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What if Fire Emblem got a live action movie?

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All this talk about "which game to adapt" somehow completely misses the fact that Fire Emblem is a series that has constantly scrapped its previous settings and characters in favor of creating new (if very similar) stories instead. A completely original Film/TV plot with a smaller cast and a story made from the ground up for the medium would be perfectly in line with the series and also likely lead to a much better end product than forcibly adapting a video game plot.

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I don't see it happening at least so early  but let's say a studio buy Fire Emblem rights: 

- A tv show instead of a movie 

-Atmosphere similar to game of Thrones or Witcher (but what it could bring new to the table that won't be compared to those tv shows?)

-Use the games and supports as a script but some liberties would need to be taken to make a cohesive and more serious plot for tv

- Lots of political intrigues 

- The pairings would need to be the most popular unfortunately, so...

-most of the times lord x avatar would be a thing (not my favourite outcome but it's the best solution).

- Follow just one game/story, if it makes success can create other tv shows/spin offs based on other entries. 

- No colored hair. Characters with white hair like Daenerys would be the only exception as it could pass for a very light blond coloring 

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