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Guest Wolf

I tried a run where i reclassed instantly robin as myrmidon, and if you want my opinion, it wasnt that bad!

He is still a myrmidon, im planning on making him a sword master.

Tell me what you think!

(and maybe let him marry WHO and WHY)


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for a player phase murderer, swordmaster robin is just fine, the only thing Id think about is you lose the ability to really have 1-2 range weapons on robin anymore (barring the levin sword and stuff like that) but if you need a boss killer and your team lacks the single target damage that astra can provide, then go for it! Swordmasters are cool anyways, hell I beat this game back when I was a young lad who thought knights were the best things ever and reclassed everyone and thier child to a knight if they could.... the game was slow but I still enjoyed it.

But yeah robin swordmaster can fill a niche your team needs but he will suffer as a generalist in combat compared to a strategist who can use magic for 1-2 range, but if your team needs it its worth it still, and if you think its cool then go for it. 

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