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Make Your Dream House

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Here's an idea: if you could arrange the students into your own "dream team", how would you go about it? I'd say that you should head the class with a lord, and try to maintain close to an even gender split. Eight students (plainly).

My own:

Claude: My favourite looking lord, and seemingly an entertaining personality. He also brings an interesting toolset, gameplay wise. Edelgard and Dimitri's unique strengths (Axes/Armour and Lances/Riding) are more reproducible by other students. If the speculation plays out and he has a Flying strength, then that makes him a pretty unique combination. I also feel like the other lords' Sword proficiency will be ignored in favour of their Axes/Lances, whereas it could come in handy for Claude.  

Sylvain: One of my favourite designs. I can't wait to learn more about him, but his look is strong enough to get him on my team already. And it appears like he'll make a good Cavalier, which are always useful to have around. Especially as Canto is back.

Ingrid: Another of my favourite designs, and that little inkling we got about her (potentially) being betrothed in an attempt to rebuild her family's fortunes sounds like she'll be a compelling character. Like Sylvain, seems like a strong contender for a Cavalier or a Pegasus Knight. Seems to have a strength in Faith, so could provide some secondary healing.

Ashe: The fact that he has Locktouch for a personal skill is huge. Lets me get away with not having a dedicated Thief on the team. So unless the Thief-ish classes turn out to be really good, having Ashe as a Bow Knight who can open chests and doors sounds great. 

Petra: I love her look, and am interested in how her being from Brigid will effect her character and interactions. I feel like I need a dedicated Sword user, and while I also like Felix, Petra trumps him. It helps that her apparent Flying strength is more interesting to me than Felix's Bows and Fighting.

Marianne: While little is yet known about her, I wanted a dedicated Faith user on the team and she seems to fit the bill. I also like what little we have seen. But if my opinion sours as more info is revealed, this spot could easily go to Mercedes.

Lysithea: I also wanted a Reason user. While I like a lot of the Black Eagles mages, Lysithea's design wins out. One potential hiccup is Dark Mage being male-only, but there are enough female Reason focused units (her, Annette, Dorothea) that I'm going to assume that there'll be a "Sorceress" or some sort of female-only/gender-neutral high end Mage. 

Dedue: I am lacking an Axes user, and I have a soft spot for the big beefy boys too. Raphael is an option, but Dedue just edges him for me design wise. Once Raph's strengths become known that could flip. Specifically, I'd be looking at flying (which Dedue has as a weakness). If Raphael could make for a good Wyvern Knight that would move him up. 


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This looks like fun! I'll give it a go:

Edelgard-likely great Axe Lord nuff said I need one! great potential character wise.

Petra-cool level headed badass beauty another great potential character with her noble heritage and backstory around Brigid and the empire relationship definitely my sword main unit!

Mercedes-pure beauty, interesting background likely a great healer for long term with her personal skill probably a flier since I want one that can heal hopefully there a dark flier class!

Lysithea-cute, if she's good as they say she is main offensive magic unit.

Sylvain-cool fun looking dude, main lance unit.

Caspar-fun looking guy main fist unit.

Felix-another cool looking guy second non-Avatar main sword unit.

Ashe-free lockpicker interesting background definitely making him a high mobility class!


Wanted to obviously add Dorothea but I want to be fair with other characters I like plus keep it as diverse as I can try sadly can't put 2 house leaders I'd put Claude over Caspar since he's the only Golden Deer guy I like maybe Lorenz for his shtick.

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Hm..Let's see..

Protagonist: Claude/Dimitri. (Sorry, but I have a 45%/45% love relationship, with the other 10% being Edelgard)

Cavalier: For some reason, I feel like Ferdinand and Sylvain are going to be, respectively, the Abel and the Cain of this game (even with the similar Armor/Hair). And..well..I always liked the Green one (Ferdinand).

Akihiko: Caspar. He also looks like my best choice for a Speedy-and-Hitty Unit.

Healer: Mercedes. Bonus: She also looks like the most mature female unit, which is good in my opinion.

Tank-Of-All: Gameplay-wise? Dedue. But Raphiel looks like a more charismatic guy..

Main-Mage: I haven't played much attention to Mages...Lysithea?

Thief: Ashe. Pretty solid choice and looks like a nice guy overall.

That Infantry Unit with a Lance: Ingrid. I just love Soldiers and she seems to be the suited for this. (Edit: Or a Pegasus Knight)

Edit: I don't how good Linhardt is going to be, but..The Lyn+Reinhardt joke must continue, so I'm making him a Mounted Mage.

          Also, yes, I know I ended up with a 5/3 party (male/female). 

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Dimitri/Edelgard: Can't decide between the two! Both have designs and personalities that I love.

