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RFV DLC v1.1


So this was suppose to be my RFV submission but I got carried away with my ideas and ended up missing all the deadlines. If I stopped at chapter 1, I would have made it. Same with chapter 2, would have made echoes but chapter 3 sunk all those plans. But man it was worth it. 

Too lazy for pictures so here is what to expect:

- 3 chapters

- Each one has a theme with mechanics unique to it. 

- A gripping story I never finished. It's about Raisen leaving Markyjoe1990

- Puns, tons of puns. Some would say being forced to listen to them could be a trap

- Custom Animation I actually finished. Only the (crazy) worthy will see it's glory. 

- Might be a little hard. 


Only releasing this because I am actually really proud of this hack and think it's my best one yet. There is some weird dialogue stuff in there but I am not changing it because it captures my thoughts at the time. So eh enjoy. 



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fixing patch

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