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Let's Play Tactic's Ogre LUCT: War Of The Chicken Man

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On 7/1/2019 at 2:51 PM, stk5 said:

He's like the "unreasonable opposing character" trope from political cartoons, but louder and with more middle-school insults.

It's honestly kinda amazing how the PSP version has Vice/Vyce do most of the same things he does in the original script, but still manages to make him far less of a ridiculous parody of himself just by making his dialogue sound far more natural and less like a petulant manchild. He's not the only character to get a significant facelift there, but the contrast is especially stark with him. Sometimes how you write something is just as important as what you wrote, huh?


Enough of that, though, the people have spoken and we're gonna reject yet another generous offer from Leonard and continue on Denim's Anarchist Adventures for the time being.

Chapter 3 Part 1: The Dim Knights of Lodis



Sorry, Leonard, but it seems folks just aren't in the mood for any of y'alls bullshit anymore.




Denim: as Bacrum...you're blinded by the Duke's words. You're nothing but a slave to the system!

Leonard: Then what are you going to do!? Do you really think you can do any better?

Denim: I'm not that ambitious. I'm just trying to fix things... I just can't believe people do not have their own dreams, and base everything on just what they see.

Leonard: People will kill each other over a loaf of bread. They only fight for their own selfish reasons. War will never cease from this world. Unless human nature changes, war will always be around. Our duty is to watch and control those people and create a world of order.

Denim: I don't understand. I can't believe what you're saying. What should I believe? What am I fighting for? What are you...?

Denim's worldview is shaken by about five sentences from Leonard disagreeing with him. He wouldn't last a second with all those annoying dweebs on Twitter that constantly get into "debates".




Leonard: time to think about it. Think about it. Now go, Denim! Take Kachua and get away from this castle.

Well, that's awfully nice of you, Leonard. And to think I judged you solely based on those war crimes you committed!



Vice, blood psychopath that he is in the Chaotic route, is obviously displeased with this.



Denim channels his inner Sailor Moon.




Leonard: Leave him alone! Unless he finds the truth for himself, nothing will change his mind.

Vice: You'll regret it later if you don't kill him now! Are you sure it's okay?

Leonard: When the time comes, I will kill him.

This is supposed to read "If the time comes." A single word can completely change the meaning of the whole sentence.



Enough of Leonard letting Denim go just to kill him later, though.



Because Vice has his own plans.



Not much of a reward for beating up our former friend.



Seems like shit's really gone south in Rime, huh?



Oh shit, look who's back!



Probably. It took me until I was, like, 25 to realize reality. That's why I became a communist



On to Chapter 3! We're like, 1/3 of the way there at least!



We get another map intro to the new chapter.



And like the last one, it doesn't work in this patch. Whoops. Here's the script for it:


Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Although Bacrum was able to take over the old capital of Rime, they suffered heavy losses in the battle against Lans' troops. The damage was so serious that they were unable to continue on. Meanwhile, Duke Ronway in Amorika Castle was having difficulty suppressing partisan guerilla activities. The negative attitude toward Walsta was becoming worse. The Duke needed to heighten the morale of his Army. Duke Ronway assembled his Army at Amorika Castle and prepared for the battle against Bacrum. At the same time, he sent a secret messenger to the Dark Knights to set up a treaty. He did this to buy some time so he could avoid the Dark Knights' involvement in the war. Denim refused to obey the orders of the Duke and went underground, so that he would have a chance to kill the Duke. Duke Ronway was extremely indignant of Denim's rebellion. He ordered Leonard to hunt down and kill Denim. Not only that, he also put a huge price on Denim's head as a traitor. Denim realized that his situation was becoming dangerous and decided to leave the port town of Ashton...



Sure, I guess.



Seems like we're checking in on these Dark Knight folks for a bit.




Balzepho: that you acted without permission!? I don't care what your intentions were, it is strictly forbidden to act without our leader's order! Moreover, you had ignored the order to retreat several times, and you never showed up until now!

Martym: Balzepho is right. How could you be so stupid!? Why don't you try using your brain for a change?

Balzepho: Silence! I didn't give you permission to speak!



Barbas: Cardinal's wish.

Balzepho: Oh, what a load of shit! That is a lie! You know full well that the Cardinal is not our lord! You heard that the Knights from Zenobia were in Rime. You just wanted to fight them, right!?

Barbas: .........

Seems like the Dark Knights are real strategic masterminds.



Before he can defend himself, A- I mean, Lans shows up with a couple of new faces.




Lans Tartare: What's done is done.

Balzepho: Welcome back... Ah, Ozma and Oz, you're here too.

Lans Tartare: What is the status of Walsta?

Balzepho: There is a messenger from Duke Ronway.

Lans Tartare: Let him in.




Oz: Liberation Army.



Figures it'd be you. Does Ronway actually have any other people working for him?




Vice: Please, calm down. It's awfully bad for your blood pressure. Besides, I am the one who should be mad. You guys broke our promise!

Lans Tartare: ...Hmmm. So Duke Ronway's mad? What do you want us to do, them?

Vice: Paint my house? Wash my horse? Massage my smelly feet? Naa... Actually, I just need to know what your true intentions are.

I know I've ranted about this before, but it frequently feels like the translators were intensely bored with the game they were translating and thought they were somehow improving it by inserting shit like this into it. It still kinda baffles me that some folks actually prefer this translation to the PSP one.




Lans Tartare: What would you do if we were to attack... say Amorika?

Vice: We'll get into an even uglier situation... Duh! More innocent blood will be shed. And since you guys are the initiators, all of Valeria and Zenobia will point the finger at you and laugh.

Balzepho: That's it, boy! Your insolence will not be tolerated!!



Lans Tartare: We have maintained our neutral position and will remain as such for as long as it takes to resolve this.

Vice: I heard one of the Dark Knights participated on the front line in Rime. Is that true?

Lans Tartare: There will always be one who will be too overzealous. I was not responsible for his actions.

Vice: Prove it.

Lans Tartare: Proof? What kind of proof do you want?


I can't imagine anything bad will come out of whatever he's got in store.



So let's not even worry about it. Back to Denim!




Denim: Kachua.

Kachua: What!? What did you say? How can you stand there and look me in the eye and say that you are not helping him out!?

Canopus: Don't you two ever stop arguing!? Ever since I met you two, you guys have been in each other's faces...



Canopus: looking at me like that, Kachua!

They really did insert a sweatdrop directly into the dialogue. I think it's the only cutscene with that symbol in it, too.




Denim: Excuse me? You're the one always whining, Kachua. ...I was only thinking about Walsta. I just realized that I have been misled. The Walstanian and Gargastan war is merely a struggle for power between the Cardinal and Duke Ronway. We are not the only ones who are suffering. Whoever doesn't have any power is suffering also. There are so many of our people that are suffering, Kachua. I need to fight for them! But you always tell me to run away. How can you be so selfish?


Kachua is not a master of self-awareness.



Just to cap it off, she picks a very mature way to finish the argument.




Canopus: Leave her alone. You would have to smack her around with a club to persuade her.


Things just aren't looking up for this kid, huh?




Canopus: Wow! You're so popular, everyone wants you, Denim. I'm just joking! Man, can't anyone take a joke nowadays? Hey, wait.

There's a time and a place, you beautiful stupid bird.



We're jumping straight into a fight, not even letting us see the map yet.



Let's get this over with.



It's refreshing to see the generic Berserker again after several battles of dealing with a creepy old man.


Gannon: You're a hard person to track down! Make it easy on yourself and let me have your head, kid!



This fight's pretty straightforward, but the boss and his friends are all a little higher level than my own characters, so it'll be a little tricky.



The only one here with any particularly interesting drops is the boss himself, but it's still for the best to deal with some of the other enemies first so they don't totally overwhelm you



Thanks a lot, asshole.



Enemy Gryphons have finally started learning WindShot, and they put it to unpleasantly effective use.



It's not quite so effective for us right now, unfortunately.



Putting Gremlins into melee range for their abilities is always kinda risky, but it can also pay off quite nicely.



One fun part of the enemies being a bit stronger is that they're worth quite a bit of experience.



Especially the boss, as it turns out.



Thanks for the compliment, I guess.



The Balder sword is our first sword upgrade. It does a lot more damage than the piddly Short swords we've had all this time, and provides a nice +5 boost to Int that makes it nice for any mage-warrior hybrid. Its weight means anyone without good Agility is gonna take a bit of a turn penalty while they're holding it, though. Unfortunately, most of the game's strongest weapons are massively heavy, so training Agility is a big deal.



