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Another Eden

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Official Site: https://en.another-eden.jp/

Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq6aIC_4t9A

* * * * *

Another Eden is a free to play JRPG on mobile devices. It has heavy inspiration from the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross titles, with veterans Masato Kato (Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears) and Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenogears, Chrono Series) "working on"/"contributing to" the game. A Nintendo Switch port is planned, but no further information has been provided. (Personally, I'm hoping for full voiceovers, as the mobile game only has partial due to space concerns.)

The gameplay is straight up classic JRPG that one would normally find on consoles (so JRPG storylines, JRPG grinding, and so on). The only mobile aspect of Another Eden is the gacha element for new characters. While Gacha characters generally perform better than the story cast, it is entirely possible to play the game with just the main guys. No other mobile things, such as Stamina or community features, are present. Another Eden is just a classic JRPG, on mobile devices, with a gacha element for obtaining new characters.
- - - - - - - - - -
As for my personal experiences, I was recommended the game from guild mate from a different mobile title. I watched some trailers and did some research, and despite not having played the Chrono games, the premise of Another Eden sold me to download it immediately. I ended up actually playing the game some time later.

Currently I'm at Chapter 11 or so, having just unlocked "Another Force" which is a special combat feature that lets characters constantly act while the gauge decreases. I haven't grinded for anything outside of doing side quests, but I'm starting to feel the difficulty rise (Lost a boss encounter, and I was unprepared for a sidequest encounter). Story has been pretty enjoyable thus far. Nothing spectacular has hit me yet (save for one early sidequest that was a collab with Famitsu of all things), but the story has been above average compared to other games I've played.

I've loving the game thus far, but I have no idea how endgame works or what happens once I finish the main scenario. The fact that Another Eden is closer to "classic JRPGs" instead of being a "mobile JRPG" is a refreshing change of pace, especially since there is no pressure whatsoever to play each day (outside of the daily login bonus). Maybe this changes at max level since I'm still playing the main campaign, but I don't know much beyond what I've experienced. All I know is that I'm currently enjoying the game enough to make a post about it to see if anyone else is playing.

* * * * *

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Another else playing Another Eden or interested in trying it out?

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They aren't even trying to hide the CT influences with Frog using his comrade's name.

Well if it comes to Switch and is free, I'll give it a try. I've enough full-length games to work through presently, but I can always procrastinate on them. I like CT, although I hope the plot is better than the jumble of Chrono Cross.

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Ah, Another Eden.

I wish I could play this; but I just can't. It hasn't been released over here. My phone can't handle it, either. I guess at the end of the day I'd have to try it on the Switch... if I ever get one. What a pity. Though I've seen it might be possible they might have the mobile game finally get a release in Europe and China, so I still have some hope for my place getting it as well.

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I've been playing some more, currently at Chapter 13. My guys are around level 25-30. The game is still fun and enjoyable thus far, but now I'm feeling the need to grind and that my story characters are falling off.

After level 25, 4-star characters start becoming more valuable as 3-star and story characters will need to grind for class materials to unlock their "4th Hero Grid" that grants bonus stats and new skills. 4* and higher heroes already have that grid unlocked so they don't have to worry about the class mat grind. Eventually, 5-star characters will become valuable as the "5th Hero Grid" will presumably be unlocked for them, but I don't know what level this applies to and I don't have a 5* character myself to confirm.
As an aside, class promotions act like getting an additional star, so you can upgrade from a 3-star to a 4-star character and 4-star characters to 5-star status. However, only certain characters are upgradable in this fashion. Getting higher rarity (star) characters through the Gacha basically skips the class promotion process, and thus, the grind.

I also see why people say having a good healer and buffs/debuffs are so important as I'm starting to struggle against enemy bosses and the like. Like I said before, the story characters can work, but it will take a lot more grinding for them to become viable compared to fielding higher rarity Gacha characters. I'm mostly been sticking to my Story squad, but I'm wondering if I should convert over to a different team so I can have an easier time doing the story. I think I have the heals covered, its just the buffs/debuffs that my teams are lacking.

Also, there's a "free mode" that gets unlocked later called "Another Dungeon." This is where most of the grinding will take place, but AD runs are limited to the amount of "dungeon passes" you have. These passes refill at the rate of 1 per 6 hours if I recall correctly, and they have their caps. 
AD is the prime place for getting class materials, but this will be a long process. In the meantime, it is an excellent place to get EXP (I was getting more EXP from level 22 mobs in AD than fighting level 30 mobs on the world map) as well as extra materials for weapons and armor. I'm probably going to have to grind AD a bit before tackling on the Chapter 13 boss, even though I would've liked to wait a little longer for "efficiency" purposes. (Story characters can get their "Light" and "Dark" values upgraded by doing certain dungeons in the "AD" mode. There's one that is easy to grind out, but the character only joins the party after Chapter 13.)

