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Lol i literally thought i will pick Neimi and Joshua and if they're gone Innes and Dozla T_T so i guess i'll take Marisa and Myrrh now


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It'd probably be better to go Rennac but, I'll go with the heroine of justice L'arachel. 

Also Duessel got sniped from me ;w;

@Fuzzlekins only one char left but I'll tag just in case

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More like, I can't believe I actually managed to get away with half the nonsense that I did.  This team works, but it really did require Duessel for it (because Lute had already been drafted).

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@Fuzzlekinsyou're allowed to bring L'arachel to recruit him (If she doesn't die, that is.) Okay, so playing can start now! (Or in my case, after school :( ) @eclipse, mind if i ask you about your theme? Amelia is certainly an odd choice for 2nd round pick.

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1 hour ago, MrMinus said:

@Fuzzlekinsyou're allowed to bring L'arachel to recruit him (If she doesn't die, that is.) Okay, so playing can start now! (Or in my case, after school :( ) @eclipse, mind if i ask you about your theme? Amelia is certainly an odd choice for 2nd round pick.

Every single unit supports at least one other recruited unit.  Given Knoll's support list. . .

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Oh okay, I misunderstood the rules of what undrafted units are allowed/not allowed to do, so that's a relief. I can save my money for things that actually matter.

EDIT: this post was gonna have my update in it but I accidentally posted it too soon lol 

EDIT 2: I'll try not to clog this up with too many screenshots since it's just the first couple of chapters which are not too exciting. I took over 100 screenshots which is way too many.



Even though Seth is technically usable until Chapter 4, I did my best to give him as little to do as possible.


Eirika crit on her very first attack which was a good omen for things to come because this Eirika is gonna carry me.


She didn't crit on her second attack so she got hurt, but I just healed her up and stuck her on a forest tile.


Easy prologue is easy.


I missed the first level up because I hadn't figured out how to bind the screenshot function to my gamepad until after the prologue. But it was a pretty good level up.

The first part of Chapter 1 was more of the same with moving Seth out of enemy range and putting Eirika on forest tiles in their range, so she got all the kills.


Second level up wasn't great but I can't complain because she's about to get a lot of levels in the span of a couple chapters.


Also, my first non-free actual drafted unit shows up! Gilliam was good in my last playthrough so hopefully he can be good in this one too. Though my last playthrough also had a cursed Eirika that never got Strength levels...


I use Gilliam to deal with this soldier up here, and I get Franz to run away out of range.


I decided to play a bit aggressive instead of playing it safe but it managed to work out.


She lived on exactly 1 HP after being attacked by both Soldiers which I would like to say is because I carefully calculated it but in reality I was just being reckless. I proceed to play it much safer after this. aka running into the forest and popping a vulnary

Oh and she got a point in Speed which is always good.


When the reinforcements showed up I moved Eirika and Gilliam down to meet them and popped another Vulnary because Eirika had taken more damage.


I didn't expect all of them would target Eirika but they did and Gilliam missed out on the experience points. Oh well. ive never really looked into how the ai works in these games im a casual


Another good level up for Eirika. She's gonna be the MVP I can tell.


I let Gilliam soften Breguet up just a little bit but he just healed the damage off so it didn't accomplish anything. Not like it mattered though since Eirika did 11 x2.


After that Chapter, I did some item management. Traded everything my drafted units could use and then stored the rest.

For Chapter 2, I got my next drafted unit, Moulder. He's not super exciting since he's a staff bot, but since I expect Gilliam to tank a lot of hits, Moulder is useful to have. 


I use my mounted units to visit the villages and pick up Ross so he doesn't get murdered. I didn't draft Ross or Garcia so it doesn't really matter to me if they die, but hey I can sell their items if they're alive. Afterwards I use their bodies as meat shields to help protect Moulder from being exposed.

This chapter is pretty boring since I'm mostly just slowly taking down the Cutthroats one at a time with Eirika doing most of the work and Gilliam occasionally contributing. Even using the Slim Lance his hit rate against the enemy wasn't too great.


Gilliam's first level up is unimpressive, while Eirika is RNG blessed.


Bone had just enough HP that he would barely survive Eirika's attacks so I got Gilliam so do some chip damage and she took him out. And got another Level Up. 


After the Chapter ended I sold some stuff and loaded up Moulder with some healing juice. Stay hydrated, folks.

To Be Continued...



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Too many screenshots are better than not enough of them. I was really busy today but i'll start playing now. I got really lucky with my supports too, because i got all of Gerik's Mercenaries except Ewan. Only poor Garcia doesn't have a partner.

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First time playing in english, let’s do it!





I stayed defensive and baited the first enemy out of the range of the second. Eirika killed him without getting hit. I let her get attacked by the second one, because she might die if i attack him. He actually manages to hit Eirika, but she gets a crit. Then i used a vulnerary and positioned her so she can take advantage of the forest to kill O’ Neill. She got the following level up:


It’s alright, but some strength would be appreciated. Could be far worse though.




Chapter 1



Did a bad job at baiting the first fighter, so he got the forest. Eirika had a very solid hitrate regardless, but i had to kill him with Seth so Eirika could use the forest against the other enemies.

While fighting the soldier, she got a level up. Again, no strength, but the speed allowed her to double the fighters in this chapter.


Meanwhile Gilliam and Franz sat in a corner. The soldier fled to the fort on the left, so i pulled Eirika out of the forest and she did an unnecessary crit on him



After that, i moved Eirika to the fort on the bottom left to fight the reinforcements and used a vulnerary. She got these two level ups, which were really good:



Franz got attacked by a soldier after he traded his sword to Eirika because i didn’t check attack ranges, so i guess i already violated a rule. He missed his second attack though, so Eirika could get the kill (Might have restarted otherwise.)


I killed the other soldier and put Eirika on the fort for one turn so she doesn’t get killed by Baguette. (He missed anyway.) While rapiering him, i took this weird screenshot and she got this level:



After the chapter, i traded the undrafted scrubs equipment away.



chapter 2




...i’m not drafted.


I visited the villages with undrafted guys and rescued Ross with Vanessa. Next turn, i dropped him so that Eirika can recruit him while standing on the arsenal and baiting out an enemy. When the reinforcements arrived, i put Eirika in the forest to deal with them and killed the wounded cutthroat with Vanessa.


