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What Fire Emblem game should I start with?

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FE7 (simply called Fire Emblem) for gba if you can emulate

the most complete FE title for beginners, imho

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What’s your experience with strategy games?

What systems do you own?

What made you interested in Fire Emblem in the first place?

And how did you find this community if you never even played Fire Emblem?

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My recommendations:

-Fire Emblem (FE7 for the GBA).                                        *This is kinda iffy because the tutorial is handholdy, up to you.

-Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones (FE8 for the GBA)

-Fire Emblem Awakening (FE13 for the 3ds)

-Fire Emblem Fates Birthright (ONLY BIRTHRIGHT, Conquest is not noob friendly and if you want to play Revelations you can, but that path is kinda gimmicky) (FE14 for the 3ds)

The last three are easily the best to enter into the franchise and if you need a little help you can grind in them.

If you want to play casual (without permadeth of your units) you should play Awakening or Fates: Birthright (there are other games with it but I think they are not good entry points).

PS: If you want to play with the basics of Fire Emblem (like the 1-2 of the franchise) you can play Shadow Dragon (FE11 for the DS).

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As for what FE games I would recommend, I'd go with one of these:

-Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

-Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

-Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

-Fire Emblem Awakening

Those first three are on the Wii U Virtual Console, while the last one is on the 3DS. And if you don't have a Wii U, you can always just emulate them pretty easily. They're all pretty easy to get into, so either one of them will be a good starting point. Although in regards to Awakening, prices for physical copies have gotten higher over the years, so if need be, you will probably have to buy it digital.

I would also recommend Path of Radiance as a first FE game if it wasn't so goddamn expensive.

As for games I don't recommend as your first FE game

-Any of the Japan only games


-Shadows of Valentia

-Radiant Dawn

A lot of the Japan only FE games, especially the ones from the Kaga era, aren't very newcomer friendly at all and can feel very outdated. I wouldn't recommend Fates as your first FE game (not even Birthright) because...it just honestly isn't a good Fire Emblem game imo (but that's a story for another day). And as much as I absolutely love Shadows of Valentia, I wouldn't recommend it as a first FE game either just because of how different it is from the rest of the series. I'd say play it after you complete say two or three FE games. Radiant Dawn is not only also very expensive like Path of Radiance, but it's also very hard, not to mention it's best played after having beaten Path of Radiance.

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Blazing Blade would be best for an entry point. Awakening might work, too, if you have a 3DS.

On the other hand, I would avoid playing these games first: 

-Any Japan only game, especially Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776 or Binding Blade (most of them are not newcomer friendly, and the three I singled out aren't good games imo)

-Sacred Stones (could work as a good entry point, but honestly, Sacred Stones just isn't a good game)

-Shadow Dragon (see above)

-Radiant Dawn (extremely hard compared to most other FE games)

-Shadows of Valentia (this one wouldn't be a good entry point because it's radically different from every other FE game)

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You really should have told us what systems you nave the ability to use so we could give better advice.

As to which I would recommend I started with Sacred Stones so it to me is a good starting point.  I do think Awakening is the most new player friendly and that is the one I would recommend first to new players.

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I'm tempted to warn everyone that responded to this topic for not pointing out that it's in the wrong place (via the Report button).  Y'all have been here long enough to know better than that.

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