* * * * *

Overall, I'm still having fun playing the game. The sidequests have been engaging and the main plot worthy of my attention. Still nothing groundbreaking or spectacular though, but there are some awesome moments scattered in this game. My main concern is if the grind will get to me. I know it's a classic JRPG and grinding is to be expected (I played Bravely Default), but I wonder if the grinding will get to me.

Like I said before, if you like JRPGs and enjoyed Chrono Trigger and/or Chrono Cross, try picking up Another Eden. It's free to play, so there's nothing to lose but time if you happen to dislike the game.

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Man, I haven't posted here in almost a month! (This is now a disguised LP thread.)

Regarding news, Another Eden is expanding to 32 new countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, so if it was not previously available for you, it may be soon!

* * * * *

Anyways, I finally got around to beating the main story. The plot twist was interesting enough and the substories continue to be fun and intriguing. At this point, I'm likely entering the beginning of the end-game portion of trying to get the best equipment for my characters and beat the superbosses. Like I said before, having a good healer is a must. I lucked out getting Mariel as she is one of the best healers, if not the best healer, in the game (even at 4* status). I believe I wouldn't have made it as far as I did in some fights without Mariel. I also have a decent Wind and Earth team going which helps a lot in farming content.

In case you were wondering where characters fall off, 3-stars were level 25, and 4-stars were level 50. The main story end around level 55-60, while the max level cap is 80 (60 for 4-star units). Remember that some characters can "promote" can upgrade rarities, so be on the lookout for 4.5 star characters!
3-stars are worthless unless one is is doing a challenge run or for using them for kicks. 4-stars have some utility and usefulness, but 5-star characters basically outclass their lower star counterparts. At pure endgame, there comes a point where an optimized 5-star team is required, but I'm nowhere near that yet. This is due to increased level cap based on rarity and the unlocked "hero grids."

As for pulls since I started, I did technically pull two 5* characters, but they were dupes so I only have one (Suzette). I don't mind though as she is carrying me though content, and it helps she is likely voiced by Skye Bennett (who is the VA of Pyra/Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2). Suzette was on my main team at all times alongside Mariel, and the two of them could handle most content tossed at my party.

I am still loving the game one month in and how laid back it is since there is no real pressure to log in and play constantly. It is an easy JRPG to pick up and play for short bursts or to go grinding for hours. I still recommend for others to try it!

* * * * * * * * * *

As an aside, I noticed there seemed to be some Xenoblade VAs who worked on Another Eden. While I don't know all of their roles as only the main characters were properly credited, their names did appear in the credits. I believe Suzette is Skye Bennett and Isuka is Samantha Dakin because of how similar they sound to their Xenoblade roles, but I don't have confirmation on them.

All I know is I need to raise Cyrus more. At the moment he's my weakest story member because I haven't promoted him to his 4-star version yet...

Janine Harouni: Amy
- Newt (XC2)

Timothy Watson: Cyrus
- Metal Face (XC)

Rebecca Kiser: Riica
- Praxis (XC2)

Skye Bennett: Suzette
- Pyra, Mythra (XC2, Torna DLC)

Samantha Dakin: Isuka
- Haze, Fan la Norne (XC2, Torna DLC)

Naomi McDonald
- Obrona, Sheba (XC2)

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Reviving this topic, mostly because the posts here are mainly mine and I don't feel like typing them all out again for a new thread...
(Also, this game deserves more attention in my opinion)

* * * * *

I picked up Another Eden again after a hiatus and the game remains as excellent as ever. There's ton of story content to go through and AE has absolutely zero pressure on the player to get things done as nothing is limited.

This includes the upcoming collab with Persona 5 Royal (JP News). Even though its a collab event, once implemented it stays implemented forever, and the colllab characters (Joker, Morganna) are free. Other P5 characters will appear in the event as well.
-- Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4J9TJTlATc
- - - - -
As for me, I'm casually making my way through all the new stories they added since I last played. Right now I'm rebuilding a mining village to restore it to is former glory, and I'm experiencing the misadventures of a princess in her childhood days.

I believe I took a break from Another Eden as at the time, I was mostly just grinding out "Another Dungeon" for progression and there's no real way to automate the grinding process. I also still have no idea how AE endgame works outside of it involving a lot of grinding, and "true endgame" content requires 5-star characters which I only have 1 of. (Suzzette, who is voiced by Skye Bennett, the same VA for Pyra/Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.) Granted, I do have some 4-stars that I could promote into 5-stars, but getting the materials to do so is a bit difficult...

The story stuff I can do with my current party, and the fact its story based instead of just progression helps a lot with my enthusiasm.

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