  I also held Seth close by, just in case. Next turn, i moved Eirika further to the left, went down to the village with Vanessa and retreated with everyone else.


  Eirika killed the brigands in the mountains on enemy phase, getting this level up:


 but couldn’t reach the one in the center, so Seth had to deal with him. Nessa visited the village. Next turn, i put Eirika on a forest and used a vulnerary since one of the brigands hit her with a 9% and fought Bone and the last brigand. Eirika killed the Brigand and Vanessa killed Bone with the iron lance, getting this level up:


I didn’t bother to recruit Garcia. Afterwards, i gave Ross’ hatchet to Garcia and bought an iron sword and an iron axe, selling the red gem.


(to be continued)



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Just a preface, I know this is a casual run but for me, it feels weird not adding the turn count so I'll be adding it to all my updates. Though I'm definitely not going to bother LTC (I usually never do with drafts anyways) soooo yeah... Anyways,

Prologue - The Fall of Renais

Hopefully I won't be using Seth too much (if anything he'll just be a meatshield to bait in enemies) in the chapters he's force-deployed in. I move Eirika into the choke point and she crits the 1st Fighter, and dodges a hit from the 2nd Fighter, Seth just kind of trailed behind her. Eirika stays in the choke point and heals herself and baits O'Neill in. Eirika takes out O'Neill in 3 turns just because she can't take more than 2 hits and, I didn't want to risk her dying 

Unit     Class        Level   HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord          2.77   17   04  09  09  06  03  02  05   E Swords      


Chapter 1 - Escape!

This chapter I did have to use Seth or else we'd have been here forever. Had Seth take out a few Soldiers so they wouldn't aggro onto Franz and Gilliam, Eirika mainly stayed near the mountains and I just had to hope she'd dodge the attacks from the Fighters (which she does). Eirika gets a lucky Str level up which allowed her to 2HKO the Fighters. After the Fighters were gone I had Franz give Eirika his Iron Sword to conserve Rapier usage. Seth takes accidentally takes out the boss (wanted him to weaken him for Eirika but, he landed a crit unfortunately). Eirika gets another Str level up after taking out the last soldier; lastly, didn't bother with the reinforcements, I just had Eirika seize the castle.

Unit     Class        Level   HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord          4.14   17   06  10  10  06  04  02  05   D Swords      


Chapter 2 - The Protected

Obviously on the 1st turn, Vanessa rescued Ross and then on the 2nd turn Seth drops him off for Eirika to recruit him. Not sure if undrafted units can rescue villages but, I assumed it's a no so Eirika and Seth spent time rescuing the northern villages, while I had Ross heal himself up with a Vulnerary. Eirika and Ross move towards the South-Western villages while Seth trails behind to handle the reinforcement Brigands above the South-Western village.  Eirika weakens enemies for Ross with the Iron Sword but, it never really worked out since Ross missed a lot. Ross/Eirika work together to take out the boss, with Eirika getting the last hit (Ross also got a nice level up getting Str/Spd in the process). Meanwhile, Seth saves the last village while Ross and Eirika move to back up Garcia in the East side of the map. Seth rescues Garcia out of the way, allowing Eirika to take out the Archer and to aggro the last Brigand. On the final turn, Eirika wraps the chapter up by taking out the last Brigand and gains a nearly perfect level up and a rank up in swords!

Unit     Class        Level   HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord          6.24   20   07  11  11  08  05  03  05   C Swords      
Ross     Journeyman    2.87   17   06  02  04  08  03  00  08   E Axes      

That's all for today (or tonight specifically) will continue playing this weekend maybe! I think I should've tried to feed Ross more but, I should be able to feed him a lot of kills (or at least hits) in Chapter 3.

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@Lunarly undrafted characters  can visit villages, i did it too! Should have clarified it in the op. Bit since you're not allowed to deploy undrafted guys anyway except to recruit it dosn't matter for most chapters.

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I keep forgetting to check my turn count before I finish the chapter sooo... Ima just remove all the turncounts I've posted so far lol

Chapter 3 - Bandits of Borgo

Since there's a lot of walls in this chapter, I'm going to take advantage of them to level Ross up with his Hatchet. Chapter starts out really well, Ross gets a much needed Spd level, Neimi/Eirika/Seth move up towards the northern part of the map. On the next turn, Neimi recruits Colm and Seth rescues Eirika up and Colm drops her off. Eirika/Colm move towards the 2 rooms in the South and take out the Brigands in there, while Ross kind of chills before the next room and Seth moves down to ferry Eirika/Colm to Ross. Colm opens the door that leads to the throne, and Eirika holds that chokepoint with Ross backing her up. Eirika/Ross charge into the room to take out the Archer and Brigand, and Seth has to take one of the Brigands out or else Ross would've been in trouble since I doubt he could live 2 battles. Onto the boss room, Eirika holds the chokepoint to bait in the Mercenary so and takes him out. Eirika/Colm/Ross work together to beat the boss and Colm gets the last hit (I plan on using Colm as a battle unit anyways), then Eirika seizes the throne.

Unit     Class        Level   HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord          8.36   20   07  11  13  09  07  04  05   C Swords      
Ross     Journeyman    5.91   17   07  02  05  10  03  00  08   E Axes      
Colm     Thief         4.25   20   05  05  10  08  03  02  06   E Swords 


Chapter 4 - Ancient Horrors

Finally we get to choose our deployment squad but, Seth is banned from now on which is bittersweet. Anyways, I receive the 4th unit of this draft being Artur early on in the chapter. Little bit worried since Eirika is probably my "tankiest" unit until Ross promotes sooooo yeaaa... Ross/Colm dealt with the mobs on the west side, while Eirika/Artur dealt with the mobs on the east side while also saving the village. Eirika/Artur helped weaken enemies for Ross/Colm to finish them off. First part was a bit tricky since I had to sort of spam Vulneraries to keep my squad healthy while baiting enemies in but, eventually we cleared out the top part of the map. Artur and Colm went to the left side to rescue the village with Lute, while Ross and Eirika dealt with the mobs near the boss. Eirika baits the boss while Colm saves the village and recruits Lute as the reinforcements arrived. Next turn, Ross takes down the boss (while also reaching Level 10 for promotion) and Colm/Artur/Eirika move north to take out the reinforcements to end the chapter.

