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Robert Stewart

Mystery of the Emblem Reverse Recruitment

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Posting this before the LP is over because I'm too lazy to write the final update but the patches are ready to go anyway.

Anyway, this is a reverse recruitment path for Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. Reversing was done individually for each book, i.e. a character at the end of Book 1 will join at the start of Book 1, a character at the end of Book 2 will join at the start of Book 2.

Here's who replaces who in Book 1:

Original Replacement
Marth Elice
Caeda Lawrence
Abel Est
Draug Tiki
Cain Xane
Gordin Arran
Jagen Samson
Ogma Astram
Bord Catria
Cord Palla
Barts Boah
Castor Tomas
Julian Macellan
Lena Dolph
Navarre Midia
Hardin Jeorge
Sedgar Linde
Roshe Minerva
Wolf Maria
Vyland Radd
Matthis Caesar
Merric Bantu
Wendel Wendel
Rickard Rickard
Bantu Merric
Caesar Matthis
Radd Vyland
Maria Wolf
Minerva Roshe
Linde Sedgar
Jeorge Hardin
Midia Navarre
Dolph Lena
Macellan Julian
Tomas Castor
Boah Barts
Palla Cord
Catria Bord
Astram Ogma
Samson Jagen
Arran Gordin
Xane Cain
Tiki Draug
Est Abel
Lawrence Caeda
Elice Marth

Note: Even though Wendel and Rickard should technically swap places, they join at basically the same point so I didn't switch them.

And in Book 2:

Original Replacement
Marth Elice
Luke Maria
Arran Nyna
Cecil Lena
Rody Midia
Gordin Roshe
Ryan Samson
Draug Sheena
Malliesia Astram
Catria Abel
Warren Est
Linde Tiki
Palla Xane
Julian Ellerean
Matthis Merric
Ogma Minerva
Yumina Jeorge
Yubello Bantu
Sirius Cain
Castor Navarre
Caeda Feena
Rickard Wendel
Samto Samto
Wendel Rickard
Feena Caeda
Navarre Castor
Cain Sirius
Bantu Yubello
Jeorge Yumina
Minerva Ogma
Merric Matthis
Ellerean Julian
Xane Palla
Tiki Linde
Est Warren
Abel Catria
Astram Malliesia
Sheena Draug
Samson Ryan
Roshe Gordin
Midia Rody
Lena Cecil
Nyna Arran
Maria Luke
Elice Marth

Bases were adjusted automatically according to character growths. Re-leveling was done as if promotions/de-promotions happened at level 10.

Note: Tiki's bases in Book 1 are a bit higher than what they "should" be to avoid an underflow bug with her stats when transforming.

Other changes made:

  • Portaits were changed in talk conversations to avoid weird bugs with dialogue causing units to behave oddly/dissapear. Portraits in other events are unchanged. Marth+Minerva also have some special portrait variations that will still appear in some talks.
  • Some events were changed to avoid softlocks, like the opening of Book 1 Chapter 15.
  • Battle quotes were adjusted to play correctly for replacement units.
  • The AI for the replacements of some of the Book 2 clerics was changed to prevent them from moving.
  • Clerics can cross mountains now so that Elice can seize in Book 2, Chapter 1.

Items were swapped with equivalents to what the original unit had(i.e. Iron Sword becomes Iron Lance, Killing Edge becomes Killer Lance, etc). The only exceptions are the Regalia, which are all obtained at the same time as the original game even if the new unit can't use it, and non-prf staves were left unchanged due to their scarcity early on and the unique funcitonality of some staves. Units will also still have their PRFs, unless they didn't in the orignal game.

One other thing to note: due to Malliesia joining much later, the Silence and Unlock staves in Book 2 are unobtainable because they require the Thief staff.

The ZIP includes IPS patches for both headered and unheadered version of revisions 1.0 and 1.1, so it should be compatible with every revision and translation patch out there. I tested the patch somewhat thoroughly using the Quirino translation patch, and conducted some breif tests with the Japanese versions, but it should work regardless of what translation patch is used.

To determine which revision your ROM is: I don't know if other emulators have a similar feature, but in SNES9x there should be a "Show ROM Info" option in the menu, which will show various information including the revision number. As for if your ROM is headered: usually .smc files are headered while .sfc files are not. You could also check the filesize - if it's divisible by 1,024, then the ROM is not headered, otherwise it's headered....or you have a bad ROM.

Please report any bugs you find while playing.

Download the Patch Here

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Sounds awesome i'm gonna link it to some discords i'm in. 

You put it on reddit yet?

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Thanks for you doing a run of this first, I liked it, and it means you'll have worked out the bugs yourself, including that 9 HP Midia.

I've never done a fan project run or anything, but the potential to use FE3 Tiki almost the entire two games is very appealing. 


And you wrote up that little deployment repositioning add on for Thracia 776, right? Thanks! That is starting to show itself useful.

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29 minutes ago, Interdimensional Observer said:

Thanks for you doing a run of this first, I liked it, and it means you'll have worked out the bugs yourself, including that 9 HP Midia.

Midia's HP isn't a bug, it's unfortunately just what it turns out to. The HP bug was me incorrectly setting the max HP and having a bunch of units with 20 HP.

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