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Colors of a Fighter

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Hello! I'm here to share something that I've been working on for a game idea/action comic that I have. I'm not the best writer, so I'd to get feedback. I'll make a feedback topic soon. With that said, hope you like it! ^^

Feedback topic is here


Colors of a Fighter Arc 1: Corrupted School


Premonition: Rebellion


   The students of the haven of crime and danger, Prisma High School, were all watching in awe as the fierce fight continued. In their minds, many of them thought, never would someone brave enough, but also strong enough would come to face the monster that ruled over this city. The individual that through sheer brute strength alone turned a normal city upside down, was actually struggling against someone. This seemingly untouchable being was actually dealing with someone who can truly put up a fight.

  This fierce ruler, which was thought to be unstoppable, was, oddly enough, a normal human man. Yes, this powerful being was actually nothing more than a mortal. In spite of this, this man has managed to not only take over an entire city, but also stomp anyone who tried to overthrow him, whether those rebels had great rally skills, high natural strength, or an extremely potent understanding of their natural power, they would always be effortlessly be defeated, sometimes slowly and cruelly, by this one man: Desmond.

  Now, this seemingly unstoppable force was fighting something that he had never thought he would struggle with: a young pigment user. What made Desmond infamous and feared is that though unknown means he was able to overpower even the strongest pigment users with little to no effort. In this instance, however, while not scaved, he struggles to even hit this one pigment user.

 “Hee hee! What’s wrong? Are going easy on me cause I’m a girl?” The pigment used taunted.

  The fierce spirited female pigment user was a young 14-year-old girl named Haizea. Ever since her arrival, the school, and to some extent the whole town, started to change for the better, to the disdain of Desmond. Her actions eventually lead up to her finally challenging the self-proclaimed ruler of the town.  Now all of the students watch as she does what many have tried to do, but failed.

  “Don’t get cocky, bitch!” Desmond scouled. “You haven’t even scratched me with those pathetic excuses for punches and kicks. You’re honestly weaker than any other pigment user that I’ve fought!”

  “Really? Then you’ve really let yourself get too comfortable. You haven’t even touched me. Haaaa!”

  Haizea strikes Desmond with her palm, hitting him in the chest, but he doesn’t respond in pain.

  “How are you even doing that? I put my heart into that last attack.”

  “Just know that if you keep hitting me with such bitch ass attacks, they’re not gonna amount to a damn thing. Eventually, you’ll suffer the same fate as all of the other weakasses that tried me.”

   Desmond swings at the girl with his arm, but she manages to dodge it with success.

  “You’re a slippery lil’ bitch, I’ll give you that. But bobbing and weaving won’t amount to crap if you can’t even hurt me!”

  As the two continued to fight, someone in the crowd started to move closer to the action. As this person walked closer, they held their hand in a hard clenched fist.

  “Wait, who’s there?!” Haizea said, looking behind her. Next thing she knew, her back was struck by blue electricity.


   Haizea fell to her knees from the attack.

  “Heh, looks like the tables have turned! Nice job, Wayne. I’ll handle the rest.”

 “W-Wayne. Why? I thought… you changed.”

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Chapter 1: A Girl with a Scarf


   In a remote city somewhere in the United States, a young girl was rushing to get somewhere. She was sprinting heavily, as if she was going to be late, her   long purple scarf dancing in the wind as she ran. While she was running, she ran across an old man and a adult woman talking. The two were talking about something that happened a while ago.

  “Hey did you hear about that last rebellion attempt?” The man asked.

  “Yeah, that poor soul,” the woman replied, “Thank god that she’s still alive. From what I’ve heard, others haven’t been so lucky.”

  “Not sure about all that, but the people that have failed to stop that super hoodlum have had their lives change for the worst. Even those who haven’t been seriously hurt have to deal with constant harassment from that scoundrel’s lackies. From what I’ve heard, the harassment is so bad that some have attempted to kill themselves.”

  Shocked, the woman places her hand over mouth. “O-Oh my. That’s possibly worse than straight up killing them. No one should have to constantly be harassed for trying to be a good person.”