Unit     Class        Level   HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord         10.12   23   07  13  14  09  08  05  05   B Swords      
Ross     Journeyman      10   22   08  03  06  12  04  00  08   D Axes      
Colm     Thief         6.02   20   07  07  10  09  03  02  06   D Swords
Artur    Monk          4.53   20   06  06  08  03  03  08  06   E Light


Chapter 5 - The Empire's Reach

In this chapter I get Joshua which is nice (though I really could use someone tanky at this point), also Ross promotes into a Pirate at the beginning of the chapter. Ross holds the 2nd chokepoint to bait in the Fighter/Archer, Artur is used to bait in the soldier in the rightmost chokepoint, and Eirika is positioned to aggro the Turn 2 Brigand reinforcements. Natasha goes and rescues the village and gives the Draco Shield to Eirika a while later. After the majority of the enemies within the town have been taken out, Ross goes to rescues the eastern village while Eirika/Colm deal with the Brigands with Natasha/Artur trailing behind. Eirika baits Joshua, bringing him closer for Natasha to recruit him. Unfortunately, the Brigands destroyed the Northern-most village (though it just had a Torch so it wasn't too bad). Everyone bar Colm (who goes to save another village for the Secret Book which I gave to Ross) move towards the boss. Eirika takes out the boss with a critical hit from her Rapier, even though I wanted her to weaken it for Joshua/Artur and finishes the chapter. 

Unit     Class       Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord        12.59    23   07  14  15  10  12  05  05   B Swords          Dracoshield
Ross     Pirate    10/3.07    25   11  06  08  13  05  00  10   C Axes            Secret Book
Colm     Thief        7.83    22   08  07  11  09  03  02  06   D Swords
Artur    Monk         6.40    21   07  07  09  04  03  08  06   D Light
Joshua   Myrmidon     6.16    25   08  13  14  08  05  02  08   C Swords


Chapter 5x - Unbroken Heart

Switching over to Ephraim mode, since I drafted Kyle, I will try to limit my Orson/Forde usage during this chapter. Kyle and Ephraim make their way up the left path while Orson secures the chests in the deployment area. After obtaining the Killer Lance, Orson regroups with the rest of the squad as Kyle and Ephraim continue to clear out the enemies in the way. Once everyone reaches the area near the throne room, Ephraim switches to the Javelin to bait in the Monks/Shamans in the room while Kyle/Orson move ahead. In the throne room, Ephraim/Kyle bait the enemies in and are able to take them all out with the help of some Vulnerary spam. Orson weakens the boss with an Iron Sword, while Kyle finishes him off. Ephraim and Forde take all of Orson's stuff before the throne gets seized.

Unit     Class       Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Ephraim  Lord         8.73    27   11  12  12  11  07  04  08   C Lances     
Kyle     Cavalier     9.34    29   11  09  08  08  10  01  10   D Axes | C Lances     
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Sorry for double posting but, I played a bit more of my draft later in the day! So far things have been going well, I will be going Ephraim route in this route (I know OP wanted everyone to play the same route to standardize recruits) but, I've already played Eirika mode quite a few times and wanted to switch it up.

Chapter 6 - Victims of War

Eirika/Joshua/Artur/Ross make their way to forward to deal with the enemies by hiding within the trees while Colm moves down to save the village. After Colm saves the village, he goes and regroups with everybody else. Quite a tough situation here since the Cavaliers from the east have moved towards us, as reinforcements spawned in. Very tedious situation where I had to restart a few times but, Joshua/Colm managed to dodge tank a lot of the hits from the Cavaliers which helped tremendously. However, soon after I cleared out most of the Cavaliers, the Baels spawned in to attack the villagers so Eirika and Ross move north towards the boss. After Ross/Eirika clear out the majority of the enemies towards the North and Joshua/Artur/Colm clear out enemies in the South, every heads towards the boss. Since everyone bar Eirika was either pretty low or just out of range from the boss, she ends up picking up the kill. Unfortunately, I couldn't save 2 of the citizens that were trapped soooo... no Orion's Bolt for me (not that I care anyways uwu).

Unit     Class       Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord        14.87    24   07  14  17  10  12  06  05   A Swords          Dracoshield
Ross     Pirate    10/7.12    27   12  07  11  13  08  00  10   C Axes            Secret Book
Colm     Thief        9.80    23   08  09  13  09  04  02  06   D Swords
Artur    Monk         7.94    21   07  08  09  04  03  08  06   D Light
Joshua   Myrmidon     8.16    27   08  14  14  10  05  02  08   C Swords


Chapter 7 - Waterside Renvall

Everyone moves forward towards the castle, while Ross goes up the river to start taking out enemies on the left side of the map. In this chapter, I want to try and get Colm/Joshua (specifically Joshua) as many levels as they can get so Eirika will be focusing on weakening enemies for now. Ross takes the Mage and Fighter near the empty Balista, while Eirika is in position to bait in the 2 Mercenaries and Mage (the one with the Energy Ring) on the eastern part of the map. Colm steals the Energy Ring (not sure who to give it to, most likely it'll be Eirika) and is able to dodge tank the Mercenary and Balista attacks. Joshua moves up to deal with the Balista while everyone moves towards the castle. Eirika weakens the boss with her Rapier, allowing Artur to secure the last hit. On the final turn, Eirika seizes the throne and we move on. Lot of good levels up from Artur and Joshua which is very nice since they can now hold their own (hopefully).

Unit     Class       Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP              Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord        15.36    25   07  14  18  11  12  06  05   A Swords          Dracoshield | Energy Ring
Ross     Pirate    10/9.56    29   13  08  12  13  09  00  10   B Axes            Secret Book
Colm     Thief       10.85    24   08  09  13  09  05  02  06   D Swords
Artur    Monk         9.82    21   09  09  10  04  03  10  06   D Light
Joshua   Myrmidon     8.16    29   10  17  17  12  06  02  08   B Swords


Chapter 8 - It's A Trap!

