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Basically, take a song that lacks a remix in Ultimate (or is not in Ultimate at all), and give it one. Posters can do up to 5 per post. I’ll start with some Touhou tracks because why not, I have brought up some Touhou in Smash stuff as of late. Maybe even a composer if you can.

-Maiden’s Capriccio (Reimu’s theme)

Kind of just want a remastered version, utilizing the piano and some Japanese instruments, too. And since this is a remix, maybe even add in a piano solo towards the end of the loop.

-Love-Colored Master Spark (Marisa’s theme)

Same treatment as M’sC. I thought of the composition using the same instruments as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s “A Stranger I Remain”. Some techno there, more rhythmic electric guitar here, dominated by violins. And maybe an extra little part in the latter half of the loop.

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Target Smash! from Brawl (make it a little slower, but with more of a hype rhythm to replace the lost tempo)

Magnus' Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising (add an electric guitar, make the tempo a little faster (except 0:55 - 1:30, lay on the trumpet/saxophone duo there), and add a bit of the base game's Ring of Chaos themes in a couple places)

K.K. Cruisin' from Animal Crossing (make a remix like Mesmonium's, but with SSB's touch. I'd recommend full-on jazz, like the sweet love-child of P5's Beneath the Mask and MK8's Dolphin Shoals)

25m Theme from Donkey Kong (I know that classics are a treat, and it is catchy, but you could do a lot better than 5 notes played over and over)

Hades' Infernal Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising (add in the fucking church bells and godly, unnerving praises, because Hades deserves a lot more than he's gotten from Nintendo. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Hades was one of the remaining DLC characters, they're crazy like that)

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On 4/24/2019 at 7:52 AM, Perkilator said:

Omen/Twilight of the Gods

Basically a mix of FE15’s main theme and final boss theme.

Somebody with musical talent please make this.

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