The map's all tiny and cramped again. Seems like Denim can never go anywhere safely.

The next fight is largely filler, so we'll get to that next and move on to more exciting fair another time.


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Yet another annoying swamp battle awaits, but before we get to that, we've got some new stuff to cover.

Chapter 3 Zodo Marsh: Bless The Rains Down In Valeria



A new chapter means tougher fights ahead, so let's not just march into the unknown all willy-nilly.



First, let's set up another Fight Club for our pals. See if you can spot a new class among the crowd.



Upon hitting level 15, our Ghost learned a new trick, LifeSuck. Intended to make up for not being healable by Virtue spells, LifeSuck allows Ghosts to damage enemies and restore their own HP by however much damage they did. In practice, it doesn't do enough damage to really sustain their HP, but it can be useful if they're low on MP and need something to do in combat.



Both of our dragons have access to another dragon "class". White Dragons are the "lawful" upgraded dragon, and they're basically Elemental Dragons+. They are just straight-up better than the basic variant, with good growths in all the same places plus better (but still not amazing) Vitality and Dexterity. Their Agility is still pretty awful, unfortunately, but so is every Dragon variant's. Whether they're as good as the "chaotic" dragon they're a sidegrade to is debatable, but that one's much more difficult to access, so for now this is what we get. They keep whatever element's Breath weapon they had in their original class, which is good for us since our two dragons have the best two elements.



Forcas has gained enough stats for a new class, the Dragoon. These guys are pretty much Knights+; they specialize in the same weapon (Swords) and have better growths in the areas Knights exceeded at (HP, Strength and Dexterity), but actually slightly worse growths elsewhere. This specialization makes them great for anyone who needs to power-level Strength and Dexterity, but kinda poor for everyone else. With that said, these guys manage to do a little better by actually having special abilities, namely being able to equip one spell (from a very small spell list) and getting a massive damage bonus against Dragons and Lizard Men. This makes them a kinda poor class for grinding in, but very useful for already-trained warriors that can qualify for it, especially when the enemy has a few Dragons kicking around. Only Neutral characters can be Dragoons; the other two alignments will have to pick their own specialized melee classes.



Sisteena, meanwhile, qualifies for another new class, the Dragon Tamer. These ladies boost the power of Dragons in the way Beast Tamers do for Beasts, which is actually a little more useful for them since Dragons tend to be better anyway. Unfortunately, their growths don't measure up at all to Beast Tamers; While Dragon Tamers have great Strength and Dexterity scores, their Vitality is atrocious for a class that needs to be on the front lines to do its job. They also have to compete with Valkyries, a much easier class for Amazons to access, and the Valkyrie is simply better, with superior Vitality and equivalent stats nearly everywhere except Dexterity, and the difference there isn't as significant as the defensive gap. Dragon Tamers also specialize in Swords, which isn't great for such a flimsy class, and can only equip one spell compared to the Valkyrie's two, and from the same restrictive spell list as well. The only characters that much use for this class are Chaotic Amazons who want to level Strength or become diet-Valkyries, as Dragon Tamer is the only "advanced" class Chaotic Amazons can access.



The shop is carrying a ton of new equipment. Balder helmets, Balder armor and Balder robes are a good defensive upgrade from the armor we've been wearing, and all of them provide a +5 Int boost, but they're also heavier than the armor they replace, though not so much as to be crippling. Still, don't put too much weight on your units; the defensive bonus only matters if they can actually get to the fight in the first place.



Balder weapons also provide the +5 Int boost, and are a pretty hefty upgrade in damage, but also weigh quite a bit more. The Balder staff, meanwhile,  gives a nice +18 Int, and is a considerable magic boost when dual-wielded by any mage, while barely weighing more than other staves we have. We'll eventually get better staves, but for now they're a good upgrade over the Cedar ones most of our mages have.



We've also got some shields and gauntlets, which function pretty much identically to each other, and a few magic-boosting rings that are especially useful for Valkyries and the like who need proper melee weapons to do their jobs.



We've got a ton of new spells available for purchase, too. The most relevant are Quick (a haste spell, especially useful on already fast units), Acid Rain (does damage and lowers enemy attack power), Heal+ (a healing spell that can heal multiple targets) and Charge (a spell that restores a large amount of an ally's MP, or can be cast on the caster themselves for a smaller amount of MP). Jump moves an ally one space and is utterly redundant next to later teleporting spells, Storm just makes it rain and will only need to be used once in the whole game, Pain only does damage when the caster has low HP and can potentially miss, and Melt and Heat power down enemy equipment/power up allied equipment and are just kinda gimmicky and overspecialized.



Enough of that dry mechanical shit, you come here for bloodshed, and you shall have it!



Since this is yet another fucking Zodo Marsh battle, fliers, Ninjas and ranged attackers are a must.




Felnator: What a surprise! I thought you left Valeria. I know that Vice wants to kill you, but I have bills to pay, too. This will be the end of you!

Seems like everyone needs money lately and can't wait to lop our head off for it. Can't some of y'all learn, like, a craft or something?



This is a straightforward fight made obnoxious by how slow it's gonna be getting everyone together in this awful swamp. Why do we always have to come back here?



Before we begin, though, let's note some useful items tucked away among the foes. HealRain is a water-based healing spell, equippable by Witches and Warlocks and a couple of other classes. It's a lot more expensive than the healing spells of the Cleric class, but it offers a bit more versatility for your support mages, and unlike the Cleric's magic, it can heal undead. We won't get more copies of it for a while, so this is a nice chance to get it early.



The two Amazons are carrying the Gemini crossbow. Unlike the regular Crossbow, it's a two-handed weapon, but offer better range and damage in exchange. They have trouble shooting outside of that range, and they're quite heavy, but they can still be acceptable for ranged fighters in flatter maps.



Finally, this Siren here is wearing the Grease boots, which allow her to walk directly over the water the way Ninjas do. This is great for annoying waterlogged maps like this one, and unlike the above enemies she's guaranteed to drop them if she dies.



But first, we have to get to each other. Whoever thought we needed another Zodo Marsh fight for the Chaotic route should've been fired.



Casting Quick on your healers can really help keep everyone topped off, especially when combined with slowing opponent down with SlowMove.



Here's the Ghost's LifeSuck in action. It's not much use for damage.



Let's get those greasy-ass boots first thing.



Clerics have more-or-less unique access to Heal+, and it alone makes them useful up to the end. Funny, given that there's another healer class in the Amazon tree clearly meant to replace it.



These Valkyries are kinda vicious. Dealing with them before the other enemies is probably wise, unless you just wanna gun for the boss.



I guess we should check out our new spell, complete with hammy quotes.



It's an AoE spell, like Heal+, though the significantly higher cost makes it impractical as your only healing option. Still, I won't complain about the added versatility for support magic.



With so many threats running around, I figured our favorite piece of bait should run out to grab the boots before an enemy stole them.



Here's his AcidRain spell, by the way. It has a similar AoE to Meteor and the like, and it does pretty good damage while also weakening foes, making its higher MP cost than the more basic attack spells a bit more acceptable.



I wanna grab some of this stuff and get the boss dealt with, but first we gotta deal with the enemies that weren't lucky enough to have nice items or spells on them.



The story of Andy's (un)life.



Compared to the Valkyries, some of the other enemies are pulling kinda piddly numbers.



That's why they're getting focused on first.



Oh geez. I don't have any Blessing items for him, so this is very bad.



And the heals my Cleric's got aren't quite enough to make me comfortable.



Let's take care of what's left so we can get out of here faster.



And make some new (very temporary) friends.



Now let's get out of this shitty-ass swamp.



What is it about being a "traitor" that makes people think I'm easy prey? This anti-traitor discrimination has to stop!



Money and money.



And a free level for a good friend.



Thanks for the stuff, ladies!



Next up, we have slightly more important characters to fight, and someone near and dear to us makes an exit.


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I know it's like an update late, but does the crone mercenary with the unique class seriously just die after one filler fight? And you said she isn't playable? Is she still more important in the other routes, or is it just... ?

(also tell me of the terrible wifebait that took her place 👀)

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Unfortunately, Ramidos is a one-off fight, and only appears in the Chaotic route. There's another boss in the Lawful route that borrows her sprites, but she's a different person entirely and also not terribly important. It's kinda odd that they drew these sprites for a grand total of two unimportant bosses (and maybe a scattered handful of endgame enemies? I don't remember if they get reused), but I guess they wanted us to really remember this random bounty hunter.