In this chapter we'll finally get reunited with Ephraim and his squad which is very nice for me (since I'll be getting more bulkier units with Kyle/Ephraim added on now) so I won't have to rely on Colm/Joshua to dodge tank. Anyways, Ross moves up to take out the Soldiers/Knights, with everyone else backing him up to deal with the Archer/Mercenary/Myrmidon in the other room. Colm/Eirika move west to group with Ephraim, while the other 4 move north to deal with the room full of Knights. Forde/Kyle rescue Ephraim/Colm and kept going through the left side of the map with Eirika trailing behind, while the other Artur/Ross cleared out the room with Knights. Ross picks up the Angelic Robe from the chest with a Chest Key I got in a previous chapter, while Ephraim/Eirika/Colm/Forde move forward with Eirika taking out the Cavalier reinforcements. Ross/Artur/Joshua clear the enemies in the throne room area, while Kyle/Eirika break the wall with Ephraim/Colm dealing with the enemies in that area so Colm can safely reach the chests. Artur/Kyle bait the last 2 Mages in the throne room, while everyone follows behind and Forde rescue drops Ephraim. Ephraim easily takes down the boss, and Eirika seizes the throne.

Unit     Class       Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                 Stat Boosters
Eirika   Lord        16.87    26   09  14  18  11  12  06  05   A Swords             Dracoshield | Energy Ring
Ephraim  Lord        12.28    31   13  15  13  12  09  07  08   B Lances          
Ross     Pirate   10/12.06    30   16  09  13  13  10  01  10   B Axes               Secret Book
Colm     Thief       11.22    24   08  10  14  09  06  02  06   C Swords
Artur    Monk        13.09    22   11  11  11  05  03  13  06   C Light
Joshua   Myrmidon    12.78    30   10  18  18  12  06  02  08   B Swords
Kyle     Cavalier    11.30    31   12  09  08  08  10  02  08   D Swords | C Lances


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Chapter 3
I went up with Neimi, Vanessa and Eirika to recruit Colm, and let Garcia kill the Brigand to the right with a hand axe. Next turn, Eirika baited the brigand in the treasure room and let Colm



finish him off.



I then went through the room and let Vanessa and Garcia go down to kill guys through the wall.


Each one killed a brigand, and Garcia also got the archer, which was enough exp for a level up


typical Garcia.

I didn't bother with the chests because they just waste lockpicks, and went straight to the next room, where i killed the thief with Vanessa, where she reached level 3.



I then baited the hand axe brigand with Garcia, who missed, and then chipped him with Eirika and killed whith Colm, which gave her a level up.5ce9554b9e70b_Screenshot(40).thumb.png.ebb98e9c0e92ee4ee1e990f524f98071.png

pretty good

She also baited the Steel aaxe brigand to the right.


Colm stole his pure water, which i probably won't use, and Nessa killed him


I enterd the boss room and baited the merc with Vanessa, stole his antitoxin with Colm and killed him with Vanessa. Colm gained a level from stealing.


I then let Eirika attack Bazba twice, and Colm finish him off. Pretty easy chapter overall.




Don't go too hard on him Seth, he's a free unit.


chapter 4:



Finally undeployed all of the undrafted n00bs. I first one-rounded the revenant on the right with Garcia, although his hitrate was a bit shaky. Eirika baited the revenant and the bonewalker in the south and critted the revenant. Vanessa took care of the bonewalker and got a level up.5ce955a3cccd0_Screenshot(55).thumb.png.941c302de13fd92482b27d322272dd28.png

next turn i pulled everyone back. Vanessa threw a javelin at the evil eye on the forest, but missed.



I then killed him with Colm, which admittedly was far more risky than neccessary. But he actually got a perfect level up as a reward.


Also killed the revenant in the south with Garcia. Colm just barely survived the enemy phase with some lucky dodges. I pulled him back and let him use a vulnerary. Everyone else retreated too. Vanessa baited an evil eye with her javelin and one-round killed it.


just attacked the enemies with everything i had. Garcia got a level up, and Colm got a level up on EP.




Both pretty average level ups.


Killed the revenants with Garcia and Colm, and Nessa baited the one below the bridge and used a vulnerary. She also got a level up.



Killed the revenant on the right with Colm, and his insane luck earlier took his toll on the next level up.




The Boss attacked Colm, and i killed him with Garcia.



Garcia got speed????

I made my way right with everyone and killed the bonewalkers.Completely forgot there were reinforcements in this chapter, so Artur died. Oh well. Garcia made himself ready in the forest and faced the reinforcements with a little help from Vanessa. They both got a level up.



Pretty alright, but some extra defense on Garcia would be nice.5ce9568f77d53_Screenshot(76).thumb.png.c9b7ce43579b34e7fc9a6fa20110ed33.png

But Seth is not a normal man. (Also wtf, base level Ross has better stats than revenants in this chapter)


Chapter 5



Moved Garcia to the path on the far left and baited out the soldier. Colm went through the left path to the city center and baited the fighter, while Vanessa visited the village on the right. Eirika went right too, to fight the reinforcements. Natasha hid in a corner.


Next turn, Colm finished off the fighter he baited, and got a level up



It's really weird to see Colm get speed screwed like that.

Eirika walked in the forest to meet the reinforcements, and Garcia threw a Hand axe at the archer. Vanessa baited out a soldier. On enemy phase, Eirika critted the normal brigand., Garcia  kills the archer and gets a level up.


Finally, some defense. On PP, Colm attacked the next archer, and Garcia killed him with his hatchet from the other side of the wall. Eirika stabs the bandit mini boss and reaches level 9.5ce956da21459_Screenshot(83).thumb.png.05b667be45fd581853858799a9ef499a.png

good level up.

Natasha also comes a bit closer to recruit Joshua.


Vanessa killed the soldier. I actually thought that Eirika could one-round the archer with her rapier or a steel sword, but she couldn't. I got lucky though, and he missed Vanessa. Anyway, she gets a level out of it.



Eirika and Colm then proceeded to clear ou the fighters surrounding Joshua, Colm had to use a vulnerary though. Colm got a level.


Finally, some speed.

Garcia got a vulnerary from Vanessa and handles the right flank on his own, though some luck was neccesary. Eirika fights the brigand reinforcements on the right and levels up.


