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SnowyGlacier's Clay Studio

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Yeah... So I like making stuff out of clay, doodling, and while I don't have much time to do it right now I thought it would be cool to put some of my stuff here.

Potato-quality images :P

My Pokemon XY Trainer - practice sculpture



Made with air dry clay. Rather uneven finish since I haven't smoothed it out. After making it, I realised the face is too spread out (mouth too low, eyes a little too high), so I'll need to keep that in mind for future models. 

Pokemon Trainer doodles - Hilda, May and Lyra, wearing Kalos clothes



Second image was taken at a weird angle. Done with ballpoint pen & colouring pencils. The clothes they are wearing are from different in-game boutiques. Hilda has stuff from Anistar, May has stuff from Cyllage, and Lyra has stuff from Laverre.



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