Cressida Obdilord is the waifubait in question, though Ramidos still exists in the PSP release (and has been upgraded from "filler boss" to "boss of actual story-related battle," complete with more interesting dialogue). Aside from kinda overlapping with the story role of a preexisting character, Cressida's another Necromancer type of boss, and it sure does figure that out of all of those we fight, the one we can actually recruit happens to look like this:


She's also got a bland personality and is a pain to recruit, but I guess she's not got either of those problems as bad as Ravness.

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The name "Grease Boots" for a waterwalking equip sounds like a novice's understanding of science to me. "Oil/fat/grease doesn't mix with water, if I coat something in it, it will float because the oil will repel the water. I'm a genius!" 

-This completely ignores oil can still sink through water if its heavier. It might not be on its own, it could form a film on the surface. But add a 100+ pounds of human flesh resting atop the grease, and it'll drop like hopes of a devoted GoT fan when the final season first aired.

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On 7/6/2019 at 11:40 AM, Interdimensional Observer said:

The name "Grease Boots" for a waterwalking equip sounds like a novice's understanding of science to me. "Oil/fat/grease doesn't mix with water, if I coat something in it, it will float because the oil will repel the water. I'm a genius!" 

-This completely ignores oil can still sink through water if its heavier. It might not be on its own, it could form a film on the surface. But add a 100+ pounds of human flesh resting atop the grease, and it'll drop like hopes of a devoted GoT fan when the final season first aired.

Eh, it's video game equipment, I can kinda let it being unrealistic slide. I don't think they're advocating covering yourself in grease to gain Jesus powers.

We'll be dealing with the remnants of the Gargastan forces today, followed by some more family drama that definitely hasn't been partially lifted from any popular franchises you may have heard of.

Chapter 3 Coritani Castle: Space Tussle



We've got some exciting drama up ahead, but first we've got more class shenanigans to discuss.



First off, Denim has access to Terror Knight, the Chaotic version of the Dragoon. If the Dragoon is the Knight+, the Terror Knight is the Berserker+; same weapon specialization (Axes), mostly the same stats except for better Vitality and Mentality, but worse Agility to compensate. Unlike the Dragoon, they don't have any magic, but they do have a special "Terror" effect that weakens enemies within three spaces, further improving their durability. They're not especially phenomenal, but they get the job done, and the Terror Effect can be surprisingly useful sometimes. In addition to the usual stat requirements and needing to be Chaotic, Terror Knight is only available to units who have over 30 kills, and that's non-training kills. They're not the only class with unorthodox requirements (Clerics need fewer than 10 kills, for example), but at least it's one you can reasonably eventually achieve without having to look it up.



One of our generics has gained the Lawful equivalent to the other special melee classes, the Swordmaster. Take a wild guess what weapon is their favorite. These guys are basically the Ninja+ of the game, having sky-high Dexterity and great Agility, but merely average stats elsewhere, and also having the dual-wielding capability of Ninjas as well. While they can use magic, they are the only mage-warrior hybrid that specializes specifically in support magic instead of attack magic, and this is greatly beneficial to them as their terrific Dexterity makes their status spells extremely accurate, though they're not as good at Intelligence-based spells as other support casters, and they can only equip one spell. Only Lawful warriors can be Swordmasters; I guess those Neutral and Chaotic fellows don't have the discipline for it.



Rounding out the Amazon class tree, we have the Priest. Priests are meant to be an upgrade to the Cleric, with superior MP and Intelligence growths and access to a couple spells Clerics are missing, including the incredibly useful Revivify. The main problem is that the Cleric has spells that they can't access, too, namely the extremely useful Heal+; Revivify is the only spell truly unique to the Priest, not counting one class accessible only to one character late in the game. This makes them more of a sidegrade to Cleric than a true upgrade, but there's nothing stopping you from swapping between the two based on what you need or just having one of each on your team. Only Lawful Amazons can be Priests, and they must have a kill count below 15 to qualify.



Finally, our Gremlin and Fairy have both reached Level 18, and both have learned their respective DeepKiss abilities as a result. This is a massive boon for both, but especially for the Fairy, as DeepKiss allows them to massively heal their allies and give them additional turns; this ability is pretty much the one thing that lets them remain relevant past the early game, and it's actually a little broken if you've got multiple Fairies running around, though the HP penalty they take (equal to however much they healed) is something to be careful about. For Gremlins, meanwhile, DeepKiss allows them to Petrify enemies with surprising accuracy, which is a bit risky since it's a melee move, but very effective regardless. We might be seeing a little more of both of these tiny folks in upcoming battles thanks to these powers.



Enough of all this gibberish, though. Let's take care of these bastards.



Here's the team, complete with our newest and tiniest member of the not-shit-anymore squad.



A new location at last! Quite a fancy castle.




Zildor: I never thought the Liberation Army could mobilize this fast! Is Didario back yet? Tell Zaebos to send us some soldiers.


That random goon gets to avoid the oncoming slaughter.




Zildor: Kill them!

Seems like we've had a bit of a dearth of interesting bosses the past couple fights. Hopefully that won't keep up.



For such a big and varied map, the first battle we fight here on this route isn't particularly memorable. Thankfully, it isn't the last.



Figured I'd show off the DeepKiss ability while we're here.



Things get a little bit too steamy for an SNES game it seems, so they gotta censor it. If only the horrible nerds on Twitter could see this!



Whoever you use this ability on gets to move immediately after the Fairy ends her turn. It's pretty great, and it only took like 17 levels of her being terrible to get here!



We're gonna focus entirely on the side of the battle the boss is on; the enemies on the other side try to catch up, but by the time they do we're pretty much done.



For reasons we'll see later, we're gonna recruit this dragon.



We're also gonna patch him up and empower him to murder his former pals.



With a little help from Byan, we're out of here!



I'm sure he'll forgive you when you see him in the afterlife.



Aside from money, we get the Galdia fan, the game's only fan weapon before KoL would make it more of a proper weapon class. While Sirens actually get a damage boost to using this weapon, in practice it's suicidal for Sirens to get anywhere near melee combat, and it doesn't provide any Intelligence boosts to make it more useful to them than a good Staff. As a melee weapon it does okay damage and provides boosts to Luck and Agility, as well as resistance boosts to Dark damage, but the real interesting effect of the weapon is that any enemy hit by it will be Charmed, both preventing a counterattack and getting the foe to temporarily turn on its allies. It's not an amazing weapon, but it has some fun niche use.



This dragon won't be on our team for long; we're genuinely running out of room for folks, and we don't really need so many dragons. But we need it for something that we'll get to next time.



Onward to the next battle!



Team #2. Figured letting both of our healers team up would be nice for the shitstorm this battle can be.



Is that... Leonard?



Oh, I guess not.


Zaebos: You killed Zildor! I thought the Liberation Army was after you. Or is this just a plot to deceive me, like Baramus?

Denim: I am not a member of the Liberation Army! Don't put me in the same boat as Ronway or Branta. They are using this ethnic war to fulfill their desires!

Zaebos: Are you trying to tell me that you are fighting for the people!? What a hypocrite! How many people have you killed after giving your speech about fighting for the people?

Denim: You're the kind of person who makes the people suffer!!



This particular fight is a bit of a pain in the ass, and there's not much to be gained from lingering, so you should deal with the boss quickly and be done with it.



One of the big problems is having to file across this narrow passage to get to the enemies. You technically can spread out, but jumping up and down ledges slows you down.



The last thing we need is someone getting put to sleep, so the Dragon goes first.



The boss can do some nasty damage, and the Wizards do comparable damage while hitting your team with a wide AoE.



It's very much in your best interest to end things as fast as possible. No need to show off Revivify just yet.




Zaebos: Damn you! You may have Coritani Castle for now! But you are going to pay for this!


Yet more Escape Gem shenanigans. At least Kachua actually had one of those in her inventory when she was still running around with us!



I wonder if Denim is sick of everyone using magic cheater gems they pull out of nowhere.



Not much to report for rewards. Oh well.



After beating Zaebos, Denim, Canopus, and some random generics decide to have a chat.


Denim: ...Are you sure Zaebos escaped to Brigantes Castle?

Captive: Yes, I'm positive.

Denim: I thought Brigantes Castle has been abandoned ever since it lost its lord in the war...