  “Agreed. However, that terrible excuse of a human being relishes on that. I want to continue to hope that someone can actually stop that madman…”

   The elderly man stops mid sentence and lets out a very exhausted sigh. He sighed as if he had just finished running for hours straight and his lungs were working to their limit. It was a sigh of lost hope. A sigh that showed that the man had given up. After letting out this sigh, the man finally continued to speak.

  “...But, he just stomps out every attempt. Local authorities, high ranking authorities, charismatic rebels with great power, or even lone wolves with high confidence. Every one of them failed. Every. Single. One. Of all my years living, I knew that good intention didn’t always lead to good prevailing in the end, but it was always justified because most of the time good intention prevailed over bad intention. But this, this shows that I was wrong in believing in such a mundane thing. Sure, many stories have plots where good intentions win over bad intentions, but this is real life. In actuality, only those who go the path of darkness can prevail. The fact that our poor city is now a haven of crime and sin proves that. The only thing that I hope for now is-”

  “E-Excuse me?”

  The old man was cut off by an odd site. It was the young girl, running in place in front of him and the woman. Aside from her purple scarf, she was also wearing a white, short sleeved shirt, a red skirt, white fluffy socks that went up below her knees, and black tennis shoes. Her skin was a moderately dark brown, her eyes was a neon green, and her hair was grey and slicked up at the top but slicked down at the bottom. In spite of looking like she was in a hurry, she wore a very optimistic smile. The biggest thing that was off about her was the logo on her shirt. The logo was a diamond split into 3 different colored parts: red, blue, and yellow. After the girl got the attention of the man and woman, they both looked shocked, as if they saw someone spring back to life.

  “Um, young one,” The old man spoke, “That logo on your shirt, is that-”,

  “Yes sir! It’s a Prisma High School logo! It’s my first day!”

  The man’s eyes widely opened. He was in shock of how cheerful the young girl was. Her general body language took him off guard. She was full of energy, constantly moving without any sign of mental fatigue. Even her tone of voice was clear without any signs of strain or dragging. This girl’s behavior was such a shock to the man that he was speechless for a moment. After a few seconds, the man then spoke.

  “Sorry… about that. It’s just, you’re so happy and cheerful. Are you really that happy about going to… that school?”

  “Of course!” The girl said with a proud voice. “I’ve been mostly homeschooled for most of my life, so I can’t wait to actually make friends and other stuff! Not to rush, but I’m in a hurry. Can one of you tell me if I’m on the right track?”

  The old man, still looking shocked, then asked the girl another question.

  “Young one, I must ask: are you new to this city?”

  “Yes, sir. I came here only a few days ago.”

  “Ah, that explains it.” The man, nodding his head, then spoke in a very warning tone,

  “Listen, I’m not gonna sugar coat this. You need to go back where you came from. That school… This town… is-”

  Before finishing his statement, he is cut off by the woman, who puts her hand on his shoulder, giving him a stern look. The woman then says,

  “Just keep going straight, dear. You’re on the right track. The school is on the right of the community center. It’s a brick building.”

  “Okay. Thanks ma’am. By the way, mister, what did you mean by-”

  Before speaking, the old man looks at the woman, who is still wearing the stern look, and decides to stay quiet. The then woman says, speaking in place of the old man,

  “Don’t worry about it! He’s just trying to scare you. He always play little pranks on newcomers here. Pay no mind to it.”

  “Ah! Hee hee,” The girl said, chuckling, “At least he has a sense of humor, I guess. Thanks!”

  As the girl ran off, the man and the woman continued to talk.

  “Why did you stop me from warning her?” The old man asked.

  “Because, there wouldn’t be any point.” The woman stated. “She’s too far gone. Nothing you would’ve said would have changed her mind. You saw how happy she was.”

  “...You have a point. Still, the fact that her happiness may be crushed soon…” The man spoke, watching as the girl careless ran to school, “...I can’t help but feel some kind of regret. All I can do now… is pray that she realizes the trap she’s being lured to early on…”

  The happy girl continued to sprint across the sidewalk without any sign of tiring. While running, the girl waved at many people she came across. Whenever she ran pass those people, they would act very negatively.

  “Look at that dumb bitch!” One guy said.

  “Is she insane?” Someone else said.

  “Why? Just why?”

  “Looks like SOMEONE is new here.”

  “What the hell? Why is that girl so happy?”

  “I guess this town just broke here.”

