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A world map of The Last Promise

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I was in a mood to play The Last Promise again after having recently watched someone's LP of it, and that gave me an opportunity to maybe do some fleshing out.  TLP does not at all use a narrator to tell its story, and additionally the story is very "tell, don't show".  I finished playing The Road to Ruin not long ago, and its storytelling was more in line with the GBAFE games in that it has a narrator and a world map detailing the continent of Pandosia.  So that gave me the idea to try and create a world map of TLP's continent of Solum based on all the plot details and character dialogue.

And after having completed my playthrough of it, this is what I've come up with:

This is what I could make sense of based on what the game told me.  Everything seems to be in the correct places, and the routes the characters take seem accurate... hopefully.  Regardless, I hope I've made the setting look a little more lively.  Because sometimes, words alone aren't enough.

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