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So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who.

All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are:

-2 separate Awakening timelines

-2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines

-1 Smash World that brings them together.

This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below.


1. Male Robin is named Robin, while Female Robin is named Reflet.

2. Male Corrin is named Kamui, while Female Corrin is named Corrin.

3. The children units from Fates do not come from this universe’s Deeprealms. They come from fallen timelines that did use Deeprealms that have been taken over by Anankos (inspired by Heirs of Fate). They were rescued by Master Hand and Crazy Hand before the events of World of Light began (2 months prior).

4. There are 5 years in between the end of Awakening and the beginning of the 5th Smash era (referring to Ultimate).

5. There are 6 months in between the end of Fates Revelation and the 5th era.

6. Originally, the Corrins of Smash were picked up while they were making their big decision on which path to take (like in the trailer for them in 4). However, that was Crazy Hand’s decision. It was ultimately decided that, for next era, the Corrins had to have completed their journey before they could get into Smash. So, they sent the previous two back to their timelines (and reset them back to the way they were through Galeem’s help) and brought the current two in from Revelation timelines (they had finished their journey for 6 months up to that point). So yeah. Viridi was given the privilege of choosing them. She chose the timelines that did not mess with the nature of raising a child.

7. The Owain, Inigo, and Severa from Reflet’s world are the Odin, Laslow, and Selena of Corrin’s world. The trios from Robin’s and Kamui’s are not related.

Anyways, the pairings:

Awakening: Robin timeline


Chrom x Sumia

Robin x Tiki

Frederick x Panne

Virion x Cordelia

Vaike x Lissa

Stahl x Sully

Lon’qu x Cherche

Ricken x Olivia

Gaius x Maribelle

Libra x Miriel

Henry x Tharja

Donnel x Nowi

Owain x Morgan (F)

Inigo x Severa

Brady x Noire

Gerome x Cynthia

Yarne x Nah

Laurent x Lucina

Awakening: Reflet Timeline


Chrom x Maribelle

Frederick x Cherche

Virion x Olivia

Vaike x Sully

Stahl x Reflet

Kellam x Miriel

Lon’qu x Panne

Ricken x Nowi

Gaius x Sumia

Gregor x Cordelia

Libra x Tharja

Henry x Lissa

Brady x Cynthia

Gerome x Kjelle

Morgan (M) x Lucina (No regrets here)

Yarne x Noire

Laurent x Nah (A necessary evil)

Again, Owain, Inigo, and Severa are Odin, Laslow, and Selena in Corrin’s world.

Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline


Jakob x Kagero

Kaze x Camilla

Silas x Corrin

Ryoma x Rinkah

Takumi x Oboro

Saizo x Orochi

Azama x Setsuna

Hinata x Peri

Subaki x Hinoka

Hayato x Hana

Kaden x Mozu

Xander x Charlotte

Leo x Sakura

Laslow x Azura

Odin x Elise

Niles x Nyx

Arthur x Effie

Benny x Beruka

Keaton x Selena

Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline


Kamui x Flora

Jakob x Azura

Kaze x Rinkah

Silas x Mozu

Ryoma x Orochi

Takumi x Hana

Saizo x Beruka

Azama x Effie

Hinata x Kagero

Subaki x Nyx

Hayato x Sakura

Kaden x Charlotte

Xander x Hinoka

Leo x Felicia

Laslow x Peri

Odin x Selena

Niles x Camilla

Arthur x Setsuna

Benny x Oboro

Keaton x Elise

If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.

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