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SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

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7 minutes ago, SoulWeaver said:

...Let me guess, Severa's first Christmas not had in hell?

Well it was a Severa fic but it was more so the idea that she had to come to terms with the idea that she needed to allow Morgan to have a childhood. Cause Y'know with dead parents santa ain't gonna show up but how do you say that to your five year old little sister who A. still believes in Santa and B. doesn't quite understand the concept of death yet so the fact that their parents are gone kinda hasn't sunk in yet. Cause y'know you wake all excited for Christmas only to be hit with the crushing reality that the happy times are over now that you're parents are dead and they ain't coming back. 

5 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

Huh, I figured people would have MORE time to write because school semesters are ending. I know I did for that reason. But I see.

I more so blame my adhd here. It's very hard to focus with it even on medication. Surely you could understand to some degree.

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6 minutes ago, SoulWeaver said:

Christmas not had in hell?

Heck, ain't that an idea!

Anyway, we were talking music to listen to while writing earlier, yeah?

I don't usually listen to music while working, but a friend of mine recently shared this with me and I not only enjoyed it, but I think it would be good background music:

Music can be distracting, but classical music sounds nice when you give it your attention, fades into the background when you're focused on something else, and I think it more commonly leaves the listener with a sense of contentment, rest, and general pleasantness as compared to most songs either way.

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1 minute ago, Ottservia said:

I more so blame my adhd here. It's very hard to focus with it even on medication. Surely you could understand to some degree.

Oh, I see. Yeah, I can understand. I was once put on meds for ADHD myself because of misdiagnosis. Those meds really messed me up.

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6 hours ago, Dragoncat said:

I'm having writer's block here too, Ana. Even with fluff sometimes.

Sorry. I didn't know you were even trying to write anything at present.

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12 hours ago, Ottservia said:

Well it was a Severa fic but it was more so the idea that she had to come to terms with the idea that she needed to allow Morgan to have a childhood. Cause Y'know with dead parents santa ain't gonna show up but how do you say that to your five year old little sister who A. still believes in Santa and B. doesn't quite understand the concept of death yet so the fact that their parents are gone kinda hasn't sunk in yet. Cause y'know you wake all excited for Christmas only to be hit with the crushing reality that the happy times are over now that you're parents are dead and they ain't coming back. 

I will beta read this and help out if you want, like Ana said I am good at fluff. My fluff is usually more happy but the sad fluff you've got going on here will be a good opportunity for me to branch out.


49 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

Sorry. I didn't know you were even trying to write anything at present.

It's all good.

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21 minutes ago, Dragoncat said:

will beta read this and help out if you want, like Ana said I am good at fluff. My fluff is usually more happy but the sad fluff you've got going on here will be a good opportunity for me to branch out.

That’s appreciated but even if you did I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the deadline anyway cause I’m pretty busy today. Though maybe a non-participant entry? Anyway if I have time, I’ll shoot you a DM.

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48 minutes ago, Azure, Roundabouted Out said:

I think finals took my will to write this round. I thought of making a Caspar and Linhardt-focused story in a modern AU. I will read them all and then make a vote on my favorite.

Real shame. I love those two's dynamic so much.

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It's a moment you've all feared: The day that an unspeakable evil enters the world. Tremble in fear, for no amount of brain bleach will save you from my entry!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! (Sorry)


Entry title: Ho Ho No!

Word count:8,131

This was supposed to be comedic fluff, but it turned into some weird amalgamation-tragedy-thing. This is why you don't read romeo and juliet while writing a comedy. I really don't know how I feel about this.

(If you catch the Macbeth reference you're a legend.)



It was the frigid first of December at the north pole. The temperatures were so low that even the polar bears preferred curling up in their cozy dens instead of going out hunting. You’d probably imagine that all was silent given the conditions. However, you’d be completely wrong. From a few hundred meters from the pole you could hear joyful music. Take a few more steps, and you would hear exuberant cries of joy and happiness. At a time like this, where were these sounds coming from? The answer lies within a magical village many would consider fathomable…



    The secret village known as North City was lit with joy every day of the year. However, a special occasion made this particular day even louder than usual; a legend was retiring.



    Rudolf, the legendary Reindeer, had served Santa for over one thousand years. Age was finally starting to catch up with him, and he wanted to spend the rest of his days with his family and friends instead of the gym. In honor of him, a massive retirement party was being thrown in the heart of North City. The party had been rocking for a while, and the inhabitants of North City were anxious to hear Rudolf’s retirement speech. When Santa came up to the front and announced that Rudolf was to address the crowd in two minutes, the usually polite elves jostled and wrestled for good positions to hear Rudolph address them. The entire crowd fell silent as Rudolf climbed onto the podium and approached the microphone. “I-err, I’d really like to thank you all for having me here,” he stuttered. “Umm, Bye?” Rudolf left the stage to thunderous applause and exuberant cheering. Santa’s longtime friend and assistant, Morshu, approached Rudolf as he climbed off the podium. “Beautiful! Your oratory, it was perfect! Mark my words, my friend, your speech will live on throughout history!” The old Elf had tears in his eyes. Rudolf awkwardly thanked him and escaped through a window. Santa returned once more to the podium and made an announcement. “Of course, since we now have an opening in our sleigh for another Reindeer, we will be holding trials on december the fifth! I hope to see all of you there!” The whole crowd exploded. One reindeer in particular was cheering especially loudly. “I’ve been an outcast and a failure my whole life,” he thought to himself. “Now I have the chance to change that! I can see the headlines now: Truffle, the stoic and handsome reindeer wins spot on Santa’s sleigh!”



    Truffle the reindeer wasn’t the only one trying to seize an opportunity from the events that had transpired that day… A young elf by the name of Clover was formulating a brilliant plan to acquire all the riches she could ever dream of. “Muwahahaha! Nyeheheh!” She cackled to herself, thinking nobody was around. Just before she could begin monologuing about her plan, she realized that there was somebody right around the corner. Clover froze. She saw another elf, Marshmallow, round the corner. “Ah, Clover. I’ve been meaning to speak to you for a while now.” She said sternly. “Oh, joy” Grumbled Clover. Marshmallow was famously stern and rigid about the rules. “How many times have I had to tell you not to put the books in the snow machines? You break both the books and the Machines! At this rate, Santa might be in debt in three years!” Marshmallow scolded. In response, Clover yawned lazily. “Sure, sure. I hear you.” Clover left before she had to deal with more of Marshmallow’s yelling.



    It was the fifth of december; everything was set for the reindeer race. Truffle was stretching anxiously before the race when another reindeer known as Typhoon walked up to him and began to pelt him with insults. “Ugh. Why are you here? This competition is for reindeer, not pathetic babies who can’t count to three!” He laughed at his own joke. “This is no time for such talk. We will settle our differences on the race couse.” Truffle turned and left. His friend, Marshmallow ran over to him to console him. “Do not worry about what that oaf says about you. No matter what, I will root for you.” 

“Thank you, Marshmallow. Where’s Clementine? Isn’t she supposed to be here?” Answered Truffle. “Yes, she is supposed to be here. However, we relied on her being able to remember the difference between left and right to get here. She probably turned right at the glacier instead of left. She’ll be here eventually. Ooh, get ready! the race is about to begin. Good luck, dear friend!” Clementine cheered.


