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I'll be honest; I made a Serene's Forest account initially to share my artwork with the FE community. Had trouble finding FE Fans on places like Deviantart, so here I am. c: That said, enjoy! c: Only got Corrin stuff at the moment but rest assured I'll be doing more Fire Emblem Fanart -as time allows!

My current project: WIP running Dragon!Corrin animation cycle

I doubt their poor knuckles can support their form's full weight in a full-out gallop, and their legs don't have the right anatomy to incorporate gorilla/chimp movements (which would make running with knuckles look more plausible). But then again this is a creature that does not have any visible scapula or armpit. So I gave up and threw all logic out the window. 100% horse gallop it is.


dd4ndkk-34f0aee6-ffd8-4d0a-8fd5-963f9cafCorrin by Reybon


Male!Corrin sketch




Edited by Reybon

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Wow, this is nice! Both sketches are good and the animation is real smooth!

I guess that’s just how things are gonna work with that gallop. Still, though...

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