  The girl never heard any of these remarks. She was completely blind at the fact that people were talking about her behind her back. She just continued to go about her business without a care in the world.

  After about 10 minutes of running, the girl reached a wide building with a playground on the left. On the shade roof were words that said ‘community center’.

  “Okay! The school should be at the right of this building!” The girl said, slowing down her pace to a casual walk, still wearing her enthusiasm on her face with a glowing smile.

  As she walked to the her destination, she slows down a little to check out the large community center. She looked in awe at the size of the building, thinking about what could be inside.

  “I’ve never been to a community center before,” The girl said to herself, “I should definitely go there after school! Maybe I make more friends there.”

   The girl continued to observe the large community center as she passes by it. She then passes by the playground, which had a large swing set with 5 swings, 2 large twin slides, a jungle gym, and other kid friendly play areas.

  “Not gonna lie, I’d love to swing on those swings! That slide looks like fun too!” The girl continued to admire the playground until she finally completely passes by the community center.

  After walking pass the community center, the girl finally makes a stop and examines the building besides it. The building, while slightly smaller than the community center, was still fairly big. There was no playground in site, but it did have a horseshoe driveway. It appeared to be a two story, red brick building, with a flat roof. In front of the horseshoe driveway was a brick sign in the ground. On top of the sign was the letters ‘Prisma High School’. The girl balds both of her hands in a fist in preparation of her first day.

  “Alright, Haizea,” The girl said, giving herself a pep talk, “It time to go in there, make friends, and get good grades. You’ve proven that you’re ready to go out in the real world, so go in that building and make Mother Haruna proud! This is your first step. Make it count!”

  The girl then punches the air and shouts, “Here I go!”

  Before the girl can walk down the horseshoe driveway, she is stopped by a rough voice calling her out.

  “Hey, girl!”

  The girl turns around to find the source of the voice. She finds the source is a what appears to be an older boy. He wore red, baggy jeans and red and green shoes. His shirt consisted of loud, warm colors. He wore green fingerless gloves. His hair was spiky and orange and his eyes were also orange. He had muscular features and his skin was a peach tone.

  “Ummmm, what is it?” The girl asked, confused.

  “What’s your deal?” The boy spoke. “You’re too damn happy. Haven’t you heard the rumors?”

  “Rumors? No…?”

  “Heh, I see,” The boy said, with a sinister grin on his face. “Well, go on ahead then. We’ll see each other reaaaaal soon.” The boy then walked down the horseshoe driveway. This cause Haizea to be confused.

  “...Isn’t those loud colors against the dress code?” She said to herself. “That guy must be new here, too. Would explain why he looks like tropical fruit punch. Ah well, maybe we’ll become friends!”

  In spite of the obviously rude interruption by the boy, Haizea still thought positively about the situation. She didn’t see some rude person, but a potential friend. Although she didn’t know his intentions, she knew hers were very clear. She wanted to experience normal school life. She wanted to make friends and experience new things, and she wasn’t gonna let something like a strange encounter stop her excitement. It was all minute to her.

  After finally reaching the doorway, Haizea stopped one more time. She took a deep breath, grabbed the door, and opened it.

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Chapter 2: Green and Yellow


  After opening the door, Haizea took a moment to look at her surroundings. She observed head on at the small, empty area in front of her. The floor was a greyish tile color and the ceiling was very high up. In front of her was a staircase that lead to next floor. To her left was a small door that lead to an office. To the left of that door were two blue chairs. To her right was a hallway that lead to many lockers and classrooms in the school. Currently, there wasn’t anyone in the small area. No students, teachers, or any other person.

  “Hmm. Where is everybody?” Haizea thought. She then reaches into her pocket and checks her cell phone. “Huh, I came way earlier that I thought. Still, there should be some people walking around.” After checking the time, she then turns her attention to the office door on her left.

  “Maybe that’s the principal’s office?” She said to herself. “I should probably go check and see. After all, I do have time to burn.” Making up her mind, Haizea casually walked toward the red door. Taking a deep breath, she grasps the handle and opens the door.

  When she enters the room, she is greeted with a surprising site. The office was filthy. The desks was covered with leftover carry out trays and fast food bags. The trash cans were filled with old garbage. The carpet was severely stained. To top it all off, there was an odd smell. It was a dank smell. It was like something was smoking.