As Truffle headed off to the beginning of the course, Clementine the elf sprinted up to Marshmallow. “Hi Marsh-Marsh! I fell off the glacier and into the water, that’s why I’m a little late. What’s going on? OOH, a race! I LOVE RACES! And there’s supposed to be candy at the lake!” Clementine began running across the race course, hit a rock,  tripped and fell into a lake. “Ugh.” Moaned Marshmallow. She went to go help Clementine out of the lake as the race began.



    Truffle ran with all his might, and was near the front of the course. He began to pull ahead around a corner. “Woah! I can do this! Just 20 KM to go!” Not much farther along, his legs began to burn. “I will… keep… going!” He started to descend the hill he was climbing, picking up speed quickly. He started towards the lake when Clementine abruptly blocked his path, absentmindedly strolling along. To avoid hitting her, Truffle had to jump out of the way. He slipped on the ice, Face planted and got stuck in a snowdrift. He tried to pick himself up, but he was thoroughly stuck. Typhoon kicked him as he ran past. It took Truffle a long time, but he got out. He knew that everyone else had finished, so he went back to the starting line      just as Typhoon was crowned the victor of the competition. 


A crowd of reporters huddled around Typhoon as he was asked questions about his victory and his new role in Santa’s sleigh. “Honestly, all of the other reindeer could retire just like Rudolph. They’re useless compared to me. This whole competition is hilarious. Anyone who actually thought they could win? PFFT! Idiots! Elves, you’ll never need to look for anyone else to pull the sled. I’m the greatest, there’s nothing else to it!”


    As you could imagine, Typhoon’s bold statements did not sit well with many Elves. As he continued to ramble on about how great he was, all the elves knew whatever had transpired on the course was a mistake; there wasn’t a worse reindeer to pull the sled.




    The next day, the elves returned to work, but instead of joyous carols filling the workspace, grumbles and complaints rang throughout.

“Ugh, that Typhoon guy is SO ANNOYING! I can’t stand him!”

“Yeah. It really sucks, he’s our only option right now.”

“He’s a fatheaded cretin with a chunky ego.”

“The worst part is, he’s actually really good. The reindeers are running around like headless chickens trying to find a replacement, but can’t find anyone suitable.”

At that moment, Truffle went to talk to santa to see if they were going to hold any more trials. Santa chuckled remorsefully.

“I am sorry my son, but we won’t be having any more trials. You just weren’t built to be a runner. You have too many other redeeming qualities to have a job like that anyways. Have you considered a career in retail?” 

Although Truffle knew Santa was correct, his spirit wasn’t crushed yet; he was going to get stronger. One day he would replace Typhoon. He just knew it. 



    Night had fallen on the sixth of December. The workshop was silent, although it wasn’t entirely empty… Clover was sneaking across the workshop, making her way to the largest machine in the workshop; the Realizer, a one of a kind machine made by Santa when he was young. The Realizer brought small dreams to life. Although it lacked the power to directly fix large problems, the joy it brought was immeasurable. The Realizer was widely revered throughout North City, and if it ever broke, chaos would ensue. And that was exactly what Clover wanted. Everything in her plan was falling into place. It wouldn’t be long now until her true ambitions were realized. She checked to make sure the electricity was off, took her pliers and cut the cable of The Realizer. She then opened up the Machine and snipped several wires that looked important, sprayed a fire hydrant in there and used a blowtorch to finish it off. As a finishing touch, she put a large pair of scissors with small burn marks next to the machine and scribbled the word, ‘Clementine.’ “Hmmm… It’s not messy enough yet.” Decided Clover. She erased the first Clementine and scrawled it with her undominant hand. “Aha! Nobody will ever figure out it was me! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!”



    Morning eventually came, as mornings tend to do and before long, the drowsy elves made off towards the workshop. It wasn’t much longer before they realized something was horribly wrong. “AUGH! Clover, what did you do?” Cried Marshmallow. 

“Hold the phone, WHAT? Why me? You have literally no reason to believe it to be me! I am SO INSULTED!” Pouted Clover.

“You ALWAYS break things. I know it was you. Let’s see who Santa believes, shall we?” Marshmallow said smugly. Before long, Santa arrived at the scene of the crime. “Ho Ho Ho! What is with all of this I hear? The Realizer is broken? That’s Ho Ho Horrible! Have we found anything about what happened?” Santa asked. Morshu jumped out from the belly of the machine where all of the wires were. “Sir, it appears to have been an intentional attack that was supposed to look like it was the result of wear and tear. However, it is exceedingly clumsy. I took one look at it was clear it was intentional.” Morshu reported.

“Ho Ho How could this happen? Can it be fixed, and how long will it take if so?” Santa asked worriedly. “As far as I can tell, it’ll take three to four months to fix. We have to order custom made parts, fix all of the mechanics, replace practically the whole thing, replace all of the wiring… Many of these jobs would require our handiest craftspeople. Without them helping the process constantly, this could take anywhere from seven to eight months.” Morshu stated sadly. “We don’t have three to eight months to fix this! We hardly have three weeks! Who would dare to Ho Ho Harm the Realizer?” Santa howled furiously.


 “Sir! Sir! I found some scissors!” An elf screamed with excitement. “Analyze them for details!” Ordered Santa. “Hmmm… There is something written on them, although it’s really hard to read… That’s a C… either an L or an F, E or F, M or K, E or F again, M or N again, T… I or L, N or M again… E or F again. Hm. Does anyone know someone named Clfkemtme?” Asked the elf. “No, we don’t have anyone by that name. This may take a while, sir.” Morshu answered. 

“Well, someone was the culprit. They have bad writing, are fairly clumsy… who could it be?” Santa strutted in circles, stroking his beard pensively.



 Clementine chose this moment to skip in. “Hey guys! What’s up! Hey, those are my scissors! I was wondering where they went.” She chirped brightly. “These are… your scissors?” Morshu inquired. “Duh! Can’t you read my name? That’s clearly my name in my neatest handwriting. It shows how much more refined I am than the average Joe. Plus, the stuff I do would totally get my scissors burnt just like that! Top tip: turn off the electricity before cutting wires.”



    The entire crowd was stunned. Morshu whispered something to Santa. “Clementine, this is very serious. You will come with me. The rest of you, get as much done as possible. The holidays are not yet lost. Be of good cheer! We have removed the issue for now.” Santa sighed sadly. “All right! I can’t wait! This is so cool! Bye guys!” Cheered Clementine with exuberance. She followed Santa out of the room. Morshu immediately got to work. Despite all of the negative things that had occurred for the elves of North City, not all of the fight was gone for them. Morshu single handedly rallied everyone in the workshop, leading by example and being a guiding force for the workers. Before the lunch break, more carols and laughter filled the workshop once more. There was work to be done; the honest elves were in their element. Clover cursed inwardly. Although there were problems, there wasn’t as much discontent as she would have liked. She knew that the war was far from over, and Santa hadn’t necessarily won the battle. She knew her next move. She laughed deviously inside her head. She was preparing the Coup de Grace. 




