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Fire Emblem Villains You Created!

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Post ideas of villains you have. I made a similar topic in march but due to low activity and me generally running out of ideas to keep it going it kinda died (or not I don't know what the deadline for dead forums is). So let me make this thread so we can share our ideas.

So here are some of my ideas:

Name: Katsuo

Class: Rogue Level: 17

HP: 40

ATK: 23

DEF: 17

SPD: 29

SKL: 26

RES: 15

LCK: 27

Bio: Katsuo, also called by "Alpha" and "Rogue King", is the leader of the Wolf Pack. He is the most successful and infamous rogue of his generation. Ruthless and devilishly handsome Katsuo is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Game Prescence: Katsuo is one of the three major antagonists of the first 11 chapters, not counting the prologues or possible paralogues, as he is fought in chapter 9. He is also one of your unit's archenemy as he killed and played with their mother when that unit was young. He and the other major antagonist of the first 11 chapters are also in numerous cutscences and often talked about in houses/villages you visit.

Context before you face him: Well the final three chapters of the "first arc" is where the neighboring country makes a surprise attack on your home country's capitals. So Katsuo is outside the castle guarding the reinforcements, you, from joining in the battle. So there are two goals, defeat the boss and arrive. You are allowed to bring your lord and the unit who hates Katsuo plus 11 other units.

Inventory: He has a Silver bow and a silver sword. He also has a droppable bullion (XL).


Locktouch: Opens any lock without need of a key.

Lucky 7: +20 Hit/Avoid for the first seven turns.


Now you can post away!

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Here's one of the major villains from my game, Sanctaea Chronicles.  Note that you first meet her unpromoted, but fight her later promoted.  I haven't come up with her boss stats yet, so here are her stats when you first meet her as an ally unit in Chapter 3:

Name: Glauce

Class: Pegasus Rider

Level: 10

HP: 25; Pow: 9; Skl: 10; Spd: 12; Lck: 6; Def: 5; Res: 10; Mov: 7; WLv: 6; Aid: 4

Skills: Effective Block (Conquest), Re-Move (Canto)

Inventory: Mythril Lance (Note: Mythril weapons are essentially Steel Slim weapons.)

To make a long story short, think Clarine and Narcian thrown into a blender with a bit of Clair.  She's more or less a villain version of the classic "little sister who is over-affectionate with her brother" trope that Fire Emblem loves so much.

(More details to follow)

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Here is another one of mine:

Name: Kamu

Class: Merc. (1st Fight)/Hero (2nd Fight) Level: 20(1)/17(2nd)

First Fight Stats:

HP: 44

ATK:  26

DEF: 21

SPD: 29

SKL: 25

RES: 14

LCK: 26

Bio: Kamu is a member of the Order, a grouo of elite generals in the attacking kingdom. As such he is quite powerful and honourable. He is quite popular with his men and the people, as his soldiers believe him to be a "true knight". This is shown in his first fight against the party members as in his defeat quote and generic boss quote he states that he is a equal fighter, purposely holding himself back as he isn't using his full power or even strongest weapons.

Game Prescence(1st Arc): Kamu is mainly talked about in nearby villages and talked about in hushed whispers inside the Wolf Pack in Chapter 9. However he is also in cutscences with both Katsuo and the third boss of the first arc, although mainly with Katsuo. As he spars with him and speak about the upcoming invasion. He also tries to rein in Katsuo to varying success.

Context before you face him: Kamu and his soldiers are in the first floor of the castle guarding the stairs to the second floor. The goal is to Arrive however Kamu is standing on the Arrive tile and won't move. You can bring your lord plus twelve other units.

Generic Boss Quote:

"As a knight and general of Reda, I will fight on equal terms. Prepare yourselves, for I am Kamu!"

Lord Quote:

"Are you the one I heard about? Well come then, I have been eagerly waiting for this duel. So come and fight me!"

Defeat Quote:

"I underestimated them... I guess father was right... I must return to Reda to bring the ill news..."

Inventory: He has a Temptests Blade and a droppable Master Seal.


Nihil: Negates any and all skills against this unit.

Daunt: Lowers Hit/Avoid by 20.

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