  “Yikes,” Haizea said, covering her nose from the weird smell, “Looks like the janitor forgot to clean this place.”

  “Huh?! Who’s there?!”

  A voice came from the back of the dirty office. There was a door opened there.

  “Um, I’m a new student here,” Haizea responded. “My name is Haizea Haruna. Who am I speaking too?”

  “‘New student’?” The voice responded in a annoyed tone. “There’s no such thing as a ‘new student’ here! Stop joking around!”

  Haizea was surprised at the statement. Confused, she then asked, “Um what do mean? Has it been a while since a new student came to this school?”

  “Are you some type of prankster?!” The voice said angrily. “Everyone knows that no other person has ever even thought about coming to this town, let alone this hell hole of a so called ‘school’!”

  Haizea’s confusion continued to grow. This person sounded very serious about what they were talking about. No such thing as a new student? No other person coming to this town? What did all of this mean, she thought. After thinking for a short second, Haizea finally spoke.

  “You sound very serious,” She said, “So believe me when I say that I’m not some sort of prankster. I’m just a new student who moved here to come to this very school. It’s my first time actually going to a real school, so I don’t know what to expect.”

  The voice stopped for moment. Haizea looked forward at the door opening and waited for a reply, but there was nothing. Concerned, she decided to walk to the opening.

  “Look,” She said while getting closer to the doorway, “I even have the uniform like it stated in the dress code. It was so hard finding a shirt with this logo, but I mana-”

  When she gets closer to the doorway, she stops mid sentence and sees what may be the source of the voice. It was a girl, that looked around her age. She had short, straight, blond hair with green colored bangs. She was crouching, her arms around her knees. She looked like she was wearing a white shirt, but it didn’t have any sleeves. Haizea couldn’t make out any other details because of the way the girl was positioned. Haizea also noticed that the room was dark. There wasn’t any windows or electric lights. After making these observations quickly, Haizea finally spoke.

  “Um… Are you a student here?” Haizea asked.

  The girl finally turned her head, and looked at Haizea. Her clear eyes gave a powerful glare. Her skin was a light color. From her facial features, it appears that she was hurt. There were cuts on her cheek and the side of her neck. Her eye on the right appeared to have minor swelling. After giving Haizea a hard look, the girl opened her mouth and began to speak.

  “Student?” The girl said. “There are no ‘students’ here.”

  “Oh.” Haizea said. “Then, are you, what is called... Oh yeah! Are an office aid?”

  The room went silent for a bit. After a bit of silence, the blond girl gave a very annoyed look.

  “So… I take that as a no?” Haizea responded.

  “What are you, freaking stupid?!” The blond girl replied.

  “No. I’m just confused. You say students aren’t allowed here, so I came to the next conclusion. Isn’t that the obvious thing to do?”

  “...No, I’m not an office aid.”

  “Then… what are you?” Haizea said, running out of options as to what the girl could be. The girl, after first letting out of sign of annoyance, then stated to speak again.

  “You said you move here to come to this school, right?” The girl asked.

  “Yep.” Haizea stated. “Moved here like 3 days ago.”

  “...That’s explains it then.” The girl then gets up from her fetal position. Her legwear also consisted of a skirt, but hers was black. And she wore slide on shoes without any socks. Her shirt was sort of tattered. When she finally gets up, she dusts herself off and start to speak again.

  “Look, I’m gonna be very blunt about this. You need to-”

  “Go home?” Haizea said, cutting off the girl.

  “Uh… Yeah. This so called school, and this town is-”

  “Now who’s the one pranking who? An old man that I passed by tried pull that same trick!”

  The blond girl’s eye twitched. She then gave a very annoyed look and put her face in her hand.

  “How is warning you considered a tric… You know what? Yeah, I’m just pulling your leg! Yep, I’m definitely not trying to tell you something that will possibly save your life or anything!” The blond girl said with an obvious sarcastic tone accompanied by a fake smile.

  “Ha ha ha! Hee Hee Hee Hee!” Haizea laughed gleefully. “You’re funny! I like you. What’s your name?”

  The blond girl was taken aback by her statement.

  “How can someone be so damn clueless?” She said under her breath.

  “Soleil. My name is Soleil.” The blond girl said, introducing herself.