    While this was happening, Truffle was doing some montage-worthy training. He had grown so strong so fast, he knew it wouldn’t be long until he could try to take on Typhoon. “It’s the fourteenth. I have eleven days to prepare. I can do this!”



    Clementine was given a very stern warning, but returned to the workshop. She, by chance, was next to Clover in the assembly line. She returned just before the work day started and the elves were eating breakfast. “Oh, I love The Holidays so!” She squealed.

Clover tried to ignore her so she could get work done. Thus far, only one person had suspected her, and it was proven that Clover wasn’t the culprit. She needed to be held in high regards for the next portion of her plan. “I’m so excited to make toys!” She continued to grab for Clover’s attention. Clover saw an Opportunity. “I actually heard that santa doesn’t like the replacement for Rudolph, so he won’t have anyone to pull the sleigh. There won’t be a holiday this year!” Clover stated sadly. “WHAT??! THERE ISN’T GOING TO BE A HOLIDA-” Clementine screeched at the top of her lungs before she was interrupted by a hasty Marshmallow. “Shh! You might cause a panic!” Marshmallow warned. She was too late. “Oh no! Why are we working now then?!” Shouted one elf angrily. “I’m not gonna work anymore!” yelled a second. “I like that idea...” 


    Santa heard the Ruckus and came down to see what was happening. “Ho Ho Ho! What’s going on?” He queried. “It’s a disaster! They think they’ll be no holiday!” Marshmallow answered. “Ho Ho Hold up! How-why did this happen?” Santa stuttered. “No idea, sir.” Clementine jumped into the conversation. “Clementine, was this you again?” Santa thundered. “Probably.” Shrugged Clementine. “EVERYONE, STOP!” Bellowed Santa. “THE HOLIDAYS HAVE NOT BEEN CANCELLED! CLEMENTINE, COME WITH ME!” Santa thundered out of the room. Slowly the elves began to start work, although not even Morshu’s usually inspiring efforts could stir the holiday spirit in them.



    Clementine was sitting on a bench in a small room. Reinforced Candy cane bars blocked her exit. “I wonder how much longer Santa’s going to keep playing this game…” She mused. Truffle was walking down the tunnel on his way to the gym. He knew that the tunnel was almost always empty; crimes were next to unheard of in North city. When he saw Clementine locked in prison, he was shocked. “Clementine, what are you doing here?” He questioned. “Oh! I’m playing a game with Santa!” She wiggled with excitement to be noticed by Santa. “Err… Clementine, you’re in prison.” Truffle notified her. 

“WHAT! NOOO! I’LL BE IN PRISON FOR MY WHOLE LIFE!!!” She shook the bars. 

“What did you do to get in here?” Truffle asked. “No clue! Ask Marshmallow, she probably knows.” Clementine nonchalantly answered. 


    It took Truffle a while, but he found Marshmallow, who was packing up her stuff for the end of the work day. “Ah, hello there, Truffle. What fair wind brings you here?” She greeted him politely. “I was curious as to why Clementine’s in prison. She couldn’t have possibly done anything to deserve it!” Truffle responded. 

“It’s a long story. It appears that Clementine intentionally broke the Realizer, then started a revolt today. She was talking with Clover when Clover told her that Santa was considering cancelling the holidays because the reindeer weren’t happy with Typhoon being Rudolph’s replacement.” Sighed Marshmallow. “I may be able to help with that. You see, I’ve gotten far stronger over these few weeks. I possibly could win the competition now. If not, surely Typhoon can’t win twice. There are so many others who could win. At this point, I don’t care if it’s me. Typhoon must not be the one pulling the sled.” Truffle stated dramatically. 

“It is highly unlikely you have grown exponentially stronger in less than three weeks. I doubt that you will be able to be faster than Typhoon. But fine, I suppose. If you can get from here to the other side of the workshop and back in fifteen seconds, I’ll believe you.”

Truffle took off, returning in twelve seconds. “Fine. I’ll put in a good word for you. I hopefully can prove Clementine’s innocence while we are there.” Marshmallow resigned. 


    The pair walked over to the Santa’s office. Marshmallow knocked politely on the thick oak door. “Come in.” Came a feeble, old voice from the inside of the room. Instead of Santa sitting at the desk, Morshu sat there. The usually calm and steady old elf looked tired and burnt out. 

“How can I help you two today?” He addressed them. 

“Are you all right?” Asked Truffle.

“I suppose. It has been a very stressful time for Mr. Claus, therefore it has been equally stressful for me. We fear that if any other problems were to come up, there would be a strike. I’m sure you’re not here to talk about me. How can I help you two today?”

“I think it would be wise to hold a second trial for Rudolph’s replacement.” Truffle gave his opinion shyly.

“You think we haven’t said the same thing many times? We said that the winner would replace Rudolph; it’s not fair to replace Typhoon just because we don’t like him.” Morshu retaliated sadly.

“During the race, there was some minor interference. Truffle was disrupted by Clementine, who didn’t look both ways before she crossed the trail. It delayed him by about thirty minutes, by my count.” Marshmallow reasoned.

“I’m sorry to break this to you, but you weren’t going to win. I know you were ahead at first, but you weren’t moving at a p[ace that was sustainable for you. That isn’t a good enough reason to redo the trials.” Morshu sighed.

“I see we are not going to change your mind. However, there is another pressing topic we must discuss. I am certain that Clementine is not the culprit of the breaking of the Realizer. Her starting of the small riot was also her stupidity rather than malicious intent; Clementine wouldn’t think to label her scissors, nor would she think to try to cover up her crime. And I do not think her brain has the capability to have malicious ideas. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that she was the one who committed the crime.” Marshmallow articulated her thoughts with elegance.

“Hmm… Those are all perfectly true statements. I myself will investigate this case. It seems the holidays are a lost cause this year anyways. Thank you for coming here.” Morshu said thoughtfully, dismissing the two. 


Truffle left feeling dejected. He wasn’t good enough. Typhoon was right about him. He had to let go of his dreams. Although he loathed the idea of working in retail, it paid the bills to some extent; working his heart out at the gym didn’t. “Truffle, listen- I am very sorry. I did not help you achieve your dreams.” Marshmallow apologized. “No, no. It’s not your fault. Maybe if I wasn't such a failure, this whole thing might never had happened.” Truffle left with his head hanging low.




    Clover felt triumphant; the holidays were spinning out of Santa’s control. One more thing would be the last straw for many elves; they wouldn’t want to follow Santa any longer. Now all she had to do was create the last straw. It was the twenty-first day of December-Santa had just under a week left to fix everything. The elves were already upset about Typhoon being part of the sleigh-pulling team. If anything were to happen to any of the reindeer that the elves actually liked… 


    Once more, Clover was hiding under the cover of darkness to perform nefarious deeds; she was so far on the trail she had chosen in life she was on that there was no turning back for her; It’d be even more dangerous for her to go back then for her to keep going. She easily snuck into the reindeer stables. She waited there for ten minutes. Upon seeing that all was still, she unsheathed the massive meat cleaver she had temporarily stored in her shirt. She took a deep breath, doing all she could to block out how horrible an act she was about to commit.“All right, Blitzen. IT’S TIME TO DIE!” She raised the meat cleaver above her head. “Hi Clover! Santa released me from prison! Watcha doing here?” Clementine greeted Clover cheerily. “Errrr… midnight snack?” Clover said. It was more of a question than an answer. “Ah. That makes absolute perfect sense! Bye!” Clementine skipped out of the room. “Hmm. Perhaps murdering a reindeer is too risky. I’ll have to settle for destroying the sleigh instead.” She got down to business, making short work of the sleigh. Before she left, she planted the meat cleaver in the ground right next to Blitzen to make it look like Blitzen was being targeted by an attack. She then left and snuck out, back to her house.