Colm also killed a brigand, and Natasha moved further towards Joshua. Next turn, i fanally recruited Joshua, and he visited the secret book village, while Vanessa visited the draco shield village. Both statboosters will go towards Garcia. Next turn, Garcia completely cleared the left flank and got a +HP +Def level up that i forgot to make a screenshot of, Eirika killed another fighter, and Vanessa flew over the wall and one-rounded the soldier below Saar. Colm kills the last of the fighters and reached level 9.


And we're back to not getting speed again.

 Then I visited the Village with the torch with Garcia, gave Colm the armorslayer and placed him in Saar's range. Next turn, Colm used a vulnerary and killed him on Enemy phase.

Next is 5x, everybody's favorite chapter...




Screenshot (85).png

Screenshot (89).png

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chapter 5x




...yes, because Orson is a badass who can kill everyone in this fortress on his own.

So i finally get the first taste of Forde, before he permanently joins in chapter 8. I’m excited to see how he turns out. But first, i let Ephraim handle the soldiers on top with his steel lance and give Kyle the javelin to bait out the archer on the right. On enemy phase, Ephraim gets a near-perfect level up


and i move him right to finish off the archer.



When the merc and the fighter come around, Orson wounds the mercenary and Ephraim finishes him, while Kyle and forde take out the fighter together. Next turn, ephraim kills the shaman through the wall with his javelin, and Forde clears out the treasure room, giving both of them a level.




Good first level up.

I loot the chests and ephraim kills the soldier through the wall with his javelin.


I then charge up the left, with Forde in the front. He gets a level while fighting a cavalier:



pretty bad, but some extra strength is always appreciated.

Ephraim kills the knight with his reginleif, and gets a level up .


Forde baits out the soldiers, and Ephraim kills the cavaliers. Forde then kills the monk through the wall with his javelin, and levels up




Ephraim clears out the rest of the corridor and gets these levels:



and then Kyle and Forde take out the fighters together.


Ephraim and Forde kill one soldier each and Forde levels up:


for some bizarre  reason, he gets A LOT of luck.

Forde throws a javelin at Zonta, and Ephraim kills him and gains another level up




As per usual, i forgot to trade Orson’s silver sword away. After the chapter, i sold the guiding Ring on the world map and bought a few weapons, and used my statboosters on Garcia.

Screenshot (109).png



Edited by MrMinus

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Had to split these up because of too many screenshots lol

chapter 6:




I went right with Colm and used a torch. Everyone else just kind of stayed behind him.5cea99c185f12_Screenshot(121).thumb.png.f84eabe207c7ea7b1ed7ed04565e00b4.png


Vanessa killed a soldier, Colm killed the fighter and Garcia missed a 50% hatchet throw on the merc, so i used the killing edge with Eirika. luckily, she critted and killed him.



Pretty good.

Next turn, Vanessa killed the shaman with her javelin, and Eirika baited a knight with the rapier.


Accidentally left Nessa in his range though, and she levelled up un enemy phase.


My disappointed is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

So Vanessa went right to save the villagers and get the orion's bolt (aka money) and Garcia walked towards the antitoxin village, while Eirika made herself ready to meet the cavalier reinforcements with her rapier, and i carefully kept Colm out of range. Eirika levelled up on enemy phase.


pretty bad, honestly.

The situation got a bit too hairy for Colm, so he ran out of the enemies range, while Garcia went up to help out Eirika.


Next turn, Garcia one-hitted the troubadour with his steel axe and Colm baited a soldier, giving him a level.




Eirika and Garcia fought the last two cavaliers, and both leveled up. olm baited a knight from up on a hill with the armorslayer. Vanessa fought the bael and finished it on ep.







next turn, Garcia killed the remaining Cavalier. After that, Eirika baited two fighters and a soldier form the fort, one-rounding the halberd guy and she and Garcia killed the remaining two on PP. The rest of the enemies in the middle just came to me, and everybody worked together to take them out. Took a bit f a chance with Colm's hit chance there. Anyway, they got the following level-ups:


Vanessa has high res and a bit of catching up in levels to do, so i just fed the rest of the chaptter to her, which resulted in the following level-ups:





a bit mediocre, but she turned out fine so far.



Screenshot (151).png

Screenshot (130).png

Screenshot (131).png

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Really should've not been lazy and restarted a few chapters, since my earlier mistakes are really starting to bite my in the butt qq. 

Chapter 9B - Fort Rigwald

Wew so this is the beginning of Ephraim route, and I'm already feeling the regrets. Remember when I said it isn't too bad that I didn't save all the villages in Chapter 5? I forgot that you actually get a Guiding Ring if you save all the villages sooo, now I'm going to have to deal with Sleep Staff without having anyone that can use Restore... this should be fun.

Anyways, I early promoted Kyle into a Paladin since that will hopefully make this chapter more manageable. Everyone rushes into the fort, making sure to stay out of range of the Priest with the Sleep Staff while Tana just chills in her cell. Colm baits the Sleep Staff, while Kyle ferries Ephraim up ahead with the other units trailing behind and avoiding the Sleep Staff range. Ephraim holds the southern choke point before the fort to bait in the Cavalier/Soldier units, though Kyle does get put to sleep, while Artur waits by the stairs for the Shaman reinforcements. Joshua opens the door to the fort, with Ephraim and Ross holding the entrance. No one moves forward until Amelia moves close enough for Ephraim to recruit her, and Ross/Kyle/Artur deal with the enemies hiding behind walls with their ranged weapons. I gave Kyle Amelia's Speedwing, Ross and Kyle act as the front line with to deal with the incoming Mage/Cavalier enemy units (thanks to Pure Waters they are able to tank everyone pretty well). Joshua is able to bait out the final Priest's Sleep Staff and moves north with Kyle and Colm to secure the chests and rescue Tana, with everyone else moving towards the throne room. Ross and Ephraim deal with the Cavaliers and Cavalier reinforcements near the throne room, while Kyle deals with the Cavalier reinforcements near the chests. Tana gets rescued and helps deal with the Cavaliers, while Kyle/Joshua regroup to move onwards to the throne room, Colm remains on chest duty until the chapter ends. Ephraim baits in the Mercenary/Shaman, during the next few turns Joshua/Artur/Ross work together to chip the boss, with Joshua picking up the last hit. Finally,  Ephraim seizes the throne to end the chapter. 

