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Funny/Cool Operation Names You've Seen In Videogames

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So I've been playing Rebel Inc. quite a bit over the past month. It's a challenging but fun game made by the same people that made Plauge Inc. Anyway, before you start each game, you have to pick an operation name from a random selection of words, and quite a number of the combinations are entertaining and/or awesome. I know that this isn't the only game to do this, and I'm curious if anyone else has something to share

As for the ones I've had in Rebel Inc:

Merciful Condor (Ironically, both the first time I beat Brutal difficulty, and the first time I rejected the peace treaty)

Capricious Onyx

Rolling Cobra

Powerful Oak (Took place on a steppe)

Might Oak

Garden Armadillo

Steel Palace

Loyal Saber

Noir Charity

Lightning Charity

Lightning Pike

Earthquake Knife

Spring Lotus

Earth Fir

Autumn Sycamore

Liquid Mutton 

Wind Ocean (Took place in a forest)

Victorious Ajax (The worst I've ever lost in the game. Brutal mode can be that difficult at times)

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