    News traveled fast around North city; unfortunately for Santa, the news about the attack on the Reindeer and the sleigh reached the ears of the workshop at nine o’ clock. The outrage was immeasurable. The workspace was quickly dissolving into a rioting ground until Santa arrived on the scene.

“Ho Ho Hold on a second! What’s all this about? How do you expect me to stop crimes when I have no way to know about them?” Santa bellowed. “I’LL TELL YOU HOW, SANTA. YOU HAVE GUARDS FOR THE REINDEER STABLES! YOU HAVE FAILED TO GUIDE US TO HAVING A SUCCESSFUL HOLIDAY!” Clover screamed back. The riotous crowd yelled and supported her.

“I’ve been doing this for more than a millennium and never once has anything like this happened!” Protested Santa. 


“DOWN WITH SANTA! UP WITH CLOVER! DOWN WITH SANTA! UP WITH CLOVER!” Chanted the furious crowd. The crowd moved forward, seizing Santa and throwing him into the prison cell Clementine used to occupy. 

“Ho Ho No! This is awful! What will we do next? How can the holidays be saved now?” Santa wept as he sat in the barren cell.


    After the scrum ended, Marshmallow went to the workshop just as the elves had finished listening to Clover’s speech and returned to work. “I am sorry that I slept in today. What have I missed?” She asked one of her co-workers.

“What have you missed?” The elf began roaring with laughter. “Someone tried to murder Blitzen and destroyed the sled last night! We became fed up with Santa’s inability to protect us, so we rioted, put him in prison and put Clover as his replacement.” The elf finished. 

“What? Why did you pick Clover?”

“She was the only one brave enough to stand up to Santa’s tyranny. Thanks to her, the workplace has become a better space.”


    Morshu remained in high regards from the elves and was unanimously voted as advisor to Clover. “All right, Morshu. Here’s what I was thinking: You and the third-best elf you can find will oversee the assembly line, helping when you need to. The second and fourth best elves you can find will begin to work on the Realizer; after the lunch break on the twenty-third, I would like for them to join everyone else to create toys. Got that?” Clover instructed Morshu. “Of course, milady.” Morshu bowed humbly and left the room to perform Clover’s will. 

“When did people start talking to me like I’m a monarch?” Clover asked herself once Morshu had left the room.




    Surprisingly enough, things ran exceedingly smoothly, although this didn’t have much to do with Clover, more the morale of the elves. Santa was fed five times every day by the elves, although most elves were holding him with a newfound sense of disdain for his failure, so they refused to speak with him. That is, until Clementine was the one who was supposed to bring him his food, the night of the twenty third of december.

“Hi San-San! How has your day been?” She greeted him obliviously.

“I’m locked in prison, Clementine.” Santa answered.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been there.” Clementine reacted.

“The one thing I don’t understand who did all of these things. And also why they did it.” Santa stroked his beard thoughtfully.

“That’s three things, by my count.” Clementine disrupted his thoughts.

“Clementine, do you have any idea who might have done any of these things? Let’s start with the stables. Your house is next to the stables; did you see anything suspicious?” Santa ignored her comments.

“Suspicious? No. The only person I saw was Clover, and she had a cleaver, which removes her from suspicion.” Clementine thought back on the night of the attempt on Blitzen’s life.

“She had a cleaver and you saw her? Why didn’t you stop her?” Santa asked, flabbe rgasted. 

“She said she was going for a midnight snack! The cleaver made sense, because the fridge doors do have a tendency to get stuck…” Clementine reasoned.

“Okay, but why didn’t you tell anyone afterwards? You knew she was in the stables with a cleaver!” Santa asked in frustration.

“Because the weapon used in the attempt on Blitzen’s life was a MEAT cleaver, not a cleaver.” Clementine said.


Santa then said some words that really shouldn’t be repeated under any circumstance…


“Clementine, get Marshmallow and return. Fast!” Santa bellowed. Clementine obeyed.


“What do you want, sir?” Puffed Marshmallow as she sprinted to Santa’s cell.

“Marshmallow, Clementine just told me that she saw Clover in the stables the night of the attempt on Blitzen’s life!” Santa rapidly stated.

“WHAT? She created that conflict to gain power? That is despicable!” Cried Marshmallow.

“Clementine, what else have you seen?” Santa asked.

“Well, Clover was the one who told me that the holidays were cancelled.” Clementine recalled.

“It was probably her who broke the Realizer too! I don’t know what she wants, but we need to stop her, or at least prove she was the culprit. If the elves refuse to believe or still won’t bring me back, then I don’t deserve to lead us.” Santa pointed out.

“Oh, please. You have lead us exceptionally well for many centuries; it’s just some problems snowballing into something big. I am sure Clover’s up to no good. Tomorrow we will expose her and set things right.” Marshmallow yelled resolutely.



It was the morning of the twenty fourth day of December. Clover was ready for the long forty-eight hours ahead of her. Soon she would be the richest elf the world had ever seen! She would buy herself a fancy mansion in Hawaii or some other sublime place, furnish it with the highest-end finishes, surround herself in luxury. It surely would help her feel less lonely. There wasn’t much that could get in her way now; her time was nigh.





    The elves were happy; they had salvaged the holidays and things were looking good for the amount of toys they had made. Remarkably, it was a record month, the most toys made in december in the 21st century. There was still much to do, but they were sure to accomplish their goals, barring any distractions. At the lunch break, Clover began loading her sleigh with the gifts the elves had made. She had made good headway and the reindeer were tethered to the sleigh. She was about to load the last of the toys that had already been made when a huge roar started emanating from the workshop. As the leader, she felt that she should mediate any problems that came up. When she entered the workshop, she saw Marshmallow standing up in front of everybody. “Listen everyone! Clover is fooling all of us! She’s the one who tried to kill Blitzen!” She yelled. “Wait, what? You have no evidence! How dare you accuse me of a crime you have no reason to believe I committed?” Clover shouted back. 

“I have evidence! You were seen in the stables on the night of the attempt on Bltzen’s life! You had a meat cleaver and arrived two hours past midnight. Clementine was there!” Marshmallow retorted.

“And how exactly can we trust Clementine? She seems to have tried to ruin the holidays multiple times? Her word can’t prove me guilty.” Cover answered. The elves murmured in agreement; The elves Clementine hadn’t exactly seemed trustworthy recently. Upon hearing the commotion at the workshop, more of North city’s inhabitants arrived to see the events. Amongst them was Truffle, who was applying for a job at Mur-Mart. The elves Clementine hadn’t exactly seemed trustworthy recently.  Morshu stepped in the conversation.