Captive: No, when we attacked Coritani Castle, there were other troops that took over the castle... The purpose of us taking over Coritani Castle was to lure the Liberation Army out of hiding. Coritani Castle was bait to get you guys. Once we trapped you, the main troops in Brigantes were supposed to attack you. But everything went wrong ever since you arrived...

Denim: Why are you telling me all of this information?



Captive: I'm allergic to pain. So please don't kill me... Besides...

Denim: Besides, what...?

Captive: There are a lot of refugees in Brigantes Castle. To be precise, they are the people who were afraid the Cardinal would have them executed. Zaebos is planning to execute them as a warning.

The leaders of Valeria sure are fond of mass murder of their subjects.




Captive: You see, I have a weak stomach and I just can't stand the thought of people dying...

Denim: Thanks for the info. I will go to Brigantes Castle.

Captive: Gee, you're swell...

This captive is kind of a wimp if his issue with people being murdered is less about morality and more about him being squeamish. How'd you get those Ninja duds?




Captive: I never thought I'd meet a guy like you. I wish I had met you sooner...

Are you... coming on to me? I mean I'd love to but we're kinda in the middle of something right now.



While this surprisingly romantic meeting goes on, Kachua takes a stroll.



Denim must've been uncomfortable with the captive's advances.



Seems Kachua's still kinda bitter that we aren't spending literally every waking moment with her.


Denim: Are you still mad at me?

Kachua: ...I hope you have a good reason for calling me here, if not, then I'll be going...



Kachua: Yes, I am. From now on, you can fight your own battles. Do whatever you want!


This choice doesn't really matter, and doesn't even really change the conversation that much. Option 1:


Denim: Are you leaving?

Kachua: Me, leave you? You are the one that has left me!!

Denim: Kachua...

Option 2:


Denim: You are selfish, Kachua. You never think about the feelings of others.

Kachua: Selfish!? You are the one who is selfish! You never think about my feelings!

Denim: Kachua...


If your beef is that he's not paying attention to you, it seems a bit weird that you're leaving and making it harder for him to do so, I'm just saying.


Denim: I thought we were going to avenge our father's death. That's what we've been fighting for.


Wow, that's a bombshell to drop on someone.




Kachua: He is not our biological father. We were adopted. We were abandoned by our parents.

Denim: That's not true! That's impossible!

Kachua: I overheard him talking once.


Okay, claiming this plot element was cribbed from Star Wars is obviously an exaggeration, but certainly this part of the conversation was. Kind of an odd time and place for a reference like that, really.


Denim: Why? Why are you telling me this now!?

Kachua: Because you are leaving me.

Denim: Leave you, Kachua? I will always be at your side!

Kachua: Everything that I have ever known is a lie! You chose the war over me! You abandoned me for the sake of your ideals. Just forget that I ever existed!

Denim: Kachua...

Kachua: You're the only family I have left!


Marching out the door after getting the last word in a petty argument seems to be the Kachua Special.



Unfortunately, Denim's a bit too busy to go chasing after her, and Griate isn't even on the map at this point anymore. Hope she gets there safe and nothing happens, but we'll have to see another time to find out.


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not even the best cressida in tactics ogre smh my head

Also, Christ, Kachua. You sure were an... attempt, at... something.

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22 hours ago, Parrhesia said:

not even the best cressida in tactics ogre smh my head



This next battle is the very definition of filler, but let's not fuss over that. We'll still get a little time with everyone's favorite(?) character regardless.

Chapter 3 Vahanna Plateau: Smug Meets Smug



We've got some management stuff to sort out before we begin.



First off, it's time to say goodbye to Gucci the Golem. The point in the game where we might actually want a Golem is still a long, long ways off, and he's taking up space someone else could use. Though in hindsight, this wasn't the best way to get rid of him.



Though he may be gone, his spirit lives on in Gucci the Amazon. Gucci 2.0 will be training for a very important and holy mission that specifically requires a Lawful Amazon to accomplish, and will be tagging along with us in the meantime. Folks who've played any Ogre series games probably already know why I hired her.



We've also got a certain other new recruit we don't really need, so let's deal with that too. Remember when I mentioned Auctioning way back when?



Coritani has a special reward for specifically auctioning Red Dragons that are Level 15 or higher. This was the entire reason I recruited this dragon in the first place, as neither of the dragons we already had were the right element.



You do have to spend a bit of money to do the auction, though it almost invariably gives more money back than you spent.



Sold monsters give the same sad little quotes they'd give if you were just firing them.



Let's not dwell too much on what's probably gonna happen to the dragon we just sold, though. Money!



In addition to the cash, the item we get for selling the right monsters can be found in the Buy menu.



The Fire sword is the first elemental weapon we've got our hands on. In terms of stats it's not super different from the generic Balder swords, but Fire-element characters get a damage boost to using it, making it superior for such fighters. It also provides resistance to Water damage and has a Dragon-slaying effect, though sadly this effect doesn't appear to stack with the Dragoon's damage bonus against dragon enemies. We can actually acquire more of these pretty soon, and there's at least a couple special recruits coming soon that would love to have these. This may be our first elemental weapon, but rest assured it's far from the last; the majority of the game's best equipment is elementally aligned, so equipping it to characters of the right element is crucial.



Note you can only buy as many of the commissioned item as you Auctioned the relevant monsters for, as opposed to other equipment that can be bought more-or-less infinitely.



Now that that's all settled, let's head off to a very boring, annoying battle!



Here's everyone. This fight would've been fantastic for a Dragoon, but like a moron I forgot to bring one.



Just a little north of Coritani, things get pretty snowy.




 Denim: I don't think there are enemies hiding around here. Let's go to Brigantes Castle.

Yeah, since when are there enemies in any of the levels? Makes perfect sense.



Unfortunately, Denim's predictions were entirely wrong. Looks like we might have stumbled into a scalie convention or something.



Good eye, Denim!



This fight is genuinely kind of a waste of time, both due to the annoying durability of the enemies and the awful terrain.



Snow slows most non-fliers down a bit, and doesn't do wonders for the stats of non-Water characters either. It's not quite as bad as marshes, but it's still annoying.



To make things worse, every enemy here is a Water element. This is one of the rare fights where the element-boosting spells might actually have come in handy, but I didn't bring any of those either.



As a result of the terrain, this being a kill-all battle, and the general bulkiness of the enemies, this fight's kind of a slog. It's not very hard, just tedious.



Since Water-element dragons are so fond of inflicting Sleep, I figured they might like taking a nap themselves.



One Lizard tries to skewer both the Ghost and Denim. Only Denim is fortunate enough to block the attack. Andy should feel very lucky Denim doesn't have a spear of his own.



The dragons are thankfully not too successful with their own status effects, though they do significant damage regardless.



Two down, six more to go!



Ugh, some of them have healing items too? Was this fight intentionally designed to be this annoying?



Andy continues his proud tradition of being fantastic bait.



In addition to everything that normally makes this fight annoying, my team was a hair underleveled for it, leaving a real discrepancy between damage dealt and damage taken.



At least the mages were still doing good damage, though.



To help matters, let's use the Gremlin's DeepKiss. This'll be a great time to show it off.



Like the Fairy, they give a little magical heart to the target, but something's a little off about it.



Hearts float out into the darkness, but the enemy acts like it's taking damage instead of jumping around. Let's not think of the dodgy connotations of that.



This does a fair bit of damage, and more importantly, it petrifies the target. Like CuteKiss, this is kinda risky, but it's well worth it.



Let's disable some other enemies as well...



And get a new dragon friend on our side. The two we have now are both Neutral, and that's the worst alignment for dragons since it locks them out of the two best dragon classes. We'll find a replacement for the Thunder dragon too one day.



Time to patch the new boy up so he doesn't get demolished by his former buddies.



And with another petrification and another kill, we're out of here!



This has been the ultimate filler battle so far. Denim doesn't even have anything interesting to say about it!



Not a whole lot to report.



Yes please!



Suddenly, we cut to a much stormier location.



Oh shit, that's where that Branta asshole is!



And here's the smug bastard himself. With so many Terror Knights surrounding him, you just know he's a bad guy!


Bacrum Knight: Yes, the Amorika troops are not the ones who took over Coritani Castle.

Branta: Then Ronway will be forced to send his troops to Coritani Castle. And most of those soldiers must come from Amorika. The leader will probably be the Hero of Griate. The only Knight who is capable of defeating him is Leonard.

Bacrum Knight: This is true...