Unit     Class         Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                  Stat Boosters
Ephraim  Lord          15.52    33   15  16  15  13  11  07  08   A Lances          
Ross     Pirate     10/14.43    31   18  09  15  13  11  01  10   A Axes                Secret Book
Colm     Rogue       13/1.00    27   10  11  14  10  08  04  07   C Swords
Artur    Monk          15.29    23   12  13  12  06  03  14  06   C Light
Joshua   Myrmidon      15.19    33   10  19  20  13  07  03  08   B Swords
Kyle     Paladin     11/1.96    33   13  10  11  08  12  03  12   C Swords | B Lances   Speedwing
Tana     Pegasus Kn.    5.31    21   07  10  14  09  06  07  05   D Lances


Chapter 10B - Turning Traitor

First of all, I done goofed and promoted the wrong unit in the previous chapter. I always forget that Ocean Seals are used to promote Pirates as well, and it isn't the Hero's Crest sooo, gonna have to wait until Chapter 14 for another one. Needed to really organize my team's inventories since they were really all over the place last chapter, and I gave the Angelic Robe to Tana. Everyone rushes forward while Tana saves the village and picks off a few weakened enemies, also didn't realize the sailboats were ocean Balistas which was pretty cool. Kyle rescues Ephraim and ferries him to block the chokepoint with the Pirates and everyone moves to join Duessel. Tana recruits Cormag and Kyle rescues her out of the way, while everyone kind of huddles in that little corner, with Ephraim/Colm holding the Pirates, and Ross/Kyle holding the Eastern entrance to that corner. Joshua saves the village and receives the Hero Crest to promotes to a Swordmaster during the next turn. Ephraim recruits Duessel and Kyle/Colm clear out the Pirates, while Joshua/Ross deal with the Mercenaries and incoming Cavalier reinforcements. On the last turn, Tana defeats the western Fleet for the Secret Book, while Ross/Joshua/Colm/Ephraim/Kyle take turns to hold the chokepoint. Wasn't able to take out the boss but, we still survived in the end. Since we saved all the allied Cavaliers, I also got the Knight's Crest but I won't be needing it so I will be selling it.

Unit     Class           Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                  Stat Boosters
Ephraim  Lord            16.25    34   15  17  16  13  11  08  08   A Lances          
Ross     Pirate       10/15.15    32   18  10  15  14  11  01  10   A Axes                Secret Book
Colm     Rogue         13/1.53    27   10  11  14  10  08  04  07   C Swords
Artur    Monk            15.80    23   12  13  12  06  03  14  06   B Light
Joshua   Swordmaster   15/1.50    38   12  19  20  13  09  04  09   S Swords
Kyle     Paladin       11/2.95    34   14  10  11  08  13  03  12   C Swords | B Lances   Speedwing
Tana     Pegasus Kn.      6.94    29   07  11  14  09  06  07  05   D Lances


Chapter 11B - The Phantom Ship

Battle preps were pretty simple, I gave the Secret Book to Ross and updated everyone's inventories. Anyways, onto the infamous chapter of FE8, and with my previous mess ups (promoting Colm instead of Ross, not saving all the villages so I can promote Artur into a Bishop, not feeding Tana enough) this should be fun! Alright to start off I moved Tana to the top part of the map to deal with the Mogalls (after consuming a Pure Water), while everyone else deals with the Gargolyes. Once the ghost ship docks against ours, Kyle/Ephraim hold the first 2 chokepoints with Artur/Colm, while Joshua holds the bottom one with Ross. During the next turn, everyone moves closer to the phantom ship and holds the chokepoints on the bridges. L'arachel/Dozla arrive and they help take out some of the Gargoyles/Mogalls as well. The boss Deathgoyle soon arrives and after a few turns of dodge tanking and praying (had to restart the chapter like 4-5 times because of this part), Joshua takes down the Deathgoyle and Ephraim makes his way over to L'arachel's ship, while everyone else defends against the last few reinforcements. Ephraim recruits L'arachel, while she recruits Dozla to round out my draft squad, then everyone else takes down the last few enemies to end the chapter.

Unit       Class           Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                  Stat Boosters
Ephraim    Lord            17.32    35   16  18  16  13  11  08  08   A Lances          
Ross       Pirate       10/16.37    32   19  12  16  15  11  01  10   A Axes                Secret Book x 2
Colm       Rogue         13/2.58    28   10  11  15  11  08  04  07   C Swords
Artur      Monk            16.60    23   13  13  12  06  03  15  06   B Light
Joshua     Swordmaster   15/3.73    40   14  19  21  14  10  05  09   S Swords
Kyle       Paladin       11/3.42    35   14  10  11  08  13  03  12   C Swords | B Lances   Speedwing
Tana       Pegasus Kn.      9.64    31   08  13  17  11  07  09  05   C Lances
L'arachel  Troubadour       3.00    18   06  06  10  12  05  08  05   D Staves
Dozla      Berserker     --/1.00    43   16  11  09  04  11  06  16   B Axes   


Edited by Lunarly

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Chapter 7



Colm headed upwards to fight the fight the fighter and the mage, while Garcia crossed the bridge to face the two soldiers, which he one-rounded.Eirika and Vanessa stayed behind him.


Garcia then led the charge against the next pack of enemies and one-hitted the mage. He got the following level:


i then rescued him with Vanessa and baited the fighters with Eirika and the archer with Hand axe!Garcia.


Colm finally got done with fighting the mage, and got this level up:


 Vanessa also finished a wounded archer.


I then pulled Colm up to the other 3 people and baited out the mercenaries with him. Sadly he couldn’t double (wtf), so i just used the steel sword.


Eirika had to kill the second one because Colm was too severly wounded to risk being in the ballista’s range and leveled up


i then baited the mage and stole the energy ring, rescued Colm out of there, and one-hit killed him with Garcia.


Eirika and Garcia walked up to the ballista and the fighter, and killed them.


After that, Vanessa baited and killed the soldiers on the bridge, and Garcia handled the archers. Both of them leveled up


 Eirika killed Murray with the rapier and got a level up that i forgot to screenshot ?





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Chapter 8:



I baited out the intitial soldier and the archer with Garcia and Vanessa. When Ephraim's group arrived, i put the prince on the rear to defeat the cavalier reinforcements with the reginleif, and the cavaliers killed the soldier and he fighter, and fell back to bait the mage with a javelin.123730994_Screenshot(186).thumb.png.ee32969d51f750fe8c3dbd909cb84d5f.png Forde leveled up.


