a Tactical RPG. Not that it has to be a game mechanic, though.

In my case, I believe he did make time reverse and then changed the original outcome, but not out of any factual evidence, it's just what I think and hope :lol:. I also think it will be very relevant to the plot, not in the same way they did it in Awakening, but sort of like... a Radiant Historia approach... maybe.

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I'd be fine with a highly time-travel dependent, branching timelines type story ( I'm a giant fan of 999 and VLR, so I'd love to see something similar implemented), but I think there'd need to be some gameplay features implemented in order to make it workable. Namely, if you have multiple "decision points" or places where the story branches off, you'd be able to select any of those given points and load your army data from that point in the game. Basically, multiple Branches of Fate, possibly being able to select across save files if we're getting ambitious.

Otherwise, having to replay the game from the beginning 3/4 times to see the true ending would probably get tedious if there's not enough new content/endings unlocked on subsequent playthroughs, though IS has done that before with Radiant Dawn, so it's not out of the question. ^^

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Preferably none, especially in regards to the future because that increases the chance of children and I'm so tired of them. But ideally, if they are doing any time travelling at all, I hope they take a look at Radiant Historia, because that game made time travel work as an expanded gameplay and story feature and not feel unnecessarily tedious. 

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So I predicted the "turn back time after the villain won/the protagonist messed up", but I've got a safer and less controversial prediction as well. I believe the war scene we saw in the first trailer is a flashback (including the part with the old man), and we'll see it when Byleth gets the whip sword. Maybe this'll start shedding some light on the Church of Seiros after seeing the green haired lady pick up the blade and keeping it so close..

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