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Favorite Boss Fight?

Sub Zero

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So, I haven't seen this topic around recently and I'm surprised, it's a pretty generic topic..whatever it's here now.

What's your favorite Boss Fight in all of gaming? My personal favorite is Skorge from Gears of War 2. Purely because of the chainsaw battles, riding on a reaver and the room you fight in during the first stage of the Skorge fight, it looks amazing. Another reason I adore Gears 2.

download (8).jpeg

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Hm... This is tricky. There are so many boss fights, and quite a few good ones. Plus, I just bought Shadow of the Colossus two days ago and I'm playing it for the very first time.

Personal favourite... The one that pops to mind immediately is the fight with Ganondorf at the end of The Wind Waker, but I feel like I'm forgetting another one that I really enjoyed. 

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I also have many, many boss battles I absolutely love and it's hard to pin down one absolute favourite. So, for the sake of it, I'm going to list a few that qualify. I'll try to make this list as spoiler-free as possible to not ruin the fun for anyone who wants to play the games I'm listing off.

Hypnos (7th Dragon III Code:VFD) - The most emotional of the True Dragon fights in this game and in my opinion the best (and hardest) boss this game has to offer. Hypnos is really strong and can easily obliterate you if you aren't prepared and the status effects this boss throws at you are nothing to sneeze at, either, which keeps the battle interesting. The main reason I love this boss so much is its otherworldly design, the story surrounding it (which I can't go into too much detail because spoilers), and of course this freaking battle theme.

Moon Queen Malvasia (Nights of Azure 2 - Bride of the New Moon) - It's not really a spoiler that she's the final boss since the entire game pretty much builds up to her being that. What DOES fall into spoiler category is her backstory, which is a large part of why I think Malvasia is one of the best video game villains yet. The battle itself is brutal, even for this game's standard. It has three phases and each one is tougher than the last. The second and third phases are especially tough, since she summons death lasers (she's invincible while doing this) and disembodied arms wielding a multitude of weapons to fight you. What makes this fight tough is the fact that neither Aluche (NoA2's protagonist) nor any of her friends have any sort of healing skills, which means you need to rely on the chocolate (yes, chocolate) that randomly drops from the destructible pillars around the arena to keep your health up. A fantastic boss fight to top off an already fantastic game. And, of course, it comes with its own set of amazing battle themes, with the one accompanying the last phase being one of my absolute favourites.

(I think I have a thing for vocalized boss themes. Huh.)

Colossus #4 (Shadow of the Colossus) - Speaking of Boss Rush, the fantastic, artsy game, the fourth Colossus left the biggest impression on me out of all of them. I can't say much else, since I'd be spoiling what this boss is (which is half the fun of playing this game for the first time). The fourth and tenth Colossi would both qualify for this list, actually, but I'm picking the fourth since I like the creatures it was based on. People who played it will know which one I'm talking about, I'm sure.

Honorable mentions for favourite bosses go to:
The final boss of Stella Glow
Luke vs. Asch (Tales of Vesperia)
The final boss of the Story Mode of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight
Seraph (Shin Megami Tensei IV)
Kamoshida (Persona 5)
ONLY CLICK THE SPOILER IF YOU PLAYED NIGHTS OF AZURE AND THE SEQUEL (or if you are curious but have no desire to play either game):


Arnice (Nights of Azure 2)
Christophorus (Nights of Azure)


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Manus, Father of the Abyss from Dark Souls in terms of non-final bosses. The fight is pretty hard (unsurprisingly given the series it's from), but it's an actually fun type of hard, and the lore around him is pretty interesting. The atmosphere is pretty great too, because your fighting him in a place that's been pretty heavily corrupted by the abyss, and if you win it's just really satisfying knowing that you succeeded where a hero as legendary as Artorias failed.

Another non-final boss that I really like is the fight against Omega's initial form (third fight of Alphascape) from Final Fantasy XIV thanks to the mechanics being fun and the music being one of the best boss themes in the entire series.

In terms of final bosses, it's a bit harder to pinpoint because there's a lot of final bosses that I love but it's probably the final boss of Mother 3 because of the pure amount of emotion in the fight. It's not really much of a fight because all you can really do is guard, but it's still a "fight" I really like, even if it is one that I likely won't be able to bring myself to do ever again.

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"Early 90s RPG bosses" - I like these because these games put restrictions on the player that few other games do.. extremely limited MP (sometimes there are no MP restore items at all) limited inventory space, and above all, only having 9-15 turns of healing (and a heavy burden hoarding it all the way to the boss in the first place) against bosses whose AI tends to do party wide damage every turn. The mid game ones can even show up before you have an AOE heal.They create a tense damage race situation that even the hardest modern RPGs and new game + post game content don't really compare with.