“We know Clementine didn’t destroy the Realizer: She wouldn’t have thought to try to cover up her steps, nor would she have thought to label her scissors. I investigated into the case, and I found her innocent. You were also reported to be the one who started the gossip about the holidays being cancelled. Who exactly would gain from causing problems and putting Santa’s position into jeopardy? The answer, of course, is Clover.” 


 Clover wasn’t there to try to diffuse the situation. She was running away because she knew at some point soon she would be caught and her scheme would be over. However, she wasn’t caught yet; If she could only make it far enough so she could sell her goods, she would be set for life. She ran up to the sleigh and leaped on. “Go! Fast! We must make haste!” She panted frantically to the reindeer.

“Oh, but whatever for, Dahling? We still have about thirty-six hours, and I haven’t done my makeup yet!”  Asked Donner. 

“There is supposed to be many natural disasters tomorrow, and we have gifts that will help save lives!” Clover quickly concocted a lie. The reindeer compliantly took off, commenting about how irregular this holiday had been. “Doesn’t this bring you back to the good old days of 1798?” Asked Blitzen. “It sure does, me old boy! Ahh, I remember that year well… Prancer and I were supposed to be leaving for our honeymoon that day until the torrential rain slowed the rest of you guys, so we had to come to the rescue…” Comet continued monologuing about 1798, while the other reindeer occasionally chipped in with useless comments. Clover slumped over at the reins of the sled. “The things I’ll do for money.” She whimpered to herself.



    From the ground, the elves realized they had been duped. “We must catch her! Someone release Santa!” Cried Morshu. Some obedient elves sprinted to get the spare sleigh, while others ran for Santa’s cell. “Aughh! Sir, we don’t have anyone to pull the sleigh!” One of the elves wailed in dismay. “Someone find a reindeer!” Screamed Morshu. Truffle ran over to the sleigh. He wasn’t the best reindeer for the job, but he was the closest one there. Morshu and Clementine hopped onto the sleigh and Truffle took off in pursuit of the fleeing Clover. “Ho Ho Hold on a second! You forgot me!” Santa yelled at the rapidly moving sled, but it was too late; they didn’t hear him.


    Truffle ran with all his might; he knew he was hopelessly slow, but he wasn’t weighed down as much as Clover’s reindeer would be. Morshu reached into the hood of his suit and pulled out a massive bell and handed it to Clementine. “Santa, I’ll take the reins. If we must resort to violence, the fighting will be up to you.” Morshu said sinisterly.

“Woo-hoo! I’ve been promoted to Santa!” Celebrated Clementine. Morshu hadn’t noticed that Santa wasn’t in the sleigh with him until Clementine began to speak.

“Clementine, why are you here?” Morshu asked, flabbergasted.

“Um… because Santa was too slow. And I thought flying would be fun!” Clementine chirped.

Morshu yelled in frustration. He couldn’t turn around and get a co-pilot with a brain, so Clementine would have to do.  



    For an half an hour, Truffle and Co. steadily gained ground on the heavily weighed down Clover. When Clover realizer that Santa’s cronies were hot on her tail, she directed the reindeer up into some clouds. Morshu ordered that Truffle continued the pursuit in the clouds. Truffle charged through the dense clouds, accelerating as he gained altitude. As they broke above the clouds, Truffle began to slow down. “Where are they?” He asked. “I-I d-don’t know… Can we lower? I’m getting airsick.” Stuttered Clementine, who was quaking with fear. “Hold!” Yelled Morshu. “Listen, and be quiet.” He commanded. For a few seconds, the only sound was the wind howling. However, a small chorus of voices could be heard. “Doesn’t this bring you back to the good old days of 1833?”

“It sure does, me old boy! I remember that rear well… Dancer and I were supposed leaving for our honeymoon that day until the torrential rain slowed the rest of you guys, so we had to come to the rescue…” 

“Why don’t you idiots shut up and run so I don’t have to compensate as much for how pathetic you guys are?”



    “I’m pretty sure they’re to our left and a little beneath us.” Whispered Truffle.

“Hmm… I think they’re straight above us.” Clementine said softly.

“No. They’re… THEY’RE CHARGING RIGHT AT US!” Morshu screamed. Just as Morshu predicted, Clover’s sleigh seemed to materialize right next to them. Out of the corner of his eye, Truffle saw Clover swing something, but she didn’t hit the sleigh. Truffle sprinted with all his might to get out of the cloud group. “What do we do now? I don’t know if it’s worth risking going back in there since they seem to be able to see us somehow.” Truffle inquired.

“I mean, I suppose I could turn of the holiday lighting on my shirt and the sleigh, but that kind of kills the vibe, you know?” Clementine suggested. 

Truffle bit back some curse words. “Yes, please turn off the holiday lighting, Clementine. What do you think we should do, Morshu?”

Morshu might have been able to suggest a good course of action, but that would have required him to be on their sleigh. “Morshu? MORSHU! HE’S GONE! Clover must have knocked him off our sleigh!” Truffle screeched. “Nooo! We have to find him! Things like this aren’t supposed to happen to good people! That’s what my teacher always said!” Truffle dived, sweeping the ground to find the fallen Morshu. After several minutes, they found him buried under a large pile of snow. “Ahh… You… Fools...you should have… gone after clover… I’m...old...anyways…” He said to Truffle and Cover. “We’re taking you back to North city, Morshu. It’s not an option.” Truffle said boldly. 

“Ha… I am...fine...It’s just my… gout acting...up...and my sciatica... too. I will go back...to...N-north...City… … myself…” Morshu tried to put on a brave face and stand up, but his body was far to mangled to let him. Clementine gently picked up Morshu and placed him in the sleigh. “No… … stop… this is a waste of… time…” Morshu protested. Truffle ignored his complaints and took off at top speed for North city.




    Morshu miraculously managed to cling to his life as Truffle landed in North city. He survived the trip to the hospital, although the doctors were unsure as to whether he’d survive.

“He is incredibly lucky to still draw breath; from that height, he could easily have died immediately.” Reported the nurse “Ho Ho No! My poor old friend Morshu!” Santa began crying. In Santa’s behalf, Marshmallow asked some questions, although she too was tearful. “Where has Clover gone? Did you catch her?” 

“After we realizer Morshu had fallen off the sleigh, we returned. We had a chance to stop her, but an elf’s life is worth more than some toys.” Truffle answered her.

“Oh, what fools we have all been this year! Duped by a scoundrel, turning against our leader, ruining the holidays… we’re not going to have enough space on the naughty list next year!” Marshmallow wailed.

“Wait! Not all is lost! We still have eight hours before we’re cutting it very close to the deadline: Perhaps we could try to overtake Clover again!” An elf yelled stirringly.

“Yeah! There might be a flicker of hope yet!” Encouraged another elf.

“They’re right! We must persist! It’s what Morshu would want us to do!” Yelled Marshmallow.

Once more did Clementine jump onto the sleigh. Marshmallow joined her as a copilot and departed in hopes of saving the holidays.




