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Guest Chrone

Dolphin AR Support Codes?

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Guest Chrone

I'm using Dolphin and trying to set up supports a little late. Are there any codes that work with the emulator? It seems most of the codes meant for gamecube don't run on dolphin.

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Just posted below response to another topic, but here it is again.  Personally, I'm using Yune randomizer and plan on using the following myself:

80 weapon/item on IKE (should resolve money issues for forging etc)
9999 bonus XP  (once in a while as I like to carry all units, maybe for lague)
The 8 items at end, don't think I will use any other codes for my gameplay as randomizer can be customized to grant stats on level up.


Here are the working AR codes (tested on Dolphin 5.x) for US ISO (all but Paragorn works - personally I think Ike item 80 with XP bonus (Yune randomizer) should be enough).

The list compiled is from various web links on the net and then tested in the cheat manager of Dolphin. Looks like the item list is different on Dolphin 5.x then the AR codes found on the net.

To get 9999 bonus XP (infinite if cheat left on):
04330724 0000270F


Stats always increase (game breaking if not handled correctly):
00000000 840342CC
60000000 0008001E
00000000 840342E4
60000000 0008001E


Ike has 80 of every weapon/item use which is traded to him, exit trade, then re-trade (best to do this at base):

00000000 802B16B4
00000050 00080008


----- Item Codes ---

Sword Band 809357E0
Solider Band 80935828
Fighter Band 80935870
Paladin Band 80935948
Archer Band 809358B8
Pegasus Band 80935990
Knight Band 80935900
Thief Band 80935AB0
Mage Band 80935A20
Wyvern Band 809359D8
Priest Band 80935A68
Silver Card 80936098
Blue Gem 80936128
Red Gem 80936170
White Gem 809360E0
Knight Ward 80935EA0
Pure Water 80935F78
Dracoshield 80935CA8
Ashera Icon 80935C60
Spirit Dust 80935B88
secert Book 80935BD0
Seraph Robe 80935AF8
Speedwing 80935C18
Energy Drop 80935B40
Elixir 80935F30
Beorcguard 80935750
Laguzguard 80935708
Full Guard 80935798

Serenity IID_CALM 80936368    - lowers biorhytm effects
Tempest (IID_TEMPER) 80936320 - doubles biorhytm effects
Chest Key 80935E10
Adept 80936878
** Paragon IID_ELITE 809361B8 (Does not work, different from Paragon scroll which grants skill)
Miracle 80936518
Shade 80936638
Occult 80936248
Wrath 80936488
Vantage 809363F8
Guard 809367A0
Parity 809366C8
Counter 809367A0
Tempest 809366C8
Smite 80936710
Resolve 80936290    - increases Str/Skill/Speed when less than half

Shine 80935168
Wind 80934F70
Thunder 80934FB8
Light 80935120
Elfire 80934CE8
Elwind 80934E98
Elthunder 80935000
Blizzard 80934F70
Tornado 80934EE0
Thoron 80935048
Bolting 809350D8
Heal 809352D0
Silence 80935480
Physic 809353A8
Restore 80935438
Fortify 80935438
Ward 809356C0

steel Sword 80933788
Iron Blade 80933818
Steel Blade 80934AF0
Silver Blade 80933860
Killing Edge 809339C8
Longsword 80933AA0
Brave Axe 80934160
Laguzslayer 80933A58
Steel Bow 809344C0
Double Bow 80933AE8
Laguz Bow 80934628
Brave Bow 809345E0
LongBow 80934670
Amiti 80934940
Venin Edge 809338A8
Iron Axe 80933FF8
Steel Axe 80934088
Tomahawk 80934310
Urvan 80934430   (s type axe)
Slim Lance 80933C98
Iron Lance 80933C50
Steel Lance 80933CE0

--- Ike weapon slots IDs 1-4, then Item slot ID:  Usage <Slot_ID> <xxxxxxxx> - where xxxxxxxx is item number above --


--- To bind key for items to appear, insert <Slot_ID> <xxxxxxxx> where "..weapons/items inputs", check controller keys ---
Z+D-pad left
0A2EF408 00000011
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

Z+D-pad ?   (meh, forgot which this one was)
0A2EF408 00000012
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

R+D-pad right
8A2EF408 00000022
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

R+D-pad up
8A2EF408 00000028
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

0A2EF408 00000030
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

L+D-pad left
0A2EF408 00000041
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

L+D-pad right
8A2EF408 00000042
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

L+D-pad down
0A2EF408 00000044
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000

L+D-pad up
8A2EF408 00000048
..weapons/items inputs
00000000 40000000



Example, Give  IKE Urvan, Physic, Brave Bow, Occult, Adept, Vantage, Warth and Seraph Robe with key-bind of "R + pad Up":

8A2EF408 00000028
042B16B0 80934430
042B16B8 809353A8
042B16C0 809345E0
042B16C8 80936248
042B16D0 80936878
042B16D8 809363F8
042B16E0 80936488
042B16E8 80935AF8
00000000 40000000

In the above, First and last line refer to key binding of "R + pad UP"; 2nd-fifth line is first-fourth weapon slot; Lines 6-9 are first-fourth item slots.

Edited by shadowjoe

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