Lashiec - Phantasy Star 4

Profound Darkness - Phantasy Star 4

Baramos Dragon Quest 3

Zoma - Dragon Quest 3

Magnate- Final Fantasy Legend 2

Julius - Final Fantasy Adventure

"Spectacle Bosses" - Bosses I loved to pieces when I was younger and would reload the last save (etc) to refight them and see the ending over and over again.

Gannondorf - Ocarina of Time

Raphael the Raven - Yoshi's Island

Scwhang Schwing - MDK2

General Corrosive - Metal Arms

Alien Brain - Metal Slug 3

Lavos - Chrono Trigger

Bowser - Paper Mario 64

Andross - Starfox 64

The Super Titan - Colony Wars

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Malos (Torna ~ The Golden Country): It's only fitting that my favorite Xeno villain also has my favorite Xeno final boss fight. Now, you actually fight Malos twice in this game but in this one, i'm specifically referring to the final fight, which is divided into two phases. The first phase is pretty standard and it plays like most Xenoblade fights. The second phase spices things up and makes it my favorite final boss fight in all of Xeno. During the second phase, Chain Attacks are replaced by Siren Arts, which makes for a grand spectacle. Whenever the party gauge fills up, you'll be allowed to use Siren (one of the mechs in the game) for a powerful attack. What makes the fight better is that Malos has his own party gauge and he can use his own Siren Arts. The goal of the second phase is to use your Siren Arts before Malos does because doing so resets Malos' Party Gauge and prevents him from using his own Siren Arts for a while. In addition, it buffs the attack power of your party. And likewise, Malos can do the same to you (and he probably will). If Malos lets rip a Siren Art, your Party Gauge is reset, preventing you from using Siren Arts for a bit while Malos gets buffs to his attack power. 

While the first phase isn't as good as the second phase of the fight, i do have to give the first phase props for having one of my favorite battle themes play: Over Despair and Animus. The second phase uses the final boss theme from Xenoblade 2 but while it's good, Over Despair and Animus is just leagues better.

Copen (Azure Striker Gunvolt 2): Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 actually has two final bosses: Copen for the Gunvolt route and Gunvolt for the Copen route. The Gunvolt final boss fight kinda sucks because you can just cheese it with Copen's hydro lasers. But when Copen is the final boss, oh boy, that fight is tough, and it gets even tougher if you're going for S-Rank. Copen has a whole arsenal of abilities he can throw at you and they're all so different that you really have to pay attention. In addition, during the second phase (first phase ends so quickly), Copen has Anthem on his side. That ability that helped you all this time and in the previous game? The one that makes awesome techno J-POP play while making you practically unstoppable? Yeah, now it's being used against you (same thing happens in the Copen route; Gunvolt uses Anthem against you but again, even Anthem can't stop his water weakness). Also the song that actually plays during this fight is amazing and we'll never get a full version of it and that makes me sad. You need all the reflexes to make it through the fight while having a good score (if you don't care about score, just spam Prevasion and cheese the whole fight but that isn't fun).

There are more bosses i like but these two have always stood out to me. I will, however, have some honorable mentions.

  • Omega Metempsychosis (Xenosaga Episode III)
  • Jin (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
  • Id (Xenogears)
  • Ordine (Trails of Cold Steel)
  • Vermilion Apocalypse (Trails of Cold Steel 2)
  • Dark CPU boss battles (Megadimension Neptunia VII)
  • Ghibril (Azure Striker Gunvolt 2)
  • Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy/2)
  • Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time)
  • Tabuu (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
  • Hades (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Dark Pit (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Selveria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles) (I actually think this fight (more of a map really) isn't that good but it's hilarious because of how easy it is to cheese which is why i'm putting it here)
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The dalamadur from Monster Hunter 4 ultimate cause holy shit what an adrenaline rush. What makes this elder dragon so much fun is the fact that it has three different "phases" it switches between throughout the fight. In each phase it will shift it's body to a different position on the map and depending on it's position you and your hunting team have to do different things. In phase one it coils it's body around the central pillar. You can either climb up it's back and break it's scales or jump on its head or go the other side of the map to try and lob off it's tail. In phase two it'll move to a secondary pillar where you have to climb up and break it's claw. Phase 3 has most of it's body on the large rock platform where you can strike the main body with bombs and such as fire balls rain from the sky. Occasionally the dalamadur will also shoot a one shot kill laser or bite that covers the entire map. It's fights like these that make me love monster hunter. It tests your abilities of the game's mechanics in such an engaging way 

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I'm not sure how many final boss fights I truly find to be better compared to some "normal" bosses, but often story/music/set piece makes up for it, so we might see a large selection of them.