Garcia killed a knight with the steel axe and also got a level up



while Nessa fought the myrmidon. She leveled up too.


Colm used his armorslayer to kill the knight in the next room



Ephraim got a level while killing the cavs.


Both groups move towards each other and unite. The Lords talk with each other.



Forde killed a mercenary, and my units made their way through the corridor, while building supports.



Ephraim killed another merc, and leveled up:


Forde baited the shaman and leveled.


Well, at least he got speed.

He tried to kill him, but missed, so Garcia had to clean up. Colm killed an archer with the steel sword.


Ephraim killed the knight guarding the treasure room, and baited the shaman inside with his javelin. Kyle baited an archer and Forde finished him off.



Ephraim killed the people guarding the throne room and Vanessa killed the mage on the left and the thief.Both leveled up. Colm looted the treasure room.



Garcia and Forde killed the mages in the throne room. Colm baited the knights in the right treasure room with the armorslayer. Then Ephraim took over, and both leveled up.



My guys returned to the throne room, and i unlocked and triggered the Eirika - Ephraim C support.


Ephraim then killed Tirado with the reginleif.


Screenshot (224).png



Edited by MrMinus

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More updates! Forums have been down so it encompasses a few days of playing. Finished up Ephraim Route in this update!

Chapter 12B - Landing at Taizel

No map shopping in this chapter which is unfortunate but, I still can manage this chapter with what I have. Ephraim/Kyle/Tana takes the bridge to the left of the boat, while everyone else takes the bridge to the right. Tana promotes into a Wyvern Knight while Kyle/Ephraim move towards the town and to clear a path. Colm/Joshua deal with the Fighters/Pirates on the boat to the right of the map, Tana deals with the Gargoyles, and Dozla/Ross/Artur deal with the incoming Cavaliers and Shamans. Once the enemies that came onto the bridge have been taken out, everyone moves forward to the town area. Tana recruits Ewan by visiting the village and takes his Dracoshield to use during the next turn. Artur takes out the Shaman with the Guiding Ring to promote into a Bishop during the next turn and everyone moves closer to the boss. Ewan takes all of Joshua's items and Joshua baits Marisa in, then Ewan recruits her on the following turn. Artur then takes down the Cyclops boss with a crit and ends the chapter.

Unit       Class           Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                  Stat Boosters
Ephraim    Lord            18.31    36   16  19  16  14  11  09  08   A Lances              
Ross       Pirate       10/17.31    33   20  13  16  16  12  01  10   A Axes                Secret Book x 2
Colm       Rogue         13/3.39    29   10  11  16  11  08  05  07   B Swords
Artur      Bishop        17/3.03    27   15  17  14  07  08  20  07   A Light  | C Staves
Joshua     Swordmaster   15/4.55    41   14  20  21  15  11  05  09   S Swords
Kyle       Paladin       11/3.83    35   14  10  11  08  13  03  12   C Swords | A Lances   Speedwing
Tana       Wyvern Kn.    10/1.56    34   10  14  20  12  10  10  09   B Lances              Dracoshield  
L'arachel  Troubadour       4.51    18   07  06  10  12  05  09  05   D Staves              
Dozla      Berserker     --/1.51    43   16  11  09  04  11  06  16   B Axes   


Chapter 13B - Fluorspar's Oath

In this chapter, I finally unlock my last unit being Tethys (not having a dancer for this long makes this pretty difficult). Anyways, I split my team into 2, Tana and Artur rendezvous with Gerik/Tethys, Ross crosses into the 2nd ring and takes out the Archers and Cavaliers, while everyone else makes their way down the left path. Tana holds the first chokepoint on the right, while Ephraim holds the checkpoints on the bridge to the 2nd ring. As the Pegasus Knight reinforcements spawn in, and Selena begins to attack with Bolting. Kyle and Joshua move towards the western village, while Ephraim and Dozla make their way towards Selena. Tana flies in to take down the Troubadour with the Sleep Staff and gains the Energy Ring to use next turn, while Kyle and Joshua deal with the enemies near the western village. Selena uses up her Bolting tome, only landing 3 out of 5 hits, and Ross saves the rightmost village and receives a Talisman. Joshua visits the western village while everyone moves towards Selena while taking out the enemies in the way. Ephraim weakens Selena, allowing Tana to pick up the kill to end the chapter.

Unit       Class           Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                  Stat Boosters
Ephraim    Lord            19.19    37   17  20  16  14  11  09  08   A Lances              
Ross       Pirate       10/18.66    33   20  13  16  17  12  01  10   A Axes                Secret Book x 2
Colm       Rogue         13/4.24    30   10  12  17  12  09  06  07   B Swords
Artur      Bishop        17/5.54    29   16  18  14  07  08  22  07   S Light  | C Staves
Joshua     Swordmaster   15/5.15    42   15  21  21  15  11  06  09   S Swords
Kyle       Paladin       11/4.64    36   14  10  11  08  13  04  12   B Swords | A Lances   Speedwing
Tana       Wyvern Kn.    10/3.53    34   13  14  22  14  10  10  09   A Lances              Dracoshield | Energy Ring 
L'arachel  Troubadour       5.21    18   07  06  11  13  05  09  05   C Staves           
Dozla      Berserker     --/1.96    43   16  11  09  04  11  06  16   B Axes   
Tethys     Dancer           2.12    19   01  02  12  13  06  05  05                         Goddess Icon


Chapter 14B - Father and Son

In battle preps, Tethys uses the Goddess Icon she came with during the previous chapter and the Ephraim uses the Talisman. To start the chapter off, Ephraim/Kyle/Artur/Colm take the right side of the map, while everyone takes on the left side. Rennac shows up and Ross handles the Knights guarding one of the chest rooms while Colm trails behind, Tana/Dozla deal with the incoming Mercenary/Fighter units. On the right side, Kyle deals with the incoming Soldiers while Dozla deals with the Fighters. Tana/Dozla holds the reinforcements coming from the left corridor, while Ephraim/Kyle  hold the reinforcements on the right corridor. Kyle/Tana take out the Longbow Archers in the hidden corridors, while Ross/Colm deal with the Shamans in the chest room. Joshua opens the left door and the influx of status staves from the Druids/Bishops start to come, on the next turn Ephraim opens the right door and deals with the incoming enemies. L'arachel recruits Rennac and Dozla/Tana deal with the Mage reinforcements on the left, while Ephraim/Artur deal with the Shaman reinforcements on the right. Kyle makes his way to the upper-left chest, Colm finishes looting the bottom chest room, and Joshua opens the door to the throne room. Meanwhile, Rennac goes shopping in the secret shop, mainly for weapons, Phsyic staves and another Ocean Seal for Ross. As everyone enters the throne room, more Shaman/Mage/Priest reinforcements spawn which were easily taken out. Ephraim weakens Vigarde, and Joshua secures the last hit to allow Ephraim to seize the throne.