  “Nice to meet ya, Soleil! I hope we can be friends!” Haizea responded. She then held out her hand for a handshake. Soleil looked very confused. Like the many people that Haizea passed by, her excessive amount of spirit and optimism was very foreign. But, unlike those people, she didn’t react with negativity. Rather, she was just super confused. She didn’t know how to respond. Still bewildered by her positive glow, she slowly reached out her hand and grasped Haizea’s hand for the handshake. Haizea then vigorously shook Soleil’s hand.

  “H-Hey! Calm down with the hand shaking!” Soleil said. “You’re gonna break my wrist!”

  “Oops! Sorry.” Haizea said, letting go of Soleil’s hand and proceeding to rub the back of her head in embarrassment. “I’m just glad that I met someone else for the first time and did right.”

  Soleil gave a look that was a combination of confusion and annoyance.

  This girl… is something, Soleil thought to herself. I’ve never seen her before, so what she’s saying is probably true. Still, I don’t know what to believe. She’s just… too damn happy. So happy it can come across as forced. I should probably get away from her. Soleil thinks hard about what to do in this situation, but she is immediately cut off by the excited, dark brown bundle of enthusiasm speaking to her.

  “Soleeeeeeil? Are you there?”

  “Huh?! Oh… What is it?”

  “I don’t know if you’re student or not by what you said, but I have a hunch that you probably know this school. Am I on the money?”

  “Yeah. You can… say that.”

  “Great! Then, since we’re starting to get to know each other, can you show me to my homeroom? Maybe we can talk about our backgrounds, where we’re from, and other stuff on the way!”

  “Ummm… about that.” Soleil then proceeds to crouch back down on the floor. “There’s a reason I’m in this room.”

  “Yeah. Why are you in this room? It’s a pig sty! Not to mention this smell! Bleh!”

  Soleil chuckled a little at Haizea’s remark, then continued to speak.

  “Well, this may sound strange, but I’m in here… for safety.”

  “Safety? In this mess of a room?” Haizea then looked around again, then continued to speak.

  “I don’t know what you’re trying to stay safe from, but sitting like a stool in this room is not the way to go about it.”

  “Don’t try to lecture me when you don’t know anything!” Soleil quickly snapped at Haizea.

  “Woah, Woah!” Haizea responded. “I’m not trying to lecture you. Instead, I’m just giving you a suggestion.”

  “Why you give a suggestion for a problem that you know nothing about? What if your suggestion doesn’t solve the problem?”

  “I may not know the meat of the situation, but I know for a fact that staying here isn’t a viable option. There’s probably a haven of places you can go and hide that aren’t huge health risks like this place.”

“Huge health risks…? Why do you care about my health? You just met me.”

“So? Why does that matter? I just met you, but I like you, and you don’t seem mean.”

  Soleil was shocked at the statement. She came to the conclusion that Haizea isn’t some trickster, but her optimism still seemed too out of the ordinary. After giving give it some thought, she sprang up from the floor.

  “You know,” Soleil spoke, “You very different from other people I’ve dealt with, but in a good way. So, I’m gonna take your suggestion and find somewhere else to hide.”

  “Okay! I’m glad you feel that way about me.” Haizea grinned up to her ears after hearing Soleil’s positive remark.

  “Well, wherever you choose to hide, tell me so that we can meet up!” Haizea was about to leave Soleil, but then Soleil stopped her.

  “Wait,” Soleil said. “I still need to show you to your homeroom.”

  “But, what about your safety?”

  “I can risk it for a little bit. Besides, when will I ever get this chance to learn more about my new friend again?” Soleil said with a bright smile.

  Haizea smiled back and the proceeded to give Soleil a hug.

  “Thank you so much! You’re the best!”

  The two then leave the filthy, unnamed room, both wearing happy smiles.

  “Hmmm,” Soleil thought, “She’s… different in a good way. Never thought I’d meet someone actually giving a care in while. I’m still a bit skeptical about this, but who knows? Still, I should tell her about this town and school. Sure she may leave, but it’s better for her and her family than having their lives ruined by this town.”

  While the two proceeded to the hallway where the classrooms are, their presence is being surveyed by someone.

  “Well, look at that. Heh. I should go and introduce myself.”

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