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Having some issues with blazing sword randomizer on my GBA emulator

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Just got the game downloaded to play the randomizer. And i'm running into a huge issue.

The problem i'm having is on the battle prep screen, whenever I try to move one space to the left or right when selecting units for anything. It skips over 2 spaces instead of just 1. Making anyone in the middle collum un selectable because the cursor always jumps over them.

The other problem i'm having is during battle, I have the cursor mapped to the d-pad on a gamecube controller since its the only controller I have available to work on this computer. Sometimes I have to press the button in extra hard for it to even read a single movement. Which is getting rather annoying

Anyone know of a fix for this? Or should I just try to get a different controller working?

Edit: Switched to a PS4 controller and everything is working fine now. So feel free to delete this topic

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You've already discovered what seems to be the answer but the GCN controller d-pad is pretty garbage. Good luck doing something like switching weapons in 007 Nightfire. Alternatively, it could be an issue with your zadig drivers, worth exploring if you want to revisit using a GCN controller at any point.

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