Unit       Class           Level    HP  Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con   WEXP                  Stat Boosters
Ephraim    Lord               20    37   18  20  16  14  12  12  08   A Lances              Talisman
Ross       Pirate       10/19.57    34   20  13  16  18  13  02  10   A Axes                Secret Book x 2
Colm       Rogue         13/4.78    30   10  12  17  12  09  06  07   B Swords
Artur      Bishop        17/6.83    29   17  19  14  08  08  22  07   S Light  | C Staves
Joshua     Swordmaster   15/6.99    43   15  22  22  16  11  06  09   S Swords
Kyle       Paladin       11/6.07    38   15  11  13  08  13  04  12   B Swords | A Lances   Speedwing
Tana       Wyvern Kn.    10/5.06    35   15  15  24  16  10  12  09   S Lances              Dracoshield | Energy Ring 
L'arachel  Troubadour       7.79    18   07  07  11  14  05  10  05   B Staves           
Dozla      Berserker     --/2.74    44   16  11  10  05  11  06  16   B Axes   
Tethys     Dancer           3.62    20   01  03  13  14  06  06  05                         Goddess Icon


Edited by Lunarly

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm getting married in six days so I've been understandably busy. Also Chapter 4... Chapter 4 took a couple of hours due to several resets. They kind of blend together. I just saved the screenshots from the successful attempt, but even that had some bad luck. 


So Chapter 3 was pretty straight-forward. I moved Neimi up to recruit Colm and had her damage the wall on the way. That's all she did this battle and you could argue I shouldn't have even used her for the wall damage but I didn't see the harm in it.


Then I broke the wall with Gilliam so Eirika could go in and fight.


She got an okay level up from killing him. More skill means more crits hopefully.


Then I picked up Colm who will hopefully be useful not only as a theif but in combat as well. I could solo the game with my Eirika, but I'd rather not.


He can deal with the guy up top while also pilfering the chests. Not like I need anything that's inside them but hey, free stuff is free stuff.


Eirika unlocks the door and the bandit suicides into her. Gilliam takes down the one in the corner after a couple of rounds.


He also takes out the archer that swoops in afterwards and gets himself a good level up.


Colm finally takes out the bandit and levels up for the first time.




Fed a kill to Gilliam, he needs the experience more than Eirika.


Meanwhile Moulder does some chip healing. Maybe someday he'll get his first level up.


Then I fed Colm a kill too because he's gonna need a lot of level ups if he's gonna keep up.


Bazba was an easy kill for Eirika. She get's another Strength growth to show off.


Now the game really begins.


This might be a controversial decision, but I ended up bringing along Vanessa to recruit Lute, even though she technically isn't necessary. I did about three attempts of the map trying to do it without Vanessa's help, and it's incredibly difficult to keep 4 units alive (with one of them unable to defend himself) on this map, and still make progress towards Lute. You get swarmed so incredibly quickly because of the sheer amount of monsters. Both she and Artur were unequipped, and literally the only thing she did was fly to the village to get Lute, then stay on the village so she was out of the fight. Even with Vanessa I still had to reset once, so this chapter was just a huge pain in the ass.

Anyway, onto the successful attempt, aka Attempt #5.


I brought Eirika down to fight the monster by the tree, though I didn't really have to. That was sort of habitual from when I would send Eirika down to recruit Lute, but Eirika is fast enough (or should I say the monsters are slow enough) that she can double with the Steel Sword so she can take it out in one round.


Then I position everyone so they're ready to tank/dodge the first wave of attacks, which go without incident.


Bringing Vanessa down, I can pick up Lute early instead of having to spend 5 or 6 turns getting to her while everyone is surrounded.


Colm gets a level up and gets a point in Strength, thank god. However, you can see that even at a 34% hit rate, the Monsters are still managing to hit him. Monsters hitting at low hit rates were the biggest killer in this chapter...


Moulder finally gets a level up, and it's another 1 pointer, but at least he got it in the most important stat.


Gilliam fights a monster in the mountains while Eirika heads straight for the closest Evil Eye. Those fuckers were the harbinger of death in this map.


oof how many 1 point levels are we gonna get today


Meanwhile Artur does the only thing he can do at the moment which is dodge-tank. 


After Enemy phase we get a brief peek at the last unit we drafted, but alas, he won't be joining us for a long, long time.


Skipping ahead a bit, everyone who can is trying to take down the monsters, but it doesn't take long for them to close in around the group. Moulder heals Artur for some exp and also because he was still getting hit frequently.


Eirika takes out another Evil Eye even though doing so exposes Moulder because those eyes are such a problem.


Gilliam gets a nice level up.


Three characters got unlucky with dodges but still had enough HP to live.


Lute got her first level up, and she got Magic so that's really all that matters right?


Artur fails to dodge-tank and dies, but since I'm not using him, it's not reset worthy. I'll forever remember his sacrifice.



Gilliam and Eirika put in work while everyone else heals up.

The following turns were more of the same and pretty boring to describe so I'll just put in the highlights.


Colm leveled up and also got a weapon level.


Gilliam can actually double some of the enemies which is something I never expect to see.


Moulder lives on 1.


ANOTHER 1 point level up. What really sucks is that I got some really good level ups in my failed attempts that just went down the drain. At least it's Strength.


At least Eirika makes up for it with a nearly perfect level.


Gilliam and Lute get a level too.


I feed the boss kill to Colm and he gets a good level out of it to redeem himself. 


Thank god it's over, I never want to see another monster again. (When I do fight them again, I'll be in better shape.)



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