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Sprites? Sprites.

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So... Mmhm! Spriting was really my gateway into digital art, so over the years I've done a lot of pixel work. Most of it's been lost to time, but I've still got some decent-looking assets here and there. I might be interested in picking up the older GBA style of spriting at some point (once I work my way through all the newer games as a filthy noob), but for now this is what I've got!

Starting with my non-FE work, here's an attempt at an Ace Attorney-styled sprite of my OC, Kree'pi, from 2018. Never got a full set going for him, but I still love the fellow a lot.

normalb.gif.dc12c1d081e311a893c43ca092d7f6c9.gif He was good practice for learning how to deal with limited color schemes.

Then, something closer to my roots, as I originally started with Pokemon splices- another OC of mine, Kohbi. I also like to call him Alolan Tarzan sometimes.


Here's some actual FE stuff from a Stardew Valley mod I've more or less abandoned because I got into Fates hacking and yeah. >> Might work on it again sometime just because I've missed having a bit more freedom, stylewise.

Last but not least, a head sprite for my Fates-expy Libra, Blair. I also have a base portrait done for him, but I'm not sure if 3DS-styled portraits fit here so I'm not gonna post those yet. Let me know if they fit here or in Creative more, I suppose??

Portrait preview below because uhhhh does it count as a sprite? I don't know but I'm proud of it ok




BUT UH YEAH. Here's my work so far! I'll probably add more at some point, hopefully soon.

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42 minutes ago, Von Ithipathachai said:

Ooooh, that's a very good portrait!

Is he supposed to be a Child Unit?  His portrait hair color looks different from his sprite hair color.

Yep! He's Izana's kid. For whatever reason, the game overlays color on head sprites and portraits differently, so that's why the hair colors differ. I think that's also why the kids' and Corrin's map sprites tend to look sort of... washed out.

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He's so cute, I love Blair's design! 

Hey wait a minute... Blair is just an anagram for Libra! lol

Edited by Bloom

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