Branta: Hmmm... I see... Take the three strongest battalions from Heigm.

Bacrum Knight: Yes, your highness.



Volac: I hope you remember the vow that you made to our lord.

Branta: ......

Volac: ...That you would not act in haste without the lord's permission.

Branta: A vow? Your lord said that the Dark Knights would back me until I became king... That was the vow you made to me! And you have yet to complete that vow! You do not have any right to enforce any vow that I made to you!

Volac: Calm down, your highness. There is a reason why we are not dealing with the troops from Amorika. Be patient.

Branta: I don't care! Go now and give my order, messenger!

Bacrum Knight: Yes, sir.

Volac: Are you making us your enemy, your highness?


Before we can get an answer for our Dark Knight friend, a new messenger approaches.




Soldier: Your highness, there is a messenger from the Amorika troops!

Branta: What!?



Ugh, you again. Ronway really doesn't have anyone but Vice and Leonard working for him I guess.




Vice: You're the Cardinal, right?

Volac: Don't just stand there! Protect the Cardinal!


Do you do this for all the messengers that come your way, or just the ones that look sunburned?




Vice: kill me before I can spit out the message that I was ordered to give!

Branta: You've got some nerve, kid... Now speak!


I guess that's reasonable cause for me to hate him.


Vice: I brought you some real good news.

Volac: I thought you were a messenger of the Amorika troops. Who are you?

Vice: Oh, I'm part of the Liberation Army, alright. Wait a sec, Cardinal... Can you get rid of this old fart? I'm not talking with this guy in here.

Branta: You're pretty funny, kid. I like that. Well, gramps, you heard the man! Make like a tree and get out of here!


After such incredible wit, Volac has no choice but to leave and wonder if maybe Lodis is making a mistake supporting this idiot.


Branta: Now, go ahead.

Vice: Well...



That's it for now. We'll be ready to finally finish our perpetual Gargastan-related problems when we come back.


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You know, not having to put up with Evil Vice is a really, really good incentive to murder a bunch of civilians however many months back.

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Branta: You're pretty funny, kid. I like that. Well, gramps, you heard the man! Make like a tree and get out of here!

Haha, whyyyyyyy. Also, having seen both of these guys' portraits — why the heck would he call Volac "gramps"? Why is everyone so pissy in this script??

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you sold ur dragon homie........... and then he was made into a sword............... then bought the sword.............................................................. thats fucked up op im calling PETA

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On 7/13/2019 at 5:38 AM, Parrhesia said:

You know, not having to put up with Evil Vice is a really, really good incentive to murder a bunch of civilians however many months back.

It comes with the perk of Good Vice being a good and chill dude, but the downside is Aloser dies and you have to put up with Zapan for longer. The War Crimes Life isn't easy.

On 7/13/2019 at 7:18 PM, Laura said:

you sold ur dragon homie........... and then he was made into a sword............... then bought the sword.............................................................. thats fucked up op im calling PETA

Can't believe cancel culture is coming for me all because of a little animal cruelty. So much for the tolerant left!

I probably won't have an update until a few more days from now. Had a bit of a family emergency to deal with (thankfully nothing serious in the end), so please bear with me while I sort my shit out lol.

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Alright, let's march to Brigantes and finally put an end to whatever stragglers Barbatos left behind.

Chapter 3 Brigantes Castle: Wings of Love



Not much left for us here. Let's deal with this Zaebos jerk so we can move on to bigger fish.



You can choose one of two battles to start your assault with. South Brigantes is an easier fight, but we're going West due to some special equipment I'd like to grab from it.



There's an obnoxious amount of water in this map, to the point where anyone who can't walk in or on water or fly over it is bound to be useless. Fortunately, we've got plenty of folks who can fly, plus I put Denim into the Ninja class and gave our special floaty boots to the Cleric so she can stay with the rest of the team. Sisteena and Aloser are just gonna have to struggle to keep up.



From the looks of things, this is more of a side entrance than the main one, which makes it funny that it's actually slightly better defended than the other way in.




Orgeu: You were the one who killed Zildor! I don't care about the Cardinal, but you will pay for Zildor's death!

Orgeu's got no patience for human concepts like "loyalty to one's liege", he's mad that we killed a forgettable boss he had a crush on and he's gonna make us pay for it.



That Gemini crossbow is gonna make this boy a real pain in the ass, and he's not the only one with one either! Getting across the water while all these people are pelting us with bolts and spells is a nightmare.



Before we get to that, though, note this one Hawkman with a weird looking club weapon. This is the Aqua hammer, our first Water-element weapon. It's a good upgrade over the Heavy hammers, and it grants resistance to Fire damage. It'll be nice for Denim, since I made him Water elemental, and will probably come in handy in an upcoming fight.



Canopus, oddly enough, has a little dialogue during this fight if he's present for it. This kind of thing's very common over in the PSP version, but such lines are rarer here. I don't know what "storm" he's talking about, though, since it's not raining or snowing or anything.



Ferrying everyone across the water is tedious and annoying, so we're gonna jump a bit to the part where most everyone's made it.



Our bow-users have the disadvantage of having to fire uphill, which makes it more likely they'll miss their shots, but at least a couple enemies are lurking around low enough to be damaged.



Not that they're gonna make it easy to score a kill or anything.



The last thing we need is someone getting Petrified right now, so the ugly chicken has to take a nap for the time being.



We might not have gotten that first Archer, but this other one wasn't lucky enough to get a chance to heal.



In addition to killing that one Archer, Andy's other purpose of attracting everyone's attention is fulfilled as well.



The Cockatrice does briefly wake up just long enough to give me a heart attack, but thankfully Canopus dodges.



I may have gotten our Gremlin friend a little too close to the action, but he's speedy enough to handle it, at least as far as non-magic users go.



I actually did nearly forget to give this girl the Grease boots. Boy would that have made this fight unbearable.



Since the Siren's easily the most dangerous foe here, I decide to send Canopus on a tactically-questionable assassination mission.



Oddly, this causes her to melee him and get punched to death for her efforts. Not the AI's brightest hour.



Since the Aqua hammer has been so generously delivered to us, I suppose now's a good time to grab it.



One weird club just for Denim.



I've had enough of all this water, now, so it's time for Orgeu to die.






A bit of cash in our already very full coffers, plus another nice crossbow for us.



Regardless of which entrance you take, they both lead to the same fight.



We need healers more than fliers this time around, though I brought some anyway. The Exorcist present in this fight makes undead a very bad choice, so Andy's sitting this one out.



Seems like we're always faced with a lot of friends whenever Zaebos is around.




Zaebos: I've been waiting for you. I finally understand why the Liberation Army is after you. You could never stain your hands with the blood of innocents... You just let other people do your dirty work and all you do is talk about peace and justice... People will eventually start to support you, just because you are not "dirty" like Ronway. But that will not last long. People will soon find out the truth about you.

The truth about... what, though? Denim actively fights in every battle and he didn't want the shit Ronway pulled, so I don't know what you meant by "let other people do your dirty work".



Enough of Zaebos's kind of confusing rants about nothing, let's take care of him once and for all.



We don't want this Terror Knight making everyone's attacks weaker, so let's take care of him first.



Denim is actually a tiny bit overleveled for this fight, which makes him both harder to hit and quite damaging.



At some point Heal+ seems to have gained even more range for our Cleric. The more healing the better.



These Knights just aren't all that impressive nowadays.



Our two favorite bowguys are so strong now that they kill the Wizards in one hit apiece. I also only make very tactically sound decisions and am not making an obvious mistake above.



These spear-wielding Amazons are kind of annoying, so let's permanently handle at least one problem.



Oh, that's not good. I'm sure we'll be able to heal him soon, though.



We've got a few other concerns to take care of anyway. May as well soak up all the experience we can-






Canopus decides to make his last words something really profound that he read in a fortune cookie once.



Our favorite birdboy is gone forever, into the great beyond. There's absolutely nothing we can do to see him again, just no wa-



Oh, right. Well, now's a good time to show that off!



Just select the dead person from a list of everyone that died this battle.



Then a pillar of light shines down and they're back! The spell only brings them to half health, but since it spawns them in what is probably the rear of the battle this shouldn't be too big a deal.



I'd rather not have to gather the MP to cast that again, though, so let's just end the fight now.




Zaebos: The traitors are in the castle... They are looking for their savior. They're not the only ones, though... The people of Valeria are also looking for their savior... Can you be their savior, you hypocrite? Only time will tell.

