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(Solved) [FE7] Trouble with village tile changes

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Hi folks.

I've been having the hardest time getting village tile changes to work for approximately an eternity now. I'm using Tiled and Tiled Map Inserter, and I've been following Nintenlord's tutorial to a tee. Still, the game refuses to use a different tile change for visiting and destroying a village, as shown:


Here's my tile setup:


I know the destroyed tiles are supposed to be on top and have a lower ID, which I've done. I tried putting the closed layer on top, which results in the game using that one for both events instead:


I've triple checked that neither of the IDs are already used in the chapter (I've tried different IDs too), I've tried shuffling the 3 layers around with every possible order, but no dice. At this point I'm well and truly out of ideas  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




A single hour after I post this and a random idea that ends up being the solution crosses my mind. I guess the game doesn't like that I used the entire 3x3 village for the closed tile change. Just the gate by itself is what it's looking for. The more you knoooooow

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I think Villages being destroyed require the brigands to be in the middle. Markyjoe made a good tutorial on it in FEBuilder so you should check it out

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@This boi uses Nino Thanks for the response! It's true that the destroy event is on the middle tile, but the brigand stays on the bottom tile when it activates for some reason. I dunno why, it's a weird case that one. The event's activating just fine, though. It's just the tile change that's misbehaving.

Thanks for the reference, I'll check out that tutorial. I've never used FeBuilder (I'm a hipster) but there could be something worth noting there.


FYI for any future viewers to this topic: If I haven't labelled the topic as solved then I'm still having no luck.

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