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Japanese Special Edition Pre-Order Bonus?

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I have a question for anybody knowledgeable on Fire Emblem and Amazon in Japan.

It seems that there are two special editions available on Amazon Japan:

1. A regular Fodlan Collection
2. Fodlan Collection with "Original Panorama Colored Paper"

Does anybody happen to know what this Panorama looks like? If someone has a detailed image, I would be grateful.



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I've ordered from Amazon Japan a bunch of times and usually the bonuses are prints and stuff, but I've never heard of them giving away a Panorama kind of poster. For context, I buy CDs on Amazon JP of some idol franchises that I'm into and the prints that are included as bonuses are basically a small poster version of the album cover. But there's usually no extra cost to those kinds of bonuses.

If I had to take a good guess since I've seen this before, perhaps the Panorama bonus is another cover art skin that you can switch out with on the main special edition. That's the only thing that I can think of that would justify the price up. Unless the Panorama Coloured Paper is just a notably wide poster version of the art on the main box.

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