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FE7 Reverse Recruitment

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The old patch by Paper Blade had a couple of problems such as crashing upon promotion in the preparations screen, Athos glitching out after promotion, and just being kind of ugly.  So I went ahead and made a new patch.  Unlike the old one, which just uses Hector Mode order, this starts with Lyn Mode order then Hector Mode.  Characters that appear in Lyn Mode only have their first appearance counted.

Here is the changelog.

Here is the patch.

Here is the patch with x3 effectiveness the superior version

Let me know of any errors.

THERE IS NO FORCED PROMOTION.  The lords promote with either their normal promotion item or the Heaven Seal, with the exception of Athos who only uses the Heaven Seal.  Hector uses a knight crest.  Although it may seem like the game breaks when it just lingers on the map sprites after where the forced promotion should be, it eventually progresses onto the next chapter.  Just use speed up or wait for it to happen.

Going Hector Mode is recommended because you get a dancer in it and it was the mode that was play tested.  All modes are unlockable from the start.

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You know, I was a bit on the fence about this patch before playing it but after seeing that Athos had all of Lyn's lines I was sold.

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