- All of Shadow of the Colossus. These ones I enjoyed from a gameplay perspective as well.

- Final Darth Malak fight in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

- All Face battles in Xenoblade Chronicles

- Zu Pharg from Xenoblade Chronicles X. Having the fight slowly move across the continent was really cool

- Girahim (as well as The Imprisoned, fight me) from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

- Cragma to some extent, but especially all fights with Malladus (including the Demon Train itself!) in TLoZ: Spirit Tracks

- Too many to list from Kid Icarus: Uprising

- Bosses from Etrian Odyssey are all pretty good, but I'm partial to Heavenbringer from EO4 (it also has a dose of nightmare fuel when you expose its weakness.... ugh)

- Metroid bosses are fantastic overall. Prime trilogy has the standouts. Other M has really fun bosses too (except for the final "boss fight")

- Most Castlevania bosses from Igarashi. Shout-out to Dracula himself in Order Of Ecclesia, the one time he doesn't pull a One-Winged Angel on us and just decides to get physical. Really fun and challenging.

- Ivory King from Dark Souls II. Play your cards rights, and you have the one and only actual battle (multiple fighters on either side) within a Dark Souls boss fight.

- Molag Bal from The Elder Scrolls: Online. The whole lead up to the fight while souped up on divine energy makes it very memorable indeed.


I'm sure there are others I like as well, I just can't think of them at the moment.

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Luca Blight:  i am yemptes to just leave the quote. This baytle is leggendary and is the main reason why Luca is so admired as Villain compared to the many baddies whit a similar motivation(for example i consider Ashnard Luca, but worse and with a dragon). It combine very well story and gameplay to make you ubderstand how much of a crazy berserker Luca is. My only nitpick is that the game climax at that point, and the following bosses are not as impactfull.

SPOILER Live a Live bad ending battle: i doubt anyone would know this game, is a lesser know SNES JRPG that never had an official translation. Is a very creative and unique game and i prefer to bot spoil it, but if you trigger the bad ending, there is a great battle that is both awesome and emotional. Definitely the best part of that game(togheter with the climax that lead into it).

Ellandar and Argoniel(Tales of Maj'eyal): This battle is exactly how a roguelike should end. Long, exausting, brutal, but fair as long as you know how to handle it, and if you die so close to the finish line you more often than not deserved this. The first time i understimated tge portal and was flooded by minions after a bit. The result was a 2 hour long war of atrition as i desperatly tried to endure one more round untill i won. I have never been so satisfacted to beat a boss before. Too bad you cant steal their bodies with the possesor for the endgame content...

I was on the fence between them and the master, the climatic boss if the first arc, but ultimately the optimal not cheesy way if dealing with him involve some RNG, wich makes him slightly worse imo.


There are definitely more, but those were the first that cames to mind.

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Champion Blue (Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow): Always the one boss fight that stood out to me ever since I was a kid. Its the final fight for the title of Pokémon Champion against that smug guy who mocks you and always seems to be one step ahead and when you beat for the last time you finally put a dent in his pride which is just so satisfying.

Doopliss (Paper Mario: 1000 Year Door) since you are basically fighting yourself and your own team members.

Blind the Thief (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) because you spend half of the dungeon escorting the boss to the dungeon and he is actually a challenging especially if you enter his dungeon early.

Boom Boom (Super Mario Bros 3) Easiest boss ever. Seriously, he dies from three fireballs and it amuses me every time.

Draygon (Super Metroid) due to the alternative method of defeating the boss.

Shadow Mitsuo (Persona 4) Interesting boss concept with tons of references to older Shin Megami Tensei games and classic RPGs. Even the music got remixed in Golden to sound more retro.

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Yoshi's Island Final Boss - Giant Baby Bowser

That guy... I will never forget him. The Epic Stage, the semi-3D battle, the falling rocks destroying the stage, and...


was a wild battle for sure.



The Enforcer Battle - Trails in the Sky the 3rd

This battle was such an epic boss fight. fighting 3 Enforcers at once while you can have 1 at your side. The Character interaction before the battle depending on your Party. ''Maybe it was fated'' playing. It has everything you could ask from a Boss battle.

When i was playing through SC, i always wished to fight all of them together. 3rd fullfilled that wish

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