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[email protected]!us Presents: An Outline and Cast Lists for "Fire Emblem", A (Hypothetical) Netflix Original Anime Series

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After bringing these to another site I frequently visit, I decided to bring my vision of a Fire Emblem anime to these boards. Posts that follow this one will consist of the hypothetical voice casts (and narrative tweaks for certain characters) for each 'season' of the show', which will be added to after I debut two more on that other site. I've always felt the series deserves another chance at an anime, since television and animation storytelling has made leaps and bounds since the days of the 1997 OVA. An FE show done right would be the perfect bridge in storytelling and audiences between the more kid-friendly Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra and the more adult-focused likes of Game of Thrones. Onto the 'pitch'...

1. The Platform: Netflix has been very good to anime for a while now, and seems to be the most 'accessible' of the major streamers. A Fire Emblem series would be most welcome there, in my opinion.

2. Season and Episode Format: The first five seasons I originally concocted were based upon my favorite games in the franchise, in the order of The Blazing Blade, The Binding Blade, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn. After a while, I began working on 'casts' for a new round of seasons adapting the Archanea saga, under the umbrella title Fire Emblem: Archanea, with seasons based on Shadow Dragon and Shadows of Valentia already in the can.  I find it similar to the approach taken by shows such as American Horror Story or American Crime Story, or True Detective, in that while the show's title remains the same, the subject of each season differs greatly. For a more fitting comparison, think of when kid-oriented anime like Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! went through their seasons--both had two initial incarnations that continued from one another, but from the third version on, each featured a radically different cast of characters with little-to-no continuity with prior seasons. For the episodes themselves, half would be dedicated to the main narrative focusing on the main 'lords/ladies' of the games, while the others would be smaller side-stories focusing on the characters you recruit as you play through the games, sometimes each teaming with one of the lords depending on the story. It would be a way to flesh out these additional playable characters, sort of an extension of the support conversation feature that is a hallmark of the games. The title theme of the series would be a re-purposing of 'Emblem of Oath' from the 1997 OVA.

3. Narrative Framing Device: Within the context of the theoretical show, 'Fire Emblem' is depicted as a series of fantasy epic novels, said to rival the works of J.R.R. Tolkein and George R.R. Martin. Every season, each book is plucked from the shelf by its owner, a professor of medieval literature, mythology, and historiography. He mentions it as a series notable for one recurring element: the eponymous Emblem, despite taking a different form in each saga, remains a crucial part of the narrative to our heroes.  Said professor is portrayed by Timothy Dalton. Conceptually, think of it like Tolkein, Martin, Margaret Atwood or Isaac Asimov doing the same with their respective works.

4. Voice casting: In choosing voice talent, I took the same approach that worked with the DC Animated Universe (and to some extent, the Marvel Animated Universe)--a good mix of regular voice actors and character actors. I also took a page from Greg Weisman, who somehow manages to fit Star Trek: The Next Generation veterans into his projects (such as Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H. and The Spectacular Spider-Man), though here you'll find a number of familiar faces from various network-based comic book shows. (To another extent, the DCAU had a similar feel with its long history with Joss Whedon show alumni.) The full casts for each season will be unveiled with each installment I post. (Visits to behindthevoiceactors.com or IMDB can be helpful.)

The initial posts to follow this one will be in the following order:

Fire Emblem: Elibe season 1, The Blazing Blade

Fire Emblem: Elibe season 2, The Binding Blade

Fire Emblem: Magvel season 1, The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem: Tellius season 1, Path of Radiance

Fire Emblem: Tellius season 2, Radiant Dawn

Fire Emblem: Archanea season 1, The Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Fire Emblem: Archanea season 2, The Shadows of Valentia

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Do me a favor - swap the theme to Night Forest, then view the first post.  It's one thing to have weird formatting, but yours manages to change twice.

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32 minutes ago, [email protected]!us said:

How do I do that?

Scroll down, past the Recently Browsing.  There's a small menu for themes.

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Just now, [email protected]!us said:

That's on my profile, right? 

Nope.  You can do it from this reply!

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First bump--"Fire Emblem: Elibe", Season 1: The Blazing Blade

+Voice Cast

1.Heroes (Playable Characters)
The Tactician - Sam Riegel
Lyn(dis) - Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch, Big Hero 6, Eden, The Gifted)
Eliwood - Luke Mitchell (Agents of SHIELD, Blindspot)
Hector - Joshua Sasse (Galavant, No Tomorrow)

Sain—Yuri Lowenthal
Kent—Nolan North
Florina—Stephanie Sheh
Wil—Joshua Seth
Dorcas—Kevin Michael Richardson
Serra—Tara Strong
Erk—Wil Wheaton
Rath—Rino Romano
Matthew—Grant George
Nils and Ninian—Stuart Allan and Kim Mai Guest
Lucius—Tom Felton
Wallace—Pat Fraley
Marcus—Kirk Thornton
Lowen—Mikey Kelley
Rebecca—Mae Whitman
Bartre—John DiMaggio
Oswin—Robin Atkin Downes
Guy—Gregg Rainwater
Merlinus—Wayne Knight
Hannah—Cree Summer
Priscilla—Kate Higgins
Raven—Jason Marsden
Canas—Benjamin Diskin
Dart—Josh Keaton
Fiora—Tara Platt
Legault—Daran Norris
Isadora—Danielle Nicolet
Heath—Liam O’Brien
Hawkeye—Jonathan Adams
Pent—Cam Clarke
Louise—Wendee Lee
Geitz—Troy Baker
Farina—Ashley Johnson
Karel—Benjamin Bratt
Harken—Michael Trucco
Nino—Sophie Oda
Jaffar—Khary Payton
Vaida—Gina Torres
Karla—Irene Bedard
Renault—Phil Morris
Athos—Patrick Stewart

2. Allies (NPC's)

Natalie--Erin Torpey
Lord Hausen—Michael Bell
Lord Helman—Frank Welker
Lord Elbert—Jim Ward
Lady Eleanora—Iona Morris
Lord Uther—Callum Blue
King Desmond—Michael McConnohie
Queen Hellene—Julie Bowen
Prince Zephiel—Leo Howard
Murdock—Travis Willingham 
Leila—Lacey Chabert
Fargus—Clancy Brown
Jan—Jim Cummings
Brammimond—echo of whoever speaks to the individual 
Roland—Fred Savage
Durban—Richard Moll
Jeorg/Kaim—Kevin Grevioux--*Major tweak: we get to see both of Eliwood and Hector's trials to retrieve their divine weapons.*

3. Villains

Nergal—Martin Jarvis
Ephidel—Derek Stephen Prince
Limstella—Laura Bailey
Sonia—Marina Sirtis
Brendan—Enn Reitel
Lloyd—Stephen Amell
Linus—Robbie Amell
Ursula—Erica Luttrell
Uhai—Beau Billingslea
Teodor—Greg Ellis
Kenneth—Stephen Root
Jerme—Steve Blum
Lundgren—Neil Ross
Darin—Jim Cummings (imitating Sidney Greenstreet)
Erik—Jeff Bennett

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