    “Pshhht! This is your captain Comet speaking. We have arrived over the atlantic ocean. A small, tasteless snack will be passed out soon. Thank you for flying Sleigh-Air North. This is flight 768-B to Honolulu. Have a nice flight. Pshhht!” Comet the reindeer imitated an airplane captain. “Oh, Comet. You’re so funny!” Prancer exclaimed and leaned into Comet’s side affectionately. In the meantime, Clover pulled back on the reins a little. She didn’t want the reindeer to get tired and vote to go to the continent instead of hawaii. She also knew that she was more or less home free. She felt bad because she didn’t really want to hurt Morshu, but she believed that she would be executed if she was caught. Soon, all of her toil would be rewarded and she could truly start living.


    Truffle was moving at a rapid pace, dashing across the skies as if they were a windy flatland. After two hours, they saw a speck on the horizon. twenty minutes later, they could clearly see that it was Clover. They were gaining rapidly on Clover! They were less than a kilometer away from Clover when they saw a group of large islands in the distance. While Truffle was running his little heart out, Marshmallow and Clementine discussed the plan with each other. “All right, Truffle. This is it! Run with everything you have got!” Yelled Marshmallow.



    Clover could see her destination; her plot had worked perfectly. She was busy pondering what the first thing she’d do once she bought a mansion would be when she heard an all too familiar voice yelling. She turned to look behind her and she saw Marshmallow riding towards them like an emissary from the pit. She decided that if she stopped and went straight for one of the islands, Marshmallow would have to yield. “Stop, then go straight for that island beneath us to land!” She issued her command. The reindeer began to ascend and move in slow circles to break their momentum.



    “She is trying to land! We must confront her now or it will be too late!” Marshmallow ordered emphatically. Clementine gripped the large bell Morshu gave her earlier.  She had the plan memorized, but how she was going to execute, she wasn’t sure. Truffle was within ten meters of Clover’s sleigh. “What would Morshu do?” Clementine asked herself.  “What would Morshu do? What would Morshu do?” Clementine repeated to herself over and over as Truffle came within five meters of Clover’s sleigh. “ What would Morshu do? WWMD? Wait, what does that stand for again? Why Would Mangoes Die? Mmmm… Mangoes… I’m hungry.” Clementine said thoughtfully. “CLEMENTINE, PAY ATTENTION! WE’RE GOING TO MISS OUR CHANCE!” Marshmallow’s voice brought Clementine back to the present. Everything she saw seemed to happen in slow motion. Clover’s sleigh was within three meters of Clementine. Clementine jumped while yelling ferociously, swinging around the bell Morshu gave her like a madwoman. “Clementine, you’re going to do it! She’s right in front of you!” She cheered herself on mentally. Just before Clover was in range, Clementine ran out of momentum and plunged downwards, where the cold, angry sea awaited her.


    Somehow, Clementine managed to catch the bar on the bottom of the sleigh that supported the blades. Clover’s sleigh took a steep turn downwards, flinging her high into the air. She still had her bell, but she was way above Clover now. “How am I supposed to hit her with the bell now?” She asked herself. A once in a lifetime decent idea struck her, and she began to tilt herself downwards so she could travel faster.



    Clover had successfully gotten into a good position to try to land; Marshmallow and her sleigh couldn’t get her now. “Sorry that your little plan failed, Marshmallow! Hahahaha! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!” She cackled as she flew past. In hot pursuit of her was an elf-shaped bullet wielding a large bell. “That’s Clementine! We have to catch her!” Truffle realized with horror. He had already potentially lost one person; he wasn’t going to lose a second.


    Clementine was going down faster than Clover was; she was rapidly gaining ground on her. Clementine let out a fierce battle cry and swung Morshu’s bell with all her might. “WHY DID MANGOES DIEEE!!!!” Clover heard her and turned around just in time to see a large bell heading straight for her face. The blow propelled Clover over the edge of the sleigh. “Lads, we’ve lost our rider! And there’s another elf too! We’d better rescue them!” Yelled Conner.

“Doesn’t this bring you back to the good old days of 1674?” Asked Comet.

“It sure does, me old boy! Ahh, I remember that year well…”


    The reindeer caught Clementine first. “Don’t let Clover drive the sleigh! She’s tricking us!” She warned them when they caught her.

“A trickster, eh? Doesn’t this bring you back to the good old days of 1498?”

“It sure does, me old boy! Ahh, I remember that year well…” When they caught Clover, they got their first good look at her.

“Hey, Dancer, do you know this elf?” Asked Donner.

“I don’t recognize her, hubby, but her face rings a bell.” Dancer answered. The reindeer stopped diving and turned around to head back to the north pole. Marshmallow filled them in about the events that had transpired since they had left.



Clover was cursing furiously, trying to get the reindeer to continue towards hawaii, but nothing worked, until she came up with one last-ditch idea. “Hey Typhoon!” She whispered to him.

“What?” He answered grumpily. 

“I’ll give you a million dollars if you can get me to Oahu!” She bribed him.

Typhoon abruptly jolted sideways and tried to pull the sleigh towards Oahu, believing that he was stronger than the rest of the reindeer. The result was him getting dragged along as the rest of the reindeer kept moving forwards.

“An egotistical traitor?” Asked Comet

“They just don’t make reindeer like they used to.” Vixen shook her head.

 “Doesn’t that remind you of the good old days of 1994?” Conner asked.

“It sure does, me old boy! Ahh, I remember that year well…”


Truffle was galloping alongside Comet as they made the return trip to North city. 

“You know, kid, you’ve got guts.” He complimented Truffle.

“Thanks?” Truffle answered. He wasn’t used to praise.

“You’re hardworking, kind, honest and diligent; those are the kinds of reindeer we look for in this line of work. Starting tomorrow, would you be interested in pulling Santa’s sleigh?”  Comet asked Truffle

“WHAT? Don’t you have to ask Santa?” Truffle yelled.

“From what I can tell, you pretty much saved the holidays by catching up to us. What you’ve done is commendable, and you deserve to be here in place of Typhoon. We’re firing him anyways.” Comet said.

“Yes, yes, yes! A million times yes!” Truffle responded.

“Well then, welcome aboard, kid.” Comet told him.

“THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE! AAAAAAA!” Screeched Truffle at the lungs.



    When they returned to North city, every single light in sight was turned on. Loud caroling was audible from far away, emanating from the city square, where a pillar of light beamed.

The reindeer landed near the pillar of light. The group walked into the city square where  banner was on the tree in the middle of the square which read “Morshu 3 BCE - 2019 CE” In front of the banner, Santa was giving a speech to the crowd.  “We have lost a dear friend today. He lived but to bring joy to others; he was kind, he was a leader, he was an elf who deserved to live on forever. Morshu was a friend to everyone, making the world a better place every second of every day. He may not be with us any longer, but we all know what he would want us to do. He would want us to continue on in life, bringing light everywhere we go. He would want us to keep celebrating this festival called life. We owe it to Morshu to live like he wanted us to. Sing on my friends, because we shouldn’t cry because he’s gone, we should smile because we knew him.” A tearful Santa left the podium as hundreds of silver balloons rose in the air before disappearing into the sky. A peaceful silence descended over the city square.  