Sylvain: One of my favorite male designs, he must be on my team.

Ashe: Another precious boi.

Mercedes: Favorite female student design.

Ingrid: A lovely looking girl.

Lysithea: Good mage!?

Linhardt: Need a priest, so he can cover that. Like his hair.

If Dimitri is chosen: Marianne

If Edelgard: Ferdinand


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Claude: He's the most interesting of the lords to me right now both in gameplay and in character, and he has my favorite design out of the three.

Ashe: He seems really cute and I'm interested in his background, especially considering the fact that we have to fight his dad. His free locktouch also helps.

Felix: He's pretty cool looking, and I like sarcastic characters. The fact that he's the only major crest (other than Byleth) that we've seen so far makes me more interested.

Dedue or Sylvain: I'm definitely not biased. Either one I go with would be my main Axe user, but I want to see more about Sylvain's character before choosing him.

Bernadetta: She also seems cute, and the fact that she might specialize in Armor makes me interested.

Ingrid: I like Pegasus Knights, and I'm interested in the fact that she wants to repair her family. And she's really pretty.

Lysithea: I need a dedicated Reason unit, and I like the prodigy mage type character. Dorothea is also an option, though.

Mercedes or Marianne: I'd need to see more about Marianne, but either one would be my main healer.

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Honestly It would be:

Dimitri, Ashe, Felix, Sylvain, Mercedes, Annette, Ingrid and Hubert. Yeah......Blue Lions with Hubert replacing Dedue. You can see how much I love this house. Nothing wrong with Dedue of course, I just reaaaaally like Hubert.

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I think Claude is the best lord. Then for the guys I'd have Rafael, Hubert, and Felix. For the girls it'd be Marianne, Lysithea, Petra, and Bernadetta. I'm going golden deer unless personality can sway me otherwise

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Dimitri/Edelgard: Can't choose between these two. All three Lords have great designs, but Claude's Lord outfit underwhelmed me. 

Caspar: As if being the first unit to showcase fist weapons weren't enough, he seems to have a good sense of humor from the quote translations. Plus he's adorkable.

Ashe: Seeing the Lonato Rebellion tease makes me just want to protect him.

Sylvain: Let's be honest — Sylvain is just a better-looking Ferdinand.

Mercedes: Lovely design and curious backstory. 

Petra: Awesome design + more world-building, being from a foreign country? Yes, please. 

Leonie: We don't know much about her, but I dig her portrait. 

Can't choose between Dedue or Felix for the last slot. Both are appealing. Felix seems quite overpowered, while Dedue's mysterious debt to Dimitri is intriguing.  

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I'd need to see how they mesh together, gameplay-wise.  While it would be amusing to put all the innocent kids under Edelgard, I don't think I'd be happy if it meant a house that only specialized in speed.

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Here‘s my Dream House:


Dimitri, Felix, Ferdinand, Sylvain, Ashe, Linhardt


Ingrid, Marianne

I prefer male to female characters, so I made a 6:2 ratio because it’s my perfect team.

If I had to make 4:4 Ashe and Linhardt would be replaced with Petra and Dorothea.

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Honestly Blue Lions is near my perfect house tbh tho if I had to make some changes I'd swap Dedue for Lysithea probably (I like Dedue but I love Lysithea), but I think that's it

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Oh interesting! This may change when we get full info of units' strengths and weaknesses, but I'll go with what info we have now.

Lord: Dmitri unless


The leak about Claud having a wyvern and flying strength is legit

Felix: His design really sold me on him, plus his personal skill boosting his damage when he doesn't have a battalion or when his battalion HP is 0 could free up some cash for other battalions in the early game or more room for forging in the late game.

Hubert: I love mages and dark mages, so Hubert having this strength plus his personal skill boosting gambit damage seems like it could come in clutch in certain scenarios early on. Potentially later as well, who knows?

Lysithea: Like I said, I love mages, and her personal skill sounds great.

Ashe: Primarily here for his personal skill, but I could make him a thief anyway and reclass him out of it if there isn't anything on the map I want to steal but still need to open doors, chests, or drawbridges.

Leonie: She seems like a good physical damage user and I like her design a lot. She hasn't gotten a Twitter spotlight yet, so my thoughts might change.

Marianne: I like her design a lot, and with what seems to be a faith specialization, I think she would be a great addition. Might be excessive if Hubert and Lysithea can heal as well, but that's to be seen how that magic specifically works yet.

Petra: She reminds me of Athena, and I think having someone from Brigid (spelling?) would be a great world-building device if support conversations are back in full force.

Wildcard: Dedue could replace Leonie after we learn some info about her and she ends up not being the damage dealer/tank I was hoping for.

