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Conquest Pairings

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I haven't played Fire Emblem Fates in almost 3 years.  So I decided to play it again before the game that comes out on the switch.   It's going to be on Hard Classic.   I'm also not going to focus on getting all the kids.   I'm only going to be getting Kana, Forrest, Siegbert, Velouria, Ophelia, Soliel, Nina, Shigure, Midori, and Percy.

Here are the pairings:

Corrin (+Strength/-Defense) x Velouria

Camilla x Keaton

Xander x Charlotte

Kaze x Azura

Odin x Elise

Niles x Nyx

Leo x Felicia

Arthur x Effie

Laslow x Peri 

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It's a solid and standard pairing. You could try Keaton x Effie to maximize Strength gains.

On my later runs, I went past optimal pairings, and did things like Laslow x Elise for a Sorcerer or Dark Flier Soleil or Leo x Selena for a red-haired Forrest.


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