    After a long pause, the elves in the square noticed that Marshmallow and Santa’s reindeer had returned with all of the toys. Santa walked over to them. 

“Ho Ho How sad I am with the events that have happened today. Please tell me you have managed to save the holidays!” Santa queried.

“Oh, you bet santa-man! Truffle and his friends came to stop us from accidentally ruining the holidays. On the way back, the elf who tricked you guys bribed Typhoon into trying to go where she wanted to go, but he didn’t get far. In other words, Typhoon, you’re fired.” Comet said cheerfully.

“Good riddance! I can’t stand working with you idiots anyways! I should’ve just gone to college instead of joining this stupid job.” Typhoon stormed off.

“As a replacement, for helping to save the holidays, Truffle should replace him.” Comet continued.

“Ho Ho Hokay. Truffle, welcome to the team. You’ve had a very long day, and you have another long one tomorrow. You all should rest up, as we leave in five hours. I will see you then. In the meantime, Clover, you are under arrest. Follow me and don’t try to escape.” Santa left with Clover reluctantly following, while the reindeer trotted off to the stables. “You coming, Truffle?” Asked Comet. 

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in a minute.” Truffle answered. He ran over to talk to Marshmallow and Clementine. 

“Marshmallow, why did Morshu have to die?” Truffle asked emotionally.

“All things must die. It’s a fact of life, Truffle. What matters is how we live with whatever time we have. Morshu lived a full, long life. He seized all of his days. His life is something to celebrate, not contemplate.” Marshmallow responded.

“I think I understand. I still feel sad though. The good news is, I guess the holidays are all about spending time with family, and Morshu’s probably getting to do that now.” Truffle answered.



    It was dark out, and Truffle was lying awake in his stable, thinking about what Marshmallow had said. “Hey, Truffle. We need to get ready for departure. Are you ready?” Comet asked him.

Truffle knew that some horrendous fate might befall him, and there might be nothing he could do to stop it. But until then, he was going to live life to the fullest. “You bet. I’m ready to seize the day!” Truffle cried exuberantly.


    Santa lifted high in the air, as he did every year on the 25th of december. “Morshu, I hope you’re happy right now, wherever you are.” Santa said quietly. Truffle was filled with joy as they soared over foriegn landscapes. “This is life. This is what I was meant to be.” He said, content.

Post-read notes:


Mur is french for Wall, so the store Truffle is applying for a job at is essentially wal-mart.

Also, this fits the prompt loosely because someone is trying to thiefify the holidays.

And I replaced the word 'Christmas' with 'Holiday' so I didn't offend anyone by accident.


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I wrote this in like an hour, so yeah, it's not the best. But hey, gotta get into the holiday spirit. I originally had a much grander idea for this story that, didn't pan out. Finals also took a lot out me. Anyways, without further adieu, 

Solo: A Star Wars Holiday Story

Word Count: 1410


“The name’s Solo, Han Solo. I’m sure you’ve heard of me, I’m pretty famous in this sector.”

“What?” the blue misshapen alien squawks through its tube mouth, “Why would I know of some scruffy looking scavenger?”

Now normally I’m a pretty laid-back guy, but if there’s one thing that sets me off, beside not getting paid, or having my bounty stolen, or being attacked, or, you know what, there’s quite a few things that set me off. But on that long list, near the top, is being called scruffy looking.

“Now listen here you Toydarian bastard, I’ll have you know I am the most stylish Corellian this side of the galaxy” I say as I straighten my leather jacket, as if proving my point.

“Brag all you want, you aren’t going to get information out of me” The Toydarian says, pretending to zip its mouth shut.

“You sure about that” I reply, sliding over a couple credits.

The Toydarian’s eyes widen, and they snatch up the credits in an instant. As it cradles the credits in it wrinkly hands, he shiftily looks around before asking “What information are you in need of?”

“A necklace, gold with a blue gem as its base. I have reason to believe you sold it today.”

The Toydarian looks away as it inspects the credits, saying, “I suppose I did sell something along that description earlier this morning.”

My eyes narrow. “And to who did you sell it to?”

“To whom.” The Toydarian corrects, not even missing a beat.

“Don’t dodge the question you flying blue rat.” I pull out my DL-44 blaster and set it on the table, hand on the trigger pointed in the general direction of the Toydarian.

“You want to threaten me with that thing? We all know Han Solo would never shoot first.”

“Wait,” I say, “I thought you didn’t know who I was.”

“What I do and don’t know is information to be sold, I’d never tip my hand to easily.” The Toydarian is stacking the credits up by this point.

I produce two more credits from his parcel, throwing them across the table. “Whatever, can you tell me who you sold it to now?”

“I sold it to a man in green armor, I’m sure you two are acquaintances.” The Toydarian says, sliding the two new credits into its pile.

“Boba Fett? What on Earth would he want with that necklace?” I ask incredulously.

“The answer could be yours for a few more cred-”


The bar goes silent for a second, looking over in my general direction, then the noise picks back up as if nothing happened. I slide the credits back into my parcel and leave the bar. I didn’t think this job would be so hard. Just an easy get in, grab a necklace, and get out. Now I’ve gotta deal with Boba Fett? Ugh, I hate it when Chewie’s right.

As I leave Mos Eisley heading towards my ship, I kick the sand in anger. I’m gonna ask for a pay increase, I deserve it for having to deal with that green dipwad.

Chewie is standing outside our ship and lets out a high growl as I approach.

“Yeah, I got the info, come on you walking doormat.” I say as I climb into the Falcon, Chewie letting out a low growl of mock protest as he follows.

Let me explain the job I’ve gotten me and Chewie into. A senator by the name of Bail Organa had his residence broken into, and a gift for his daughter, Leia, stolen. With Life Day coming very soon, soon as in tomorrow, he needed it back as soon as possible. I don’t why he didn’t just buy a new one, would’ve been much less of a hassle. But regardless, that’s what we’re up to.

“Other intel I gathered stated that Boba is probably in the Uragull sector.” I say, inputting the hyperspace codes.

Chewie growls back, saying how that’s such a far distance.

“Yeah, it’s a wild goose chase if I’ve ever been in one. Prep the ship for a jump.”

I swivel my chair around and press some other buttons on the ceiling. Chewie throws some levers, then growls at me to take a seat.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” I say as I strap in. A loud whirring noise begins to sound around us as we go faster and faster. Light around us distorts into a blue shade, and now we’re traveling through hyperspace.

“I’m gonna take a nap, wake me when we’re there”

Chewie lets out a sad sounding growl, trying to get me to stay up.

“We can talk later, when the job’s done.”


When I wake, we’re in the system, near the snow cold planet of Illum.

“Well way to wake me when we arrive Chewie.” I prod the Wookie in a joking manner.

My Wookie friend responds in kind, growling back that we weren’t there yet.

“Anyways, why are we going down to Illum?”

Chewie growls back that there was some radio chatter of Boba being there.

“Well, I guess that narrows our search down to one planet. Good job Chewie, let’s head down.”