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I think I'll wait until I've played the game (and read the support conversations) before throwing my hat into this ring :Wrys:, but boy this is a neat idea!

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Oooh, that's a fun (and devastating) idea ! 

As a lord I'd choose Claude, to be my main badass archer. I love Edelgard too though. Then I'd choose Leonie, to be my fistfighter gal, always on the front lines, Felix, my smug swordman and lone wolf, Lysithea as a mage, Mercedes as the healer. I'd also take Ingrid, Sylvain and Petra. 

So a 5 women / 3 men ratio. I'm so torn between the BL and the GD ! BE is my least favorite house for the moment, but they have Edelgard :c


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Tricky, tricky. Byleth will probably be an infantry swordsman, so with that in mind:

Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude--Frankly, I'd be happy with any of the lords, so I've built the rest of the team as if they weren't a consideration. If pushed I guess I'd go with Dimitri since I'm curious about the "shadow" he's carrying, but they're all viable.

Ingrid--Gotta have a pegasus knight, and she looks born for the role, not to mention she's got the prettiest design in my eyes.

Sylvain--Seems like a pretty cool dude, I would grab a beer with him and I don't even drink. He'd be the team's cavalier.

Lysithea--I like prodigies, so she is welcome on my team. A shame Dark Mage is male only, but hopefully "Warlock" will fill that void as a female Reason class. Having said that...

Marianne/Dorothea--...I also need someone with Faith, but as long as Marianne is a complete mystery I can't be sure about her. If I don't like her I'd go with Dorothea, though in that case I might switch her role with Lysithea depending on the weapon ranks.

Hilda--She may want to slack off, but I'm afraid I can't pass up on twintails. She's getting an axe and headed straight for the front lines. And if that's atop a wyvern, even better.

Ashe--He seems like an earnest guy, he fills the Archer void, and he comes with Locktouch. What's not to like?

Dedue--For balance reasons I'd want an armored male to round out this list, so Dedue it is.

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As my main lord: Lysithea.

Haha ok all jokes aside:

Lord - Edelgard,axes and magic, heck yeah.

Sylvain - Resident hottie and king of my heart, possibly good cavalier as well.

Hilda Tea,sis. I don't know, she just seems kind of dumb/charming and I kind of like that. Axe-Serra, what more can I say?

Petra - Gives me Florina X Lyn vibes, I like it.

Linhardt - The man, the meme, the myth, the legend.

Lysithea - Lute was my fave FE character for a while, then it was Ilyana. Now it's time for Lysithea.

Dorothea - Hats are bae, heck yes.

Felix - I like swordmasters

Ferdinand - I need a lance unit, probably.

I guess Hilda'd have to double as my archer but I like this line-up a lot. Top 10 chars for sure(if we include Bernadetta).

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This seems fun! It'll be interesting to see how this compares to my opinion on the characters after playing through the game a few times.

  • Edelgard: Love her design, and I'm intrigued by how she could be the cold and calculating type of character
  • Bernadetta: She just looks like a nice girl
  • Ingrid: Wanted to avoid putting on anyone we haven't received a profile for yet, but the little information we have about her, and the image of her on a pegasus, has me sold
  • Annette: Comic-relief, and her design is well done.
  • Hubert: Every army needs its own strategist
  • Felix: Cool design, lone-wolf types always draw me in
  • Ashe: He just looks like a nice guy, but I'm also interested to learn more about what his life was like before he was adopted (and how that even came to be)
  • Caspar: Unfortunate hair aside, I'm hoping he might provide the comic-relief for the Black Eagles (and I loved Arthur from Fates, so maybe he'll share some of his quirks as well)


So 4 from the Black Eagles and 4 from the Blue Lions. Yikes, going to be tough to decide which one to play through first between those two houses. Only one that I considered putting on here from the Golden Deer was Hilda (although I am still looking forward to learning more about Leonie and Marianne). Of all the houses, though, the Golden Deer is definitely the least appealing to me right now.



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I already have been thinking about this. Haha.

Claude: Duh. He's my favorite.

Ashe: Too cute to ignore.

Petra: Love her.

Dorothea: I like her as well.

Felix: I just like his hair/swordmasters.

Ingrid: I love her design.

Lysithea: I like my mage characters.

Ferdinand: This one is a throwaway, just because we don't have clear scans of Marianne yet. I would put Hilda, but her personality description scares me, so I'm unsure I'll like her.

Honorable Mentions go to: Mercedes, Caspar & Annette. 

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House: Purple Crows

Lord: Dimitri

Boys: Hubert, Felix, Linhardt, Ashe

Girls: Bernadetta, Mercedes

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