Denim: .........

I don't know where Zaebos gets off like he knows us. Denim sure is shaken up by people questioning literally anything he does, though.



The Wizards drop these massively-overkill MP-restoring items, while the boss drops his unique sword. It's a dragon-slayer, like the Fire sword, but doesn't have any other special properties aside from pretty good damage.



Denim meets with the supposed "traitors", who don't exactly look like a threatening bunch.




Gargastan Old Man: Thank you. You saved our lives. I thank you on behalf of our people. You are from Walsta, are you not? Why did you bother saving us, when you know full well that we are Gargastans? Especially, since I heard you were one of the members who participated in the Baramus massacre.

Denim: I don't expect you to believe this, but I am innocent. Yes, I was there when the massacre took place. But when I found out the true purpose of our plan...I decided to leave the Liberation Army. Then they made it seem that I was responsible for the massacre.

Gargastan Old Man: Hmm...

Denim: I finally realized who the real enemy is...you see, there wasn't any ethnic war between Walsta and Gargastan. The people in power have perpetuated the hatred between our people. The Cardinal and the Duke have been using us. The true enemy is not Gargastan, but the people who are controlling them.

Gargastan Old Man: But you are the leader of an organization. You too have power and authority... There may come a time when you may have to sacrifice your own beliefs just to achieve your goal. When you come face to face with that situation, what will you do?

Denim: I would rather die than travel down the same path as the Duke and the Cardinal.

Gargastan Old Man: ...You are young. Your words are coming from your youth. But, I believe in you.

Denim: Thank you.

It's kind of funny how this is the rare story that acknowledges racism as more than just "people are mean sometimes" or "both sides are equally bad" or whatever, but as an active attempt to divide lower-class people to stop them from challenging the folks in power. And all without making one of the races of people in your allegory into elves or furries or aliens or whatever!



Enough of me being ~political~ now, though. We've got a visitor.



Ugh, can't any place we visit stay liberated for ten minutes?


Denim: I see... Finally, the Liberation Army has made their move. I never thought that I would have to fight the Liberation Army, but things have changed. I will fight them to the very end. I will kill the Duke and finally bring peace to Valeria!


Welp, I guess we don't have much choice. Join in next time where we definitely go to Coritani to definitely fight the Liberation Army and don't get sidetracked at all whatsoever.


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Shortcut method to make a hate-able villain: give them an expression like Zaebos in their portrait, and have them say absolute nonsense that is totally the opposite of what the audience has seen.


It's kind of funny how this is the rare story that acknowledges racism as more than just "people are mean sometimes" or "both sides are equally bad" or whatever, but as an active attempt to divide lower-class people to stop them from challenging the folks in power. And all without making one of the races of people in your allegory into elves or furries or aliens or whatever!


This is quite good.

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Let's get to Coritani right now, with no pitstops or distractions along the way, and definitely deal with the folks we've been told to deal with immediately.

Chapter 3 Part Whatever: Death and Rebirth



Alright, everyone, let's go back to Coritani!



Oh fucking hell.



I swear these random encounters show up at the worst possible times.



Huh, never seen dialogue in a random battle, how strange.



And that's certainly a unique sprite. I'm starting to think this is some sort of actual story battle or something!



Whoever this old man is, he can certainly take care of himself.



Yeah, maybe if you'd open your eyes and look where you're going you would've spotted us a bit sooner.



See, Denim is great at noticing things for that very reason!




Mordiart: Griate! I never thought I'd bump into Denim! This will be the perfect place for your grave!

You certainly look like a trustworthy old man who definitely doesn't remind me of a certain necromancer from before.



Predictably, we gotta kill Nybbas Jr. here to end the fight, but there's a catch; we've also gotta defend the other old man from him and his gang of Ninjas.



The problem is these Ninjas are very fast, and so they usually go first, and they start much closer to their target than we do. Keeping the old dude alive basically requires murdering the boss as soon as possible, especially since he has NPC Syndrome and will either rush to his doom or stand in place and wait to be slaughtered.



He does an okay job at dodging their physical attacks, but he doesn't have any real way to protect himself from their magic, and he isn't gonna be patient enough to wait for a healer. Getting this battle over with fast is crucial.



Unfortunately, the best most of my characters can do right now is snipe whoever's closest to him. I could've prepared better for this fight, in hindsight, but ditching as much of everyone's gear as possible to boost their speed a bit.



The Faerie helps, of course, but she can only boost one unit at a time.



Fortunately, I did come prepared in another way. You remember me mentioning these orbs when Ramidos used one on us, right?



I've had two stashed away since at least Chapter 2, preparing for either this battle or an even more annoying one on the Neutral route, and now it's time to use them.



A creepy demon thing comes down and summons a black hole over the battle.



This does some pretty nice damage to almost everyone, though it unfortunately missed the boss.



Still, that at least gets one annoyance out of the way.



Let's try again, shall we?



Virtue-element damage is kinda rare, especially now, so Holy orbs are especially valuable.



This summons a goddess we hadn't seen yet and a bunch of light rays.



This one actually does hit the boss, thankfully.



Infuriated by our cheater orbs, Mordiart decides to make things a little worse for our new friend.



He then proceeds to attack and kill someone instead of sensibly running for safety. Not so good.



Fortunately, the boss moved right into range.



You ain't the first to call me that, babe. Gotta work on your snappy comebacks to being murdered.



He vanishes, as do all his little anime friends, but the scene ain't over just yet.




Man: Who are you?


I had honestly forgotten that I'd named the team Wrangler, so this was unexpectedly hilarious.




Man: Ah, so you are the young Hero of Griate. My name is Haborym Va... Haborym Vandam.

Denim: What are you doing here?

Haborym: I heard that you are fighting against the Dark Knights. I would like to join you.


I mean, they're literally called the Dark Knights. I'd want to fight them just based on that!



But yeah, I guess that would be a shallow motivation. I'm sure Haborym's got a more understandable one.






Denim's judging me hard for making fun of an old blind man earlier.


Haborym: I can't see but my skills with a sword are second to none. Will you let me join your troops? If I become a burden, you can abandon me.


There's no good reason to reject Haborym here, to be honest. I guess if you don't have space, but I'm sure you can kill whatever shitty Octopus or whatever's taking up his slot.



Let's get this Jedi cosplayer on our side.



Kind of a short, uneventful one, huh?



The best reward, aside from Haborym, is the boss's dropped spell, Petrify. It works similarly to Poison and Stun and such, but while those spells have pretty temporary or useless effects in addition to their unreliability, Petrify permanently turns a foe to stone, making its equally shaky hitrate a bit more acceptable. Haborym (and indeed, any trained Swordmaster) is easily the best candidate for this spell thanks to his good Dexterity, which makes it a lot more accurate, and lets him reliably shut foes down when he's not busy cutting them up.



Please and thank you!



Suddenly, we cut to Ronway and his favorite boy, along with some generics.




Ronway: I see... So Lans has agreed to our meeting...

Vice: Yes. The place will be at an old church in Rime. We can specify the date and time. ...He has also agreed that both of us will only take 3 guards.

Ronway: Good job, Vice. You have served your lord well.

Vice: Now, we don't have to worry about the Dark Knights and can now concentrate on the battle against Bacrum.


This random generic Knight dude has more fucking sense than like half the named villains.


Vice: What did you say? You pathetic piece of shi...! Are you saying that our plan won't work?

Ronway: Stop it, both of you! I understand everyone's concern. But I think we can trust them. All the Dark Knights want is our complete obedience. It doesn't matter if the tamed dog is Bacrum or Walsta. The strength of Gargastan's Army is not what it used to be. Therefore, Bacrum knows that they can't win. Their only choice would be to ally with us.

Vice: The Duke is right.



Ronway: Branta. Once we have achieved the power to rule over Valeria, it will be easy to get rid of the Dark Knights...

Man, I dunno. Aren't they like some vast empire that's pulled this shit a dozen times before or something? I guess a united Valeria would be strong too, though.



That's certainly suspicious, but with Vice being such a likable and trustworthy fellow, I'm sure it's nothing!


Ronway: Vice... I understand that you just got back, but will you bring another message to Lans? The date and time will be...



We're actually not done yet! I've got something else to show you. Wasn't intending to do it yet, but we have all the stuff together for it, so why not?



Before we start, let's get a random fight. This can also work in main story battles, but it'll be a lot easier if we're just dealing with some random dragons or whatever.