As we guide the Falcon down, I think about the upcoming holiday. Life Day. It’s a weird concept, just one day where we celebrate all life. It’s an Empire endorsed holiday, which makes it all the more ironic. But regardless, people get crazy wrapped up into it, shopping for hours and all that jizz.


Landing on Illum near a village, I can already see Boba Fett, and he is also drunk. Like, he is smashed. You’d think a renown bounty hunter would know better, but I guess that’s just how he gets into the holiday spirit. He is also in the process of flying around the town, giving rides to random ladies. It’s going to be a bit of a mess to try and get him.

I trot on down to the village, where Boba sees me. For a second I freeze, until I hear him say “Solo, my old friend, come over here. Let me buy you a drink.”

Surprised, I go over to Boba who leads us into the bar. “Two blue milks please” he slurs out as he almost collapses onto a nearby table. I grab our drinks and sit down in front of him.

“So, Boba, you happen to have a necklace on you?” I ask, sipping on my drink.

“You’re in luck Han ol’ buddy, ol’ pal. I got one right here.” He pulls out the necklace I’m looking for. Golden chain with a brilliant blue crystal. “Wanna know something about it?”

“Uh, sure.”

“This blue crystal,” he pokes it as if proving his point, “Is actually a kyber crystal, you know the ones that make the lightsabers go VWOSHUM.”

“That’s neat, what would it take to get that off your hands?”

He tosses it over to me “Bah, you can have it for free.”

I blink a few times to make sure this is real life. “I’m sorry what?”

“Yeah man, just take it, it’s fine. Consider it a Life Day present from me to you.”

Now I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but curiosity got the better of me this one time.

“What could you possibly have wanted this necklace for?” I say as I examine the necklace.

“To make a lightsaber, duh.” He responds, chugging down his drink.

“Well Boba” I say getting up, “It has been great talking to you, have a wonderful Life Day.”

Boba is basically already passed out as he mumbles some kind of good-bye.

I leave the bar and look around. A snowy expanse surrounds this quant village, and with no wind or snow falling, it leaves a very peaceful atmosphere. I savor every last bit of it that I can, since you don’t get peace like this very often in my profession.


As I board the Millennium Falcon, I yell out to Chewie “Time to leave, I got the necklace”

 Chewie looks at me, surprised I'm back to fast.

"I know fella, and boy I've got a story for you. But hey, happy Life Day you big wool coat." I say as I give him a big hug.

As Chewie reciprocates the hug, I finally get the spirit of Life Day, or at least, I think I do.


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...Ultimately I think the Star Wars one won out, if only because it read cleaner than Ho Ho No. I thought I saw a potential Macbeth reference, but it's been a while so I'm going to reread Macbeth in the next couple days and go through it again to see if I can catch it.

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What does this Star Wars entry have to do with Christmas? I see no mention or talk of it at all. ...But of course it would get votes, Star Wars is for some reason ridiculously popular.

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3 hours ago, Anacybele said:

What does this Star Wars entry have to do with Christmas? I see no mention or talk of it at all. ...But of course it would get votes, Star Wars is for some reason ridiculously popular.

Life Day is basically the Star Wars universe’s equivalent to Christmas. Giving gifts was the main thing here.

Life Day came from the Star Wars Christmas special (made in 1978), known to be one of the worst Star Wars movies ever made.

Fun fact, there was an animated sequence in the special in which Boba Fett made his first appearance.

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41 minutes ago, Azure, Roundabouted Out said:

Life Day is basically the Star Wars universe’s equivalent to Christmas. Giving gifts was the main thing here.

Life Day came from the Star Wars Christmas special (made in 1978), known to be one of the worst Star Wars movies ever made.

Fun fact, there was an animated sequence in the special in which Boba Fett made his first appearance.

Oh. I've never heard of this before even though I've seen at least one Star Wars film. Never cared for the franchise though. But I guess that's due to not being into Sci-Fi stuff in general.

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22 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

Oh. I've never heard of this before even though I've seen at least one Star Wars film. Never cared for the franchise though.

I don't fault you for that, my entire entry is basically just "reference obscure Star Wars junk with a loose theme around a Christmas-esc event". 


1 hour ago, Azure, Roundabouted Out said:

Life Day came from the Star Wars Christmas special (made in 1978), known to be one of the worst Star Wars movies ever made.

I'd stagger to call it a movie, it's more like a TV special. A movie would have an actual budget, the only thing the special has going for it is that they have all the original actors.


1 hour ago, Azure, Roundabouted Out said:

Fun fact, there was an animated sequence in the special in which Boba Fett made his first appearance.

Yeah, that's why I decided to add Boba to the story. Just seemed fitting with all the Life Day stuff.

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9 minutes ago, DarthR0xas said:

I don't fault you for that, my entire entry is basically just "reference obscure Star Wars junk with a loose theme around a Christmas-esc event". 

Ah, I see. If there is one thing I will say I actually liked about Star Wars though, it was C-3P0. I dunno why, but I just found that robot to be amusing. lol

So, I guess I'll give feedback now while I've got some free time.

@Benice I actually really liked the plot of this one. I felt like I was reading a written version of an animated Christmas film! (One that would probably be rated PG or higher, but yeah.) But yeah, the previously mentioned grammar errors and line/spacing errors do hurt it. I also think there was too much telling and not enough showing. "Show don't tell" is pretty much a golden rule of writing. But damn, like I said, the plot is excellent. I've only read MacBeth once and that was in high school years ago, so I'm afraid I'm not going to catch that reference, though. xP

@DarthR0xas Not bad considering I just said I'm not into Star Wars. The writing is good. I can't say too much since I've not seen a lot of Star Wars content due to that lack of interest, but I don't think you did a bad job. At the very least, I'm glad I could recognize that Chewie is Chewbacca. lol Life Day sounds interesting for a Star Wars equivalent of Christmas.

@SoulWeaver I'm confused at some of these character names. Why is one named Trouble? That's just...weird. Toil and Bubble are odd too imo. Also, I'm confused at the setting and stuff here. What kind of creature IS Trouble? What's Mystcroft and Mogloween (besides being something akin to Halloween)? There's just not enough info here imo. But I really like the reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas, such a great film. Also the song lyrics at the end are a nice touch! I'm not religious at all and so I can't really say much on the religious aspects, but they do make sense because as pointed out, Christmas is a Christian holiday. I simply still celebrate it out of family tradition and the joy of giving gifts to others (and decorating too I guess. XD).

I'd critique @TheSilentChloey's entry too, but I remember saying I didn't want to give her anymore because we keep being at odds with each other. But if you want me to continue anyway, Chloey, then that's fine with me. Just let me know.

And with that, I await critique myself!

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11 minutes ago, TheSilentChloey said:

 go ahead if you want to.

Okay, fair enough. I guess I'll say that I did feel sorry for the child that the story's about, and happy that said kid got a good Christmas at some point. No innocent child deserves to spend Christmas alone and unloved. It sends a good message and is decently written.

Edited by Anacybele

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35 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

Why is one named Trouble? That's just...weird. Toil and Bubble are odd too

It's a Macbeth reference also. Three witches are making a potion while saying, "Bubble Bubble, toil and trouble."

Also, my story is a testament to why you should do math in math class instead of cringe-worthy holiday stories.

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