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Hold items not working

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I finally got to play PoR, and I'm using Dolphin to do it. I'm on chapter 20 right now, I've been dealing with this problem for most of the game, and... frankly, I need to know what's happening here. It's driving me bonkers.

I looked at FE Wiki to get a better idea of the effects of a few items I wasn't totally sure about (namely, the Full Guard and the Knight Ward). And according to the wiki, the Full Guard protects from weapon effectiveness, and the Knight Ward gives a stat/growth bonus to knights, cavaliers, and soldiers.

I've had the Knight Ward on Gatrie since I got it, and the Full Guard on Marcia since I got that. Neither of them have been working as intended. In fact, they haven't been doing anything at all.

When Astrid had the Knight Ward, the def/res boost was visible on her stat screen. It isn't visible on Gatrie and he hasn't leveled up speed once (and I got him all the way to level 20 and promoted him, his only speed boost was when he promoted). Marcia's had the Full Guard the whole time and she still took effective damage from an archer the one time I meant to try it out (although she survived since her defense is through the roof).

It doesn't bother me that much, and they're still good units, but... I was promised bonuses and I'm not getting them! Help!

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You probably don't have them equipped; items like those must be equipped for them to work.

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