Here's the team. Notice both the Dragon Tamer, who's the Amazon I recruited a while back, and the Undead ring that Amanda has in her inventory.



Yeah, we'll get to that, but we have some shit to take care of first.



Suddenly, Denim turns on his own allies! What I'm about to show requires some casualties, and there's no penalty for making them self-inflicted casualties.



There we go!



Trust me, Amanda, you'll like what I have in store for you!



After she dies, an ominous symbol appears in the sky.



In a puff of pink smoke, she appears in her permanent new form. What a fashionable transition for a very unfashionable transformation!



Meet the Lich class. You get these by having a unit of any alignment and gender and with the right (fairly high) stats get into a battle with the Undead ring equipped, then die. This consumes the ring and brings them back as pretty much the ultimate spellcaster, at least as far as generic units are concerned. They can equip any spell from the four basic elements and the Bane element, and they've got phenomenal growths for Mentality, Intelligence and MP. Their other growths aren't amazing, but that's not such a big deal, and they have unusual resilience against most attacks despite their generally atrocious Vitality, though they're still best left in the backlines regardless. We'll be able to get more Undead rings later, but by then Liches won't be quite so uniquely powerful anymore, so getting a Lich early is a good deal.



Funnily enough, being turned into this undead abomination hasn't hurt her loyalty at all, whereas other forms of necromancy cause harsh loyalty penalties. Told you she'd love this!



Amanda's not the only one with a incredibly destiny involving a painful death, though!



Gucci remembered she has an appointment at her favorite salon, and she doesn't wanna be late.



That Salon was Heaven, and it gave her a great new look!



If you thought the requirements for Lich were a bit unorthodox, Angel Knights got them beat. They must specifically be both female and Lawful, and have high stats in nearly every area in order to qualify, and even then they might just plain die without transforming if you're unlucky, though at least resurrection is possible now so you can try again. They're worth the trouble, though, as what you get is a powerful and flexible flying unit with excellent combat potential and good support abilities, able to equip 1 Virtue spell and coming with two Song powers, with Calm Song damaging enemy MP while Sad Song heals undead characters. They've got excellent HP, Strength and Intelligence growths and fair growths in other areas, meaning they're good at pretty much anything you want to use them for, and they even get access to a powerful spell available later on that only a couple other characters can use. It took a fair amount of effort to get her this early, but she'll more than carry her weight.

Note that both of the above classes are unavailable to "special" characters, meaning characters with unique sprites and (usually) unique classes, basically. Oddly, characters with unique portraits but generic sprites can qualify if they've got the stats and alignment for these classes, though it counts as killing them for story purposes so I usually don't do that.



With the help of our new friends, let's get out of this dump once and for all.



Petrified enemies still need to be killed to proceed, annoyingly enough. They ain't getting free, just let me move on!



There we go!



We're actually done this time. We'll have fun plot stuff and a memorable duel ready for us when we finally march on Coritani!


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By reading this LP, I realized that I had a love/hate relationship with this game: I love the gameplay and the plot, but not only am I terrible at it, but I feel blueballed no matter path I take. And I prefer the Chaos one. I could never hope to pull the kind of moves you pulled. "And here's a lich that I casually create, and oh here's an angel."
Never liked the Law route, Chaos bro all the way, no matter how cheated I felt. Our bro Vyce is such a cool character no matter what imo. Even his edgy and edgiest form.

The concept of "Going against genocide makes you a chaotic element" and might, might not be the besy way, fascinate my ass, if you can understand the reference.

Somebody will have to explain to me how the hell can the world be in this state of constant grim war, when things like ghosts, huge ass dragons, necromancers, liches and angels exists everywhere but actually no not really. Surprise me no one created a Necrocracy, a Monstrocracy, of some crap.
And you never ever see those guys, let alone in charge ! Liches and angels are pretty much immortal so why...

Edited by B.Leu

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8 hours ago, B.Leu said:

I could never hope to pull the kind of moves you pulled. "And here's a lich that I casually create, and oh here's an angel."

Yeah, the Ogre games have some obscure class requirements, for sure. I don't think I saw even half of them without a guide.

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I heard that this game is very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics on the GBA. Wonder which one is better though, I didn't finish FFT and it's been on hold for a long time.

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On 7/25/2019 at 1:59 AM, B.Leu said:

 I could never hope to pull the kind of moves you pulled. "And here's a lich that I casually create, and oh here's an angel."

On 7/25/2019 at 10:27 AM, stk5 said:

Yeah, the Ogre games have some obscure class requirements, for sure. I don't think I saw even half of them without a guide.

If y'all think the classes are complicated here, just wait until the day I get to Ogre Battle 64.

On 7/25/2019 at 11:19 AM, Garlyle said:

I heard that this game is very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics on the GBA. Wonder which one is better though, I didn't finish FFT and it's been on hold for a long time.

For my money I've always preferred the Tactics Ogre series, aside from FFTA2, which is arguably the best of this particular "family" of Strategy RPGs imo. If you're interested in Tactics Ogre, though, I'd actually kinda recommend the PSP version over this one (even though I admit to preferring this one), if only for the QoL improvements and greatly improved script.

Three Houses ain't gonna slow me down a bit! Let's get to Coritani to liberate it yet again, and encounter an old friend who adds yet more evidence that strategy games are kind of a poor format for duels.

Chapter 3 Coritani Castle Redux: Irvine de Robespierre



Not much left to do but free this castle for the second time in a row.



It's once again a multi-part fight, though this time it's a bit more dramatic since it's our old allies and not some random villain we'd never heard of before.



The squad. Expect Haborym and our two undead buddies to be frequent participants from here on out.




Irvine: what the Duke has done for you? Men like you can never be a part of the revolution! I will kill you with the sword that the Duke bestowed upon me! This will be the day you die!

Boyo, your Duke has tried to have me assassinated multiple times at this point. I don't wanna be part of y'alls shitty revolution, and my revolution is much cooler anyway.



I forgot to get the "kill the leader" screenshot in there, but I'm sure y'all could've guessed that was the objective.



Before we get to that, though, we've got a new pal to look at! Black Dragons are the Chaos-themed equivalent to the White Dragons we've seen before, and they're mostly the same so I'm not gonna repeat myself too much. The main difference is that instead of keeping their "elemental" breaths, they get a new one, Toxic, which Charms enemies, making it about as useful as the Thunder/Water dragons breaths. The other difference is how hard they are to unlock as a class, requiring over 30 kills, which is tricky for a unit that's as slow as your average dragon. Like White Dragons, these eventually upgrade into a very strong new dragon, but they need to be Chaotic rather than Lawful to do so. We'll be picking this one up just so I don't have to fuss too much about recruiting its stronger form later.



Like the last Coritani Entrance fight, there's two groups of enemies, and one of them is better off ignored, so we'll be heading straight for the boss.



Now let's soften this new friend up...



And get rid of any annoying distractions...



Aw, dammit! Curse my poor positioning.



Well, there's another one over there, so I guess we're dealing with these folks after all!



I want Irvine out of my way for that, though, so I'm gonna beat him up a bit so he flees.



I don't know if I ever showed off the shish kebab effect that spears have. It's not super practical most of the time compared to just hitting from a space away, but it is fun.



Yes, get out of my hair so I can deal with all your other friends.



This isn't like the hardest battle around, despite having an abundance of bows everywhere, so it's not too hard to take folks out.



Some in more unconventional ways than others.



One evil dragon, just for us!



Press F for Irvine.



French is apparently a language in Valeria now. I get their revolution is half French Revolution and half Yugoslav Wars, but you could be a little more subtle about it.



He drops the Fire Sword that I've already shown off. I'm sure Haborym won't mind having two.



It's gonna take ages to get him the kills he needs for his promotion, but we'll manage.



On to a far more dramatic clash.



We're only gonna need Denim for this one. You can bring more people, but who doesn't love a good duel?




Denim: be here!!

Who could it be?



Why, it's our good old buddy(?) Leonard!




Leonard: Are you still keeping your hope alive? Why don't you give it up and come back to the Liberation Army? By defeating the Knight Zaebos, nobody would oppose you...

Denim: My purpose was not to fight Zaebos... You know who is responsible for all this death and destruction! I have no intention of joining the Liberation Army again. You shouldn't be with them either!

Leonard: There is a gap between ideals and the reality of war. Someone has to fill that gap.

Denim: Is that what you really want!? Are you satisfied with that!?

Leonard: It's too late for me friend, it is my destiny. The moment I met you, I was doomed to follow this path. If you are seeking the light, then I shall bury myself in the darkness and stain my hands with blood.

Man, Zaebos wishes he had such an interesting conversation before Denim killed him.



Seems like Leonard wants to do this the old-fashioned chivalrous way.



Notably, you can refuse him and have a much bigger battle. But the duel's honestly pretty easy if you prepare for it right, so there's not much reason to turn him down.




Denim: We shall finally see who is right and who is wrong!


Depending on how you've built Denim, this fight's either a pushover or a chore. It's no wonder they let you have a more traditional fight, really.



You gotta close to melee range as fast as possible to have an easy time of things. Leonard will absolutely pepper you with bolts if you let him get away with it.



Not ideal, but preferable to him smacking me again.



Even when you need to heal, try to stay close. The AI tends to do melee attacks when opponents are next to them even when they have the option not to.



Eventually, we whittle him down.




Leonard: ...You have become strong, Denim... Listen... the Duke and the Dark Knights are... about to sign a secret treaty...

Denim: What!?

Leonard: The Duke, he's... selling his... soul to... them... after he defeats Bacrum, he has no intention of getting rid of them... It was never... his intention... You were right, Denim... Tell your sister you were right... The Duke is...

Denim: Please, don't talk!

Leonard: ...Go to Rime, Denim. Stop... the... Duke... You will... lead us... to... the new... world... Ungh!

I guess that makes more sense than him thinking getting rid of a massive empire would be easy. Why do these Valerian leader types think trusting a group literally called "the Dark Knights" is a good idea, though?



It's a little hard to take a death scene seriously when this happens, to be honest. Maybe a more proper death animation would've been in order.



The Spark boots, like the Grease boots, allow us to walk over terrain that's normally impassable for most folks. In this case, it works for lava, a terrain type that's somewhat uncommon and that we haven't seen yet. Kinda niche, but useful.



We cut to us having a chat with an old man. Perhaps the same old man from before?




Denim: ...I have to avoid passing Amorika to get to Rime.

Old Man: Why don't you take a ship from Ashton, then?

Denim: No. I heard the Duke blockaded the shipping lanes to stop the guerillas.

Old Man: I see. Besides, taking a ship would not be the most subtle way to get there anyway... Then I guess we only have one choice.


Denim automatically knows what the old man means, and is shocked and appalled.


Old Man: Nope, crossing the Barnam Mountains that border Rime and Coritani is the only...

Denim: Cross the Barnam Mountains!? I never heard of any trail through those mountains!

Old Man: Actually, neither have I. Besides, it's our best chance of sneaking into Rime.

Denim: The soldiers in Rime won't be expecting us to come in from that route. They don't think anyone is that stupid!!


A lot of the dialogue in this game would make good reaction images, honestly.



Well, I guess that's that. We'll put those new shoes we stole off our friend's corpse to good use next time when we re-encounter our old pet-loving buddy from way back in Chapter 1.


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Straight-up giving the player the option of 'duel or conventional fight' was a really, really good idea. I wish the devs hadn't forgotten it when they were making FFT.

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Dare I ask about Ogre Battle 64 ? 😛
I remember the first time I saw each dragons, but especially this one. I was like 'I want that'.

I like how it's a freaking TERROR KNIGHT who is yelling at you about your so called betrayal.

Viva la revolucion is spanish, the french version is Vive la révolution you noob.

It's funny I don't remember that duel, I must have refused.

Edited by B.Leu

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On 7/27/2019 at 4:08 AM, Parrhesia said:

Straight-up giving the player the option of 'duel or conventional fight' was a really, really good idea. I wish the devs hadn't forgotten it when they were making FFT.

Certainly helps that this game also doesn't let you save yourself into an unwinnable situation the way FFT does. I know FFT has a lot of sloppy design like that, but you'd think the game that came first would be the one with these kinds of problems!

I don't think Vice's duels give you that choice, but then Vice is usually kind of a weak opponent.

On 7/29/2019 at 4:59 AM, B.Leu said:

Viva la revolucion is spanish, the french version is Vive la révolution you noob.

Hush, you

Three Houses slowed me down a lot, as it turns out. Go Black Eagles! Things have been a bit busy for me lately in general, actually, and I've only got a small-ish update ready. Sorry about that, I promise I'll rerail shit in a bit.

Chapter 3 Wyoburi Volcano: Ancestry.Lans



I suppose it's volcano time.



Like any level with obnoxious terrain, fliers are a must, plus a couple healers in case something goes wrong.



Among all the strangely blocky lava is a semi-familiar face.




Ganb: Hey, haven't we met before!? Well, what do you know! I never thought I would bump into you again. Belda and Obda, come! And this time, I have some new friends! Let me introduce you to them! Banga! Zanga! Come out!


In addition to his two old Gryphons, he's got a pair of Cockatrices tagging along. Unlike his last fight, the beasts are his only allies.




Ganb: but I will fight for the Cardinal until I die. This is my chance to avenge the Cardinal's death!


Despite the imposing enviroment, beating Ganb is almost as easy as before. Unlike last time, injuring his pets won't make him retreat, but it's not too hard to kill him before he gets a chance to do much.



For that purpose, folks who can fly or warp are essential. Denim has the fancy Spark shoes on, but he never gets a chance to use them.



Let's just cut to where we beat him up. We never even touched his pets.



You might wanna consider investing in some actual allies and not just a bunch of birds.



Just when you thought we were done with bosses teleporting away.



Since we didn't actually kill anyone, we don't get anything from the fight.



After that rousing bit of combat, though, it's time for some drama.



Kachua really did go all the way back to Griate, huh? That's some dedication to your self-imposed isolation.




Kachua: You are the only family I have left...






Voice: complete loner.


I took this a second too late to stop Lans from entering the screen and ruining the surprise.




Lans Tartare: Your mother died after giving birth to you. And your father died several months before the war erupted. You have no brother or no parents. You're the only one left in your family.

Kachua: What are you talking about!? I have a brother, Denim!

Lans Tartare: You already know that you are not the real child of Plancy Powell. You just assumed that the same goes for your brother. But you are mistaken. Plancy is your adopted father, but he is Denim's real father.

Kachua: Then who am I?


I'm fairly certain the game hasn't mentioned this name at any point before (outside of maybe the Warren Report?), so it doesn't really land with the dramatic weight I think the game wants it to. It'll reveal what it means in a second regardless.




Kachua: true.

Lans Tartare: You know it to be true... You know the Valerian King's family name was Overis.


Wow, this game's got twists on twists, doesn't it?



It starts raining right as Lans reveals the big twist. Since there's a spell you can cast in the game that makes storms happen, maybe he's got a Witch standing just off camera to make his proclamations more dramatic.




Lans Tartare: However, you are not the child of Queen Bernata, the wife of King Dolgare. There was a maid that worked for the Queen. Her name was Manafloa. Well, King Dolgare lusted after her. When the Queen conceived the Prince, Manafloa conceived you. The Queen wanted to protect her family line and exiled Manafloa. Your mother gave birth to you and died.

Kachua: This is a lie.

Lans Tartare: ...And guess who took care of you? It was Branta, the King of Bacrum. He gave you to his brother Plancy. He took advantage of the situation. The reason why Branta was able to become Cardinal was because of the fact that he had you.


Doesn't feel so good to have bombshells about your entire identity and family dropped on you all at once, huh, Kachua?


Lans Tartare: I can prove my story is true. Take a look at your necklace. Aren't there ancient words chiseled in? Since you studied to become a Priestess, read it.

Kachua: .........

Lans Tartare: Labon Bersalia Zan Von Destonia Lera Finan. Eternal love to my daughter Bersalia. That was the necklace King Dolgare gave you. Although, the King wasn't sure that you were alive. You and your mother were supposedly killed by the Queen.

Kachua: What do you want with me?


Some more Dark Knight friends wander in as Kachua sulks, but they don't do anything. I guess Lans never leaves home without at least two pals.




Lans Tartare: to Heigm. Plancy can tell you all of the details. Princess Kachua. This way please.


And off she goes, I guess.



Denim doesn't need to know about any of this drama yet, though, so we'll return to charge back into Rime and deal with the treacherous Duke soon.


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It might be a small mercy that he doesn't know it yet. Poor dude have way too much problem with his sis already. 😛

6 hours ago, Parrhesia said:

plancy powell.

Those names.
The